What is the auditorium chair?

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What is the auditorium chair?

The auditorium chair is mainly composed of a seat, a back, an armrest and a standing foot. In general, the standing foot and the armrest are integrated to form a securely mounted armrest, the structure is steel-wood structure or steel-plastic structure. It is suitable for using in in auditoriums, theaters, conference halls, lecture halls, etc. It should offer comfortable seating experience and good view, and should be easy to clean and repair.
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In most cases, the auditorium chairs are using a high-density sponge cushion, the comfortable cushion can keep user from feeling tired during a long time meeting or performanece, and the seat cushion can be flipped for the convenience of evacuation. The seat also needs to consider the seat number and the local lighting in the dark, so that the user can identify and find the seat.

In addition, the auditorium chairs should be equipped with relevant functions according to the use demand and on-site design needs. For example, the seats in the hall need to be placed with bookstand for documents and writing pad for recording. Some special hall also requires consideration of voice translation, voting and speaking equipment to combine with auditorium seating; some theaters or halls also require seats to be used with air conditioning systems.

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