10 Best Bunk Bed Mattresses 2021: Safety, Sizes & Shopping Tips

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The bunk bed is a space-saving solution that can help your child through his teenage years. The bunk bed also provides creative design solutions for bedroom offices and other small living spaces.

If you have never owned a bunk bed before, you may be surprised by all the mattress options available.

Contrary to popular belief, bunk beds and mattresses come in many sizes, including king-size beds. Some even have enough steps to comfortably accommodate three people.

Whether you are considering luxury or a large budget, you want the bunk bed mattress to meet industry standards or higher.

The bunk bed mattresses on this list provide multiple sleeping options. Quality, safety or comfort are impeccable.

There are almost as many bunk beds as there are in families.

Some bunk beds are designed to be used separately and used as floor beds, thereby extending their life.

Many beds include a folding bed hidden underneath, which can be pulled out and used as a third bed. (Small beds are ideal for saving space and staying overnight.)

The bunk beds are also equipped with various ladders or stairs. This is important not only for sleepers, but also for people who will change sheets and care for their mattresses.

Types of bunk beds include:

There are some more rare bunk bed sizes:

Since bunk beds are the most popular size among bunk beds, our fees for double mattresses are as follows:

Remember, mattresses are sold all year round. Check the price on the website to get the most accurate and latest price for each mattress.


This mattress is available in standard size and double size. It provides medium company support. According to some

, Medium hardness is ideal for back support and relief of back pain.

Including home delivery and assembly.

The manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty may depend on the type of bed frame used.


The Purple Kid mattress is all foam material (plus the famous "Purple grid" top layer) and provides medium-hard support. For those who know purple, this mattress is softer than an adult mattress. Only for twins. Like all bunk bed mattresses, it needs a strong base to support it.

You can remove it and machine wash it, which is very convenient.

The company only recommends purple children's mattresses to children who are no more than 115 pounds.

In order to avoid sagging, Purple recommends using slats or leaf springs where the slat spacing does not exceed 3 inches.


This hybrid mattress is available in double, double XL and full size. It provides medium to medium company support.

It is designed to provide different levels of firmness or softness on either side. Saatva recommends that one side is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 and the other side is suitable for children aged 8 to 12.

Saatva proudly believes that all materials of this mattress are from the United States, including foam, springs and organic cotton covers.

The environmentally friendly design includes recyclable steel coils, environmentally friendly foam and an all-natural flame-retardant barrier made of thistle pulp. The mattress uses a proprietary plant antibacterial treatment.

The room rate includes free delivery of white gloves, including unloading of old beds.

There is a $99 shipping fee for returns.

Even though this mattress is designed to be compatible with bunk beds, it is still 10 inches high and requires a guardrail that is at least 5 inches higher than its height. This means that it may not be the right choice for every top berth.


This affordable mattress includes tempered steel coils and an upper foam layer in its construction. It comes in various sizes from twins to extra large. People with lower body weight may find that this Linenspa mattress provides firm support.

This 6-inch mattress is thin enough to be used in a crib.

According to users, this type of mattress cannot provide spinal support or comfort for people with higher body weight.

In order not to make the coil feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to use a mattress for people of higher weight.

Nest BKB is available in double, double XL and full size. It uses CertiPUR-US certified foam and provides firm support. It has the style of a one-piece bed.

This kind of children's mattress is highly praised by users in terms of comfort, edge stability and motion isolation. Users also say that it provides a cool night’s sleep with minimal heat retention.

At 7 inches, users find this mattress is stronger than other thin mattresses.

Some users complained of outgassing smell.

For some sleepers, this mattress may also be too strong.

This internal spring mattress is 8 inches high and can be used as a bunk bed. It provides moderate to firm support for enterprises.

The cover of quil stitch is made by

And GOTS certification

. It contains OEKO-TEX certified sustainable organic Dunlop latex.

The customer reported no outgassing smell.

Since this mattress uses natural latex, it is not suitable for people with latex allergies.

You can enjoy military discounts when you buy directly from "My Green Mattress".

This budget-friendly option offered by Wayfair Sleep is another mattress that can be boxed in the bed. The high-density memory foam in the mattress has passed CertiPUR-US certification. It provides moderate support and has twins.

This 6-inch mattress is wrapped in breathable braid.

It may take several days for the mattress to expand to its maximum size. For safety's sake, do not place it on the top layer until it is fully expanded.

The warranty is sold separately.

This hybrid mattress is made of CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam and is infused with gel and bamboo charcoal to help keep the mattress temperature neutral and reduce odor.

It comes in various sizes, including twin, twin XL and full frame, as well as two tightness options: medium tightness and plush.

Very young children may be more comfortable and softer with plush.

Some users complained of deflation and the smell of new mattresses that lasted for several days.

If you have a double futon bunk bed, this foam mattress can be used for the lower bunk. It is only available in full size and large size. Materials include durable woven cotton sleeve, cotton wool and CertiPUR-US certified foam.

Since futons are often displayed, this bendable mattress is available in many colors.

This mattress is not suitable for double or top bunks. It is only available in full size and large size.

You can use it at the bottom of the bunk bed, directly on the floor or on a standard futon frame.

This memory foam mattress has passed Greenguard gold certification and CertiPUR-US certification. It has all standard sizes and provides medium support.

Most critics of twin and twin XL praised it for bringing them comfort and support.

It may take up to 3 days for this mattress to fully expand.

Some users mentioned that it smells for about 2 to 3 days.

The twins weigh 24 pounds, and for some people, it may be heavy to install them on the top bunk.

There are many criteria to consider when buying a bunk bed mattress.

Keep in mind that you may want to buy different types of mattresses for the top and bottom layers.

Double-layer mattresses offer many of the same options and functions as standard mattresses. The mattress may be an inner spring,

, Or

Types of. Some are designed for bunk beds. There are also futon mattresses designed for the bottom bunk.

The height of the mattress is an important factor. For safety reasons, your bunk bed mattress should not be higher than the side rails.


There are accidents related to bunk beds in the United States every year. A mattress that is too high will cause the sleeper to roll off the bed. For most bunk beds, the top mattress must not exceed 7 to 8 inches in height.

If you want a thick mattress cover that adds softness or waterproofness, the height of the mattress should be low enough to accommodate the extra height.

The height of the mattress will also affect the headroom of the two bunks. Calculate how much head space your children or guests need when sitting on the mattress and sleeping on the mattress.

The weight of mattresses varies greatly. Mattresses that are too heavy may be difficult to lift or rotate, making them impractical for the upper bunk.

The traditional box spring raises the mattress too high and cannot guarantee the safety of the bunk bed. Your mattress may be placed directly on a bunk bed, plank or rail.

To ensure the comfort of the sleeper, make sure that the mattress you choose can be used with the base of the bunk bed, especially if the crossbar is made of metal.

Consider the life of the mattress and the expected wear and tear.

Can your mattress be used for occasional guests or people who sleep every night? If used only occasionally or only by children for a few years, a lower-priced mattress may make sense.

Look for the manufacturer's warranty. It is common for each product to have a different warranty policy. This should include information about the terms covered by the mattress.

High-quality mattresses have at least a 10-year warranty. Return policies, shipping costs and sleep trials at home should also be easy to find.

The bunk beds come in various sizes. some

The bunk bed is better than other beds. To ensure safety, most top bunks require a mattress that is 8 inches high (deeper) or smaller.

Regardless of the size of the mattress or how high it is from the ground, the mattress should provide good support and comfort.

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