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An experienced eBay shopper and museum fan, he likes to track the origins of trends-from flight attendant jumpsuits to the rise of marzipan-and collect New York City merchandise.

An experienced eBay shopper and museum fan, he likes to track the origins of trends-from flight attendant jumpsuits to the rise of marzipan-and collect New York City merchandise.

If you have been

, You may be thinking more about your

Antique rattan seat than before

That used to be the perfect accent for your room, and now it may be the source of back pain-the old bulky ergonomic numbers in the office may seem more and more the epitome of style and comfort. But support posture

It doesn’t have to be ugly, and it doesn’t have to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Find those ideal and relatively affordable

Provide style

With our support, we contacted interior designers, some business owners and CEOs (because they did not call it a useless executive chairman). Read on to learn about their favorite rotating, adjustable seats, and still look good.


The bosses we talked to recommended the ribbed management chair, which borrowed from the iconic shape.

chair. Sarah Pierson, co-founder of a footwear startup company

), tell us that several versions of the management chair are used in the following locations

At the headquarters, she said: "The stylish design makes it a stylish decoration, and the comfortable structure provides all-day comfort." "When I put together a workstation at home, I found myself eager to have a meeting room suitable for us. The saddle-shaped version used.” Pierson told us that she thinks this style is “particularly fashionable” when paired with modern white paint or marble tables.

For a more affordable version, try being chaired by Sarah Brady, founder and creative director of the interior design company

, Told us that her company bought 10 for their new design studio. "After months of

In a temporary home office, we need not only beautiful things, but also functional things," Brady told us. "Tables and chairs are not always the most glamorous, so we chose a way to incorporate chairs instead of A chair that expresses his own voice. I like the simplicity of white,

Leather, so it is easy to keep clean. Brady also praised the chair's high back and upholstered seat, and she told us to make it "very comfortable in front of the computer for a long time."

He is also a fan of the management chairman silhouette and introduced us to Modway, which has similar rotating and adjustable seat functions, but uses

Leather with a smooth finish instead of ribs.

If you want some more round shapes, please consider this work chair, which is recommended by an interior designer

. She said: "The shape of this chair is classic, which means it can fit almost any aesthetic." However, it is not all style-it can provide a lot on a practical level. Romanek said: "If you are like me, you have to sit in a chair for several hours at a time, so the chair must perform well and support." "The wheels of this round can move smoothly on hard ground, and the rear The support is great." She pointed out that the chair is available in several different colors, and the seat can be rotated-in addition, the height of the seat can be adjusted to make it "

And professionals".

This one(

) The shape of the leather chair is similar to Ebern, but without casters, which may be a more attractive choice for home offices with carpets or overly smooth hardwood floors. According to Heather Goerzen,

This chair has a sense of creativity and design, with a "modern executive family atmosphere", thanks in part to its lovely tan vegan leather. She said: "Camel color will bring warmth and richness to your space, while the stitching details add handcraft elements." "This chair with upholstered seats and rounded backrests will provide much needed throughout the day. Support and comfort." To this end, she added: "Your support will thank you."

If you want more of a statement of personality, interior designer

She said that Celetti's egg chair is one of her favorites. She said: "There are all kinds of different prints, so you can mix them together." "I think they are a fun and inspiring style for any office." The chair is both practical and fun: "With The padded seats and extra light make them super comfortable and comfortable when you need to move the chair," Bikoff said. In addition, if you need to hide them, they will fold up.

Agree that choosing colors is the key

. She said: "Bold colored chairs will help you increase your office space." This product from Kelly Clarkson Home is made of green and orange velvet with gold trim, if you want to equip the office with a slightly retro look. "I like the charming look of this table and chair," Keating said. "Not only is it comfortable, but it also adds personality to the room. I recommend green or ivory."

Those looking for something truly vintage may turn to vintage and consignment sites such as Chairish. Shilla Kim-Parker, CEO and co-founder

, This is a digital market for old-fashioned shopping. Tell us that she has an old-fashioned office chair she likes. Although the exact office chair cannot be found online, this 1960s Italian office chair is a very close choice . "I like it because it has an excellent structure and has enough cushioning to make it comfortable without having to let me take a nap," Kim-Parker said. "It's wide enough to easily make one of my children jump up and sit on my lap. Most importantly, who doesn't like good rotation?"

If you just want to nod the past, IKEA interior designers strongly recommend this IKEA chair

. Bush said: "The sculptural bentwood white oak shell pays tribute to the predecessors of the mid-century, and the all-white seat and base make it a modern and stylish list." If you prefer a casterless chair, this is Another good choice.

Another particularly stylish choice comes from Goerzen, who introduced us to this chair from Article. She said: "Using medieval-inspired designs and a variety of fashionable colors (from neutral white and black to playful green and blush), this is an ingenious transformation of traditional work chairs." "I like working with a variety of desks and It’s very easy to mix and match room styles."

And if you really want to spend less,

Co-founder Angie Tebbe said that this active seat can help her create a home office environment to support her health. She said: "I bought this chair because it promotes activities and good posture throughout the day." Like many chairs in this list, it has an adjustable seat and its particularly slim profile fits Use in small spaces. For those who have

Again, yes, standing is the point, but if you want to take a break from your feet, a minimalist stool may not be a bad idea.

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