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Alejandra Flores at the end of the line looks at the seats and stages she has shown at the Los Angeles Theatre Company for the past four years.

Not long after the Fuller family bought Kathryn Fuller-circa 1965.

-For some reason, theaters always seem to have more history than other places. Maybe it's those rooms full of props-chests, swords, and golf clubs bags, used in many different ways in many different games, and stored in the background for future use.

Studio Theatre Playhouse is about to be sold. It has stretched indefinably along the Riverside Drive at the junction of Elysian Heights and Elysian Valley for nearly 100 years, and is now finally available for sale since the 1960s. The current asking price is $4.5 million.

"This is a beautiful space," said Alejandra Flores, the founder of the museum

, This is a theater program for children, which was used in 9,000 square feet of space for four years until the pandemic ended. In one room after another, she showed various parts of a theater that is often used-a room still full of costumes, a dressing room, a group of excited young drama students used to gather, and an old steel light switch.

The 97-seat theater was built in 1927.

According to sales records, according to sales director Kenneth Fuller (Kenneth Fuller), the company originally started as a silent movie venue.

The theater then switched to the intercom. By 1935, it was called

. At that time, it was already providing advertisements for drama fans in order to obtain cash rewards. Fuller said, but until 1954, it has been used as a movie venue. Flores recalled one day when two old people fell down in front of the theater and said that they had lived across the road. They still remember going to the Elysee Theater to watch a movie of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

According to Kenneth Fuller, in 1965, his grandparents Mark and Kathryn Fuller bought the building for their Studio Theater company, which has been Eagle Rock performance.

The Los Angeles Theater Academy is the newest tenant of the former Elysee Theater, which was also home to the Studio Theater Theater, Colony Theater, and Knightsbridge Theater.

Prop room.

Mark and Kathryn Fuller purchased the theater in 1965. The theater still belongs to the Fuller family.

Kathryn Fuller performing.

Early photos of the interior of the Studio Theater.

Sometime after 1965, an early appearance of the studio theater.

Kathryn started her professional acting career at the Pasadena Playhouse and other local theaters and will continue to perform 

, Including 53 episodes of "Our Days" as Mabel. According to her obituary, her family once called her "America's Favorite Actress." Although Mark Fuller does not have an IMDB page or a long list of honors from Kathryn, he also performed in some of the early performances at Studio.

The theater was eventually used by other companies, and Fullers retained ownership. Kenneth Fuller said that from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, it was leased to the Colonial Theater-according to the Knightsbridge Theater in Pasadena, starting in 2000,

Account since then.

Flores said that when the Los Angeles Theater Academy appeared in May 2016, the space had been idle for four years.

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She said: "We spent three months cleaning up."

The cloth covers the fixtures in the lobby. The carpet in the auditorium area is so thick that it is full of elasticity. According to Ted Owens, who is in charge of the theater company's technology, the stage lighting has been manipulated with Home Depot's orange extension cord.

When she met Mark Fuller, he was already weak, but seemed happy that a theater company would use this space.

"When he met me, he was very excited and knew that the children were performing there," Flores said.

Flores said that some spaces were also rented out to other companies, such as the aerobics studio or printing workshops upstairs, which will be opened immediately after the exhibition.

Then, Mark Fuller died in 2019 at the age of 94.

He was 89 years old. After the pandemic broke out and closed the school, Flores said she could not pay the rent. In a year when the theater was closed anyway, the Fuller family is seeking to divest.

At the same time, they asked the LA Academy of Drama to store their things here-all these clothes can't be used up, those inexplicable but always useful props.

Waiting for the next one.

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