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HUD PD&R invited teams from accredited educational institutions in the United States to participate in its "Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition." The team must be composed of students who have taken a graduate degree program.

The demand for high-quality, affordable housing has never been higher. At best, housing can help strengthen the social and material structure of communities and neighborhoods. The hope of HUD and PD&R is that by launching this competition and providing funding for it, the new generation will promote the design and production of low- and middle-income people and sustainable housing through research and innovation.

The IAH competition aims to replicate real life methods. A multidisciplinary team of graduate students in architecture, planning and policy, finance and other fields will be required to solve social, economic, and environmental issues in response to specific housing issues developed by the actual public housing agency (PHA).

This competition aims to encourage people to conduct research and innovation in affordable housing, improve the capabilities of practitioners and future practitioners, and promote cross-disciplinary teamwork in the process of design and community development. IAH will join the annual PD&R awards for community planning, historical preservation and affordable housing design.

The multidisciplinary team must consist of a minimum of three students, a maximum of five students, and a faculty advisor. Each team must have members representing three different graduate programs; one of them must be from a program related to architecture or design, and one of them must be from a non-building program. There are many acceptable permutations; for clarity, here is an example:



Registration for the 2021 IAH competition has started! Enter the team.

Looking for teammates? Use the "Team Finder" forum to connect with other students.

Game schedule

Competition begins; registration begins; guidelines and standards are announced September 14, 2020

Deadline for team registration: 12/11/2020 Eastern Standard Time

Detailed plan site and Housing Authority announced 11-03-2020

Deadline for the team to submit the first phase: 01-25-2021 noon Eastern Standard Time

Finalists announced; second phase released* 02-12-2021

Field trip to finalists in early March 2021 (travel conditions permit)

The comments submitted in the second phase should be submitted on December 20, 2004

At the final speech and awards ceremony in DC in mid-April 2021 (travel conditions allowed)

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