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When you need to travel again, these destinations (just in your own backyard) are the next destinations to go.

Even for the compulsive jet salesmen among us, it is a simple fact that most travel stories are aspiring in the best of times. There are so many incredible places to visit, there are not enough holidays, and sometimes all of us have to be content to climb another spot on the shopping list and hope the stars align. 

But this year, when we all sit at home and watch the world stagnate, "aspiring people" has a new meaning. When restrictions are relaxed

, The familiar wanderlust crawled in quietly. Even if the most direct international travel is excluded, many travelers are still reluctant to jump on the plane, even simple travel-


Traveling through town-suddenly feel new and luxurious. 

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along with

, It seems that the end of our long international nightmare has finally (finally!) arrived. Looking forward to this moment, we once again compiled an annual list of the best places to travel in the coming year-to make a difference. In recognition of our renewed understanding of the discoveries made in our own backyard, this year’s list includes 50 dynamic, instant destinations-all in the United States. 


Due to the development of hotels or infrastructure or the reconstruction of cultural attractions, some of the attractions listed earlier are booming. This summer, others seized this opportunity because social isolation has made the empty wilderness more noticeable than ever, and we are all looking for new charms in our hometown. What they have in common is the singularity that makes the destination unforgettable-this place has something to offer that you can't find anywhere else in the world. 

In the near future, we will all return to the way we traveled before. We will be distressed


, It’s nice to hear an unfamiliar language or stay in

, To build passionate loyalty for a particular dining car or coffee kiosk. Until then, we hope that this list can be your ideal choice to stimulate your wanderlust and maintain a small flame of optimism. Of course, this is a bit ideal. But this just means that we are still willing to dream.


An alphabetical list of the 50 best places to travel in 2021.

During the pandemic, Alaska throughout May to September

It will be cancelled in 2020. This prevented approximately 1.3 million travelers from boarding the boat to experience thunderous glaciers, frolicking humpback whales, lively gold rush towns and charming Alaskan Native art scenes. Travel providers missed considerable revenue. Cruise lines and local officials remain silent on the market around 2021, which may be the best year for Alaska, because cruise ships are unlikely to be full and coastal towns will not be crowded even after vaccination . Or skip the civilization part: vastness

It is best to take a boat to reach attractions such as Glacier Bay, Misty Fjords and Kenai Fjord. Small adventure ship production line, for example

And super luxury

The zodiac and kayaking exploration plan was carried out on the 450-person Seabourn Odyssey. The trip was one week long and most of the time was spent in the wild. For more privacy, hire six-foot, 78-foot passengers

Enjoy a luxury yacht experience in Prince William Sound, where tidal glaciers are more active than any other place in the world. —

A fool will never say dead, and nostalgia will never miss visiting Astoria, a small town in Northwest Oregon located at the mouth of the Columbia River in northwest Oregon, where classic movies from the 1980s were filmed. The oldest colony in the western United States

Colorful Victorian houses and treasure-filled antique shops evoke a simpler time. Around these parts, freshness is only important for fish and beer. The new mobile passport plan is created by

Make sure drinkers find their own way, for example

-Famous for its IPA-and smaller attractions (eg 20 barrels)

, Built in the former fish canning factory on the river. This is one of the many old canneries that found a new life here, the most famous of which is the boutique

, The new owner plans to unveil the renovation of its spa in February-famous for its Finnish sauna and water feature hot tub. Although the town is named after the canned fish, Astoria is now thriving in direct connection with fresh seafood in places such as the South Bay Wild Fish House, which come from the families behind the fishing boats of the same name. In their restaurant, sustainably caught Dungeness crabs, Oregon pink prawns, black cod, and more go straight to bánhmì from the boat. —

Townspeople have been visiting this rolling hilly area and charming quiet town

Since the 19th century, with the opening of the design hotel in 2018, it has ushered in a vibrant young energy

In North Adams, last year,

, This is the third location of a luxury health resort. Although summer is still the most popular season, thanks in part to the beloved classical music venue

And dance center

Judging from the huge exhibition space of the Contemporary Art Museum, there are still many opportunities to keep distance from society

, To the surrounding pastoral areas

(The location of the first outdoor exhibition in all history of the study,

Until October 2021), hike along Graylock Mountain or Monument Mountain, at

, This is a restaurant located on the farm that can provide outdoor seating during warmer months. 

, The new bar in Great Barrington, is eradicating the epidemic with a large number of takeaway meals and cocktail sets. Overnight in a quiet and fashionable place

, This is a classic Georgian style bed and breakfast. —

The 5,800 acres of skiable terrain make it a favorite for skiers without crowds in the Rocky Mountains. But after several years of investment of 150 million US dollars,

Designed to transform this area of ​​southwestern Montana into the American Alps, which means that skiers may soon share their perfect powder. last year,

Residence Inn by Marriott became the first and only major brand hotel in the Big Sky City Center and made headlines when it opened (don’t miss the upcoming Tips Up, a retro-style tavern along the street). Now, all eyes are on the ultra-luxury house worth 400 million US dollars

, It will be the 2021-22 ski season

, This is a 3500 acre private golf and skiing community. The 150-key resort is free to ski in and out, has a 11,000 square foot spa and a four-lane bowling alley. In warm climates, guests can enjoy the development’s 18-hole golf course, nearby fishing rivers and an extensive network of hiking and mountain biking trails. Two slope hotels,


, Refurbish the work, and

, Is another private development adjacent to the ski resort, it plans to build a luxury hotel (

If the rumors are true), it can be carried out on its 8,000 acres of land (which is also the location of the 1,000-acre high-altitude Jack Nicklaus specialty golf course). The new airlift draws passengers from Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, and Charlotte, North Carolina to Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (less than an hour’s drive from the Big Sky city), and the new six-passenger expressway The chair lifts will begin to roar past the recording time starting in November next year. When the snow melted, Big Sky was 18 miles from the hotel

The outdoor epic adventure of finding nature is more attractive to nature lovers. Just make sure to get there before everyone else. —

The modern scene of Magic City illustrates well what happens when children in Alabama go to the big city to hone their skills and then return home to do things in a truly high-quality way. Take chef Adam Evans as an example: Muscle Shoals natives work in New Orleans and New York, and opened The Optimist in Ford Fry in Atlanta, and then return To B-Ham launch

. Move like this-and the weird Java store (

), high-end cocktail bar (

Women owned


Global Food Hall-Brings vitality to the city, where modern charm and old southern hospitality are greatly integrated. The destination is catching up with the demand for luxury lifestyle hotels,

, Opened in January in the historic and once again cool suburb of Homewood, a new outpost

And more restaurants.

The 19-acre green space has transformed the city center in the past ten years with walking trails, food truck festivals and outdoor symphonies. And look for

, This 47,000-seat facility and entertainment area will open in 2021.

It is the best example of a travel destination. Such as

, Places that may have been overlooked due to insufficient air transport attracted new audiences. The Black Hills of South Dakota has long been an essential road trip stop-its mountains are Mount Rushmore, the home of historic Deadwood, and several countries Site of monuments and parks-now it has returned to the map as a destination. The area became more attractive for the first time two years ago when the glamping camper Under Canvas raised tent poles between the pine and juniper trees just 4 miles from the presidential monument. This year, adventurous travelers can admire the area through the debut of Adventure Cycling’s new products

The bike path winds its way from Yellowstone to Minneapolis. In the historic Deadwood, Outlaw Square is a year-round public place in the town center. Many events are held here. After nearly a year of confinement, these events sound like Very luxurious-movie nights, concerts-and work in Rapid City (Rapid City) is a large-scale civic center expansion project carried out on the monument will bring more people into landmark events, such as

, Which marks the 35th anniversary of its establishment next fall. —

Of course, you have heard rumors about the prosperity of restaurants or breweries in Buffalo. But recently, the city has received attention for its visual art scene-most notably, a new game-changing gallery owned by Native Americans and fully dedicated to Aboriginal art. Founded by Dave Kimelberg, member of the Seneca Indian Country

This year is the only gallery of its kind in the United States. This is to show the diversity of indigenous peoples and open up a larger market space for contemporary indigenous works. Elsewhere in the city

It is expanding on a large scale and is currently expected to be completed in 2022; before that, please visit the institution’s Northland campus or explore the city from

. Still under development: $65 million

Restoration and reuse will bring art, commercial and exhibition spaces to a series of abandoned granaries and golf brands

A large golf complex and hotel are being built on the Buffalo River.

Escape from Vermont sounds like a way to get in touch with nature and spend time on the farm, but Burlington has all the products of a larger city and has the opportunity to get the much-needed fresh air. The city has many bars and restaurants serving creative drinks:

,as well as

Influenced by Cuba and Peru. CO wine cellar-located

, The home base of a small business, everything


-Selling local natural fermented fruit wine

. If that is not enough,

It can help you taste a variety of natural wines from all over the world, paired with homemade deli, cheese and kitchen-inspired Spanish cuisine. You can enjoy stand-up paddle board surfing, yoga and windsurfing at the private beach

When the weather is warm. When there is at least a few inches of snow on the ground, adventurous people can try winter sports:

Whether you want to wear snowshoes on the snowy streets or on the slopes of Vermont, cross-country skiing, daring to try the snow or skating in the frozen areas of Lake Champlain, it will provide you with equipment to help you. To cheer on the snow (or warm up afterwards), please try Pacolas in the newly opened store

, Tacos and marguerite

, Dynamic Chinese fare

Physical restaurant or mobile food truck, or

Dominican fusion and

Creative sandwiches in a shared space.

No matter where you go, you will get a combination of the hospitality of a small town and the convenience of a big city. —

In the summer of 1852, Harriet Tubman worked as a chef and butler in Cape May. Cape Town is a seaside resort and the Gulf of Delaware rushed into the Atlantic Ocean at the edge of New Jersey. In any case, that is her daily job. Given that Cape May at the time was a position of abolitionist activities, people have long accepted Tubman's true writings to guide enslaved men through the important juncture between freedom and north in the South and Philadelphia. And women. Years of work opened on June 14

Record her time at Cape May, while at the same time setting the city's status as a key (but seriously neglected) place in black history. The museum is located in the former pastor’s house of the historic Macedonian Baptist Church, and the collection of the late pastor Robert Davis, pastor Robert Davis (Bantu and Bakota masks, enslaved people handcuffed with iron ) Links the experience with the slave trade in Africa and the transatlantic. A few steps away,

Head to landmarks such as the abolitionist Stephen Smith’s residence and Franklin Street School, the city’s first segregated school (scheduled to become a cultural, arts and community center). Philadelphia (Caply)

The brand opens a refreshing beach house with a saltwater swimming pool, the famous Peter Shields Inn makes its debut

, A quarter of the palm pattern above

, This is a handsome boutique, with waterproof ORI backpacks and knitted cashmere, which can be used for modern sailing rakes. In order to get more privacy, carefully arranged ag-fantasy

Located on the north side of the underdeveloped town between the blackberry bush and the traditional pig farm, you can take a leisurely stroll to

, This is a beacon for safe searchers who have fled slavery and stormy seas since 1859.

From the 1920s to the 1960s, with the rise of the borscht belt, the scenic mountainous area flourished about two hours north of Manhattan, where there were scattered resorts, mainly catering to Jewish families in the summer. Today, young urban residents are snapping up weekend houses in the area at an increasing rate, and entrepreneurs have followed suit and opened small design hotels in the area. 15 rooms

, Located in Shandaken Village, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the popular zipline canopy tour in Hunter Mountain within 25 minutes and

To Kaaterskill Falls, the highest cascading waterfall in the state. Seven miles along the highway is from

. This 28-room room completely surrounds the rural environment near the Great Indian Wilderness Forest Reserve. On-site activities include swimming and trout fishing in Esopus Creek. About an hour and a half in the southwest of Great India,

A boarding house since the early 1900s. Sims Foster and his wife Kirsten Harlow Foster own nearby houses

The hotel has overhauled the building, combining historic decorations (such as original hardwood floors) with custom elements such as sleigh beds. By 2021, this sign of prosperity will show no signs of slowing down. Home furnishing design duo Nolan McHugh and Trevor Briggs will enter the hotel industry in March.

, This is a 24-cabin landscape hotel located outside the town of the same name in the area. (It is expected that the minimalist building will have a lot of glass decorated with steel and cedar.) Then, in April, Sant Singh Chatwal of the Dream Hotel Group will open

In Bethel. This refuge takes full advantage of the 60-acre forest of Chapin Manor and looks out to the Toronto Reservoir. It draws inspiration from its natural environment and obtains decorative elements such as hand-carved wooden ornaments and a huge stone fireplace. The accommodation will consist of 10 suites, a tree house and a luxury tent, and dining options include a farm-to-table restaurant that will catch fish from the live trout stream and produce it from its own kitchen garden. —

A few years ago, when technology startups and small businesses moved into abandoned warehouses on the banks of the Rhine, the first clue that Queens City (which is about to be hit hard by the decline of American manufacturing) was preparing to make a comeback was that filmmakers flocked to take advantage of Tax breaks and early 20th-century buildings, while historic venues such as the City Concert Hall are in dire need of Polish. Now, urban renaissance is official-but diving into 2021, you can still say that you are a trendsetter. Check-in

Opened in October in downtown Cincy, where chefs Kevin Ashworth and Edward Lee are busy restaurants. When you are in town, you can dine in the restaurant

Explore new outdoor installations at

And praise

, Its animal dispatch activities on social media are the only reasonable reason to keep your Twitter account.

In the past year, Delaware has been the de facto headquarters of No. 46 and his transition team, but there are many reasons to attract attention outside of politics. Many recent developments have attracted young professionals from hubs near Philadelphia (such as Philadelphia) to the capital of Wilmington-creative businesses, high-quality cooking scenes, fewer crowds-and travelers too . The Marquee Hotel in Wilmington,

, Recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation project to breathe new life into its iconic Green Room. The Green Room now houses the exquisite French restaurant Le Cavalier, and has added

, A snack food hall with six stalls and a bar. Visitors who care about clothing are best to check out products from Town and Store Studio. (Currently, designer Liv McClintock is selling her handmade leather products and jewelry through pop-up windows and suitcase shows.)

It is temporarily closed due to compliance with COVID restrictions. What was recently added to the Wilmington cocktail party is worth a try for the carefully crafted original LL Lule J, which combines vodka with blood orange Combine with Kombucha. Summer is here and it is difficult to get away from the vibrant riverfront area, which includes many seafood junctions and provides access to water sports and local walking trails. —

When you visit a city, you want to be a gathering place for cool people. In Denver, this means the Lower Highland community full of art. As the locals know, LoHi has long been the city’s creative cocktails, craft breweries and gourmet restaurants, such as Pan-Latin small plates.

And Israel strikes

. Facing the pandemic, the hood has faithfully supported exciting new immigrants, including

, A restaurant specializing in home-style cuisine and natural wines, and

A cocktail bar inspired by the roaring 1920s. Recently added 17 rooms

Ultimately, if they want to indulge in LoFi action, they can provide visitors with other options besides Airbnb. Located in the heart of the Navajo Street Art District, this intimate accommodation will transport guests to a pioneering Victorian homestead-but you know,

Furnishings with dusty floral decorations, wild west nods, such as cowhide details and vintage cowboy photos, and a sexy, car-inspired restaurant and bar. Through the exclusive cooperation with Ranchlands, a conservation-conscious land management group, guests can escape the city for a day and experience the cutting-edge spirit firsthand

. For the shock of 21st century culture, downtown Denver is only a short walk away, and a large-scale art installation created by Meow Wolf, an artist group backed by the State of New Mexico, will be launched later this year. —

You can be the closest place to a Caribbean vacation without leaving the continental United States. The laid-back island between Key Largo and Key West bears the brunt of 2017 and was hit by Hurricane Irma. You Want to visit the island in 2021, with one of the most vulnerable ecosystems in the country above and below sea level: astronomer-led stargazing walking in a family-friendly place

On the duck key;

, Patrick Garvey, a farmer who has been transformed into a tropical fruit from a community organizer, is planting five nutritious breadfruits to combat the insecurity of hunger;

In the marathon, his most recent 9/11 included taking care of babies trapped by Hurricane Eta, and Kemps-Ridleys who was frightened in Cape Cod (such as Hypothermia of turtles). Although the unusually cold water has caused trouble in the north, warming oceans and undetected infections have caused the bleaching rate of the local coral reefs in the Keith Islands to reach 98%, which is the largest coral reef in North America, but young scientists in the region

Research on Summerland Key is in the midst of a promising project, which aims to rejuvenate the mutilated reef through laboratory reproduction (such as IVF for corals). You can even participate in hands-on underwater coral transplantation through new partnerships with the following institutions

Big Pine Dive Center. In order to balance the mood of work and indulgence, the recently reopened fan-shaped swimming pool and impeccable residences of Marathon are too numerous to list.

. The resort is within walking distance

It is the most suitable place to eat stone crabs on the island. This is a sustainable speciality. In peak season, it costs 3 dollars per paw in the low-priced upstairs bar. —

The heritage of Texas has developed rapidly, and has undergone some luxurious, modern updates, attracting tourists to the birthplace of the West. historical

Once a supply station for cattle farms, it captures the long history of Texas' prosperous livestock industry with a rodeo, history museum and the only two-day cattle farm in the world. It is also home to many boutiques with a lone star style: in Mule Alley, visit Lucchese to buy a pair of hand-stitched boots, then stop at Stetson to buy one A must-have cowboy hat. coming soon

Will also pay tribute to the old cowboy. The hotel is scheduled to open in early 2021, and its design is in the old West-Spain-Spanish colonial style and exudes the atmosphere of a Victorian smoking room. Start to tour the city’s thriving creative world at the stop

And recently renovated

, Then end your evening in some of the best grain-to-glass bourbon in Texas

. Overnight at the upcoming hotel

, This is a luxurious local boutique hotel located in the cultural district of Fort Worth.

The town of Galena is hidden by the highway and is only a 30-minute drive from Dubuque. It was once the largest riverboat port north of St. Louis. This may make it one of the most influential cities in the state during its heyday in the 19th century, but today, history buffs are more likely to name it with nine former Civil War generals (the most famous being Ulysses S. Grant)'s hometown. In this day and age, all of us are rediscovering regional treasures instead of going further, the town has all the breath of a perfect afternoon: a main street just a few steps away from the Galena River, within hours Fully explore,

, Quirky boutique,

Show off

, Bars and several restaurants on every corner. The magic begins

, But on the journey to the city: the quick and easy transition from the convenient fast food station and gas station to the late Victorian facades and cobblestones gives a comforting tone whether you are a repeat customer or not. Galena's easy-going charm is enough to attract domestic and international tourists, but walking along the local area called "Helluva Half Mile" will leave you a deep impression. If you want to extend your stay, please

, The oldest operating hotel in the state.

As travelers scramble to spend their holidays safely, luxury resorts will gain new appeal in 2020. Although the vaccine is expected to return to normal in the next few months, the taste of wild luxury will remain. This is good news for under Canvas, a luxury camper, and it will pass the new

next year. The property is located on a vast area of ​​220 acres.

, And guests living in one of its 50 tents can enjoy all the standard Under Canvas facilities-chic, modern furnishings, s'mores by the campfire-and can continue to visit other areas of the brand Accommodation, so as to fully enjoy the style of the southwest region

experience. Canyon Point in Aman is only a few miles along the road.

, A branch of Amangiri in a ten-person suite, gives you an unparalleled feeling-as well as warm water straight into the swimming pool, fire pit, soaking bathtub, and the sunset view of the surrounding terraces.

Imagine a white sandy beach, clear aquamarine water, gently swaying palm trees-almost perfect sight, like a paradise in the Caribbean Sea or a remote cove in Seychelles, looking for it all over the world. On the Gulf Coast, such beauty is beyond doubt, and road trips are the best option. Tampa is a good kickoff point. Stay in the newly opened

, Which represents the Cuban origin of Cuba. In Florida Panhandle, the group of towns that make up the Emerald Coast provides a lot of charm. Grab a few days of vacation rental to explore Tony Ellis Beach, which to the world is like pulling out of a small Greek island-its private coastline, miles of bike trails and sights

Make it a favorite of the super rich. In Sanderstine,

It opened in February this year and has 250 rooms and a restaurant by chef Hugh Acheson. Arrange your travel time correctly, you can go to

The focus of the game is the spear-shaped invasive lionfish. In the corresponding "restaurant week", local chefs compared the magic of deliciousness with fish that has long been regarded as a bad diet. The journey ends at Double Bay Bay and Orange Beach in Alabama, and restoration work is underway after Hurricane Sally swept through this fall. Family friendly

After full renovation, it will reopen in March,

It is expected to reopen next year. Fortunately, some of the biggest attractions in the area-32 miles of pristine powder beach, Mardi Gras, Seafood Food Carnival

- stay the same.

Indianapolis may be famous for its annual

Motorsports, but this is the state capital’s artistic and cultural atmosphere that continues to develop on all cylinders. Eight miles next year

A two-mile stretch will make it easier for you to explore the sights of Circle City on two steering wheels, including the refurbished

And the new 12 acres

Along Carrollton Street. This $300 million investment has brought new life to the gems of Art Deco—a 1930s Coca-Cola bottling plant with restored terracotta facades, original terrazzo floors and tiles, and old-fashioned brass goalkeepers at 139 On display. -room

First broadcast this month. An Asian fusion restaurant, coffee shop, nail salon and talkeasy are about to arrive at the property, while the old maintenance garage across the road is being converted into 20 suppliers

, A

And a separate

. This spring, James Beard nominated chef Abbi Merriss will open

, Is an art cinema and bistro in Windsor Park, and chef Craig Baker is using colorful shipping containers to transform the 40,000 square foot building in the 16 Tech block for food lovers Paradise, where there are European-style markets and dining places. In June,

Will be permanently transformed

The 30,000-square-foot four-floor enters the digital art space and holds the opening exhibition, exhibiting 3,000 dynamic images of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings and setting them as classical music scores. —

The BBQ provided by Fountain City far exceeds its (praised) BBQ. Especially in the Crossroads Art District, since

It reopened in the former Pabst bottling plant in 2018. In February last year, Mean Mule Distilling Co.

, Is a tasting room dedicated to tasting blue tequila. James Beard finalist Michael Corvino’s late-night burgers (available in his premium dinner club) were so popular that in September, he decided to start a special restaurant.

In the canteen

. Several new breweries have also established their foundations nearby,


. Elsewhere in the city, women entrepreneurs have proven to be particularly resilient in the face of the pandemic. When actor Jackie Nguyen's tour had to be closed, the first generation of Vietnamese Americans began

, This is a mobile coffee shop that offers both classic drinks and creative improvisations of Nguyen Thi.

Bring Sonoran style tortillas to the city-first by owning your own retail store, then through some local markets and restaurants. Also worth mentioning is the cultural news of 2021: after nearly three years, the long-awaited renovation

The facility is finally complete, and once the cultural institution is allowed to reopen, the facility and its new multimedia and interactive exhibition will be ready. And don’t miss the opportunity to check KC’s latest arrival

, Opened this fall in the 1920s, which was once the residence of the Kansas City Club. —

You are not going to Las Vegas to seek loneliness, but to indulge in the sparkling, alluring oasis in the desert, enjoy, enjoy. A city defined by hypnotic pool parties, all-weather gambling, epic nightlife scenes, dazzling upscale hotels and lower-level restaurants-everyone is trying to improve each other-just dreaming that one visit is enough to push your endorphins into overdrive . A year later, we still stay within our own four walls (which is the extreme opposite of Sin City) and return to Vegas and its many places designed to bring people together, it feels like the ultimate luxury . Invest in exciting new attributes such as

A large resort and casino with 3,500 rooms combined

Covers 88 acres; recently completed

, This is the first adult casino with a pool amphitheater; and

, Ready to replace Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, well, you have won the prize. —

By 2021, a few food and cultural developments worthy of a pilgrimage will attract tourists to the second largest city in Bluegrass State.

Inspired the people around Lexington. After being vacant for 20 years,

It has been redefined as an open market consisting of 70 stalls, composed of dozens of local small businesses

The Old North Bar has a "walk around" permit, so visitors can enjoy drinks while browsing. The main tenant (only one-third of 65,000 square feet) is

, An open-air grocery store, adjacent to Pike Place in Seattle and La Boqueria in Barcelona. The rest of the city will be new

The winery of Sean Edwards, the winemaker, who grew up in Lexington and learned craftsmanship from his grandfather and uncle. The 34,000-square-foot factory will become the largest black-owned winery in the state when it opens, and will provide tours and guided tastings. Cultural attractions are also taking action to tell the richer and more diverse history of Kentucky: Don’t miss the new walking tour from Lexington.

, An organization dedicated to protecting and documenting LGBTQ+ heritage in the state. —

Only the cold, salty water splashing on the rocky shore and the occasional mo calls of local farm animals seem to destroy the tranquility of Lopez Island. The idyllic is almost absurd. The 30-acre pace of life in Puget Sound attracts those who seek tranquility along the scenic route. For cyclists, it is a gentle and winding road, which can double as a bicycle path when it winds around the island. For food lovers, this means a feast of hand-baked foods, traditional meats and foraging from farms, markets and restaurants.

Encapsulates the local customs of Lopez, sells revolving grass-fed beef, and sells it only with the cash box nailed to the side of the lean meat, holds yoga classes in the on-site studio, and then rents out the wild cabin at home. Farm stay.

Bake bagels and donuts in the kitchen with your own wheat

, A comfortable boutique hotel. with

Sell ​​its wild sourdough as well as from

During the pandemic, chef Nick Coffey was here to refine the flavors of Lopez Island into a world-class multi-course menu before quickly turning to community-centric takeaway. —

To relieve the pressure of sunlight and surfing, please visit the two long-awaited museums and finally opened their doors. Renzo Piano redesigned the company’s Mid-Wilshire department store in May of the 1930s,

When it opens in April, it will showcase its core product, which is the last surviving full-size shark model in Steven Spielberg's "Jaws". Other highlights of the collection include ruby ​​slippers from Judy Garland's "The Wizard of Oz", items from the late Debbie Reynolds collection, and


the film. If all the entertainment activities make you crave, thanks to the tasting of South Los Angeles Beverage Company, a 13,000-square-foot black-owned brewery that will open soon, craft beer near Florence in South Los Angeles will thrive by 2021 . Room, restroom and coffee roasting shop. At the same time, a series of new hotels opened by

, The brand’s first Los Angeles hotel, opened in January in the former House of Blues on the iconic Sunset Strip. In Century City, vast

There will be 400 rooms and 63 luxury residences, and in downtown Los Angeles, the latest

The location will use an eclectic design by Kelly Wearstler, combining works from California artists, a restaurant, a bar and a rooftop swimming pool, and will surely be well received by the Staples Center crowd. —

Continue to prove that this is not just its sensational beach and hedonistic party scene. Early next year,

, Is a planned 10-mile linear park (from the same

Like in New York

), will debut in the form of "Brickell Backyard" half a mile from the Miami River to Coral Road. Look forward to public art, free concerts, outdoor gathering places, fitness activities and lush landscapes with butterfly gardens. Take a bite and end the visit

Various new dining concepts, such as Cuban

. At the same time, the Allapattah neighbourhood has become an emerging art district with a one-year-old museum of billionaire Jorge Perez


, And the highly anticipated 50,000 square feet of experiential art space,

, Launched three large-scale installations this spring. Throughout 2021, overhaul

It will make retailers, restaurants and fashionable buildings simple and cocoa. When you need a break, travelers will choose to enjoy Art Deco style decorations, commendable swimming pools and first-class dining in Miami Beach's new glossy hotel. View enhanced iterations


; Recently opened

And Kimpton's

; And upcoming hot spots

, The creation of hospitality giant David Grutman and singer Pharrell Williams.

Has not changed much. Fortunately, the historic pebbles in the city center, the S'conset cottage covered with roses, the eternal beach-they are all still here. However, as locals commemorate the 200th anniversary of the sinking of the Nantucket whaler Essex and the comrades in the high seas, now is the perfect time to remember that some changes can be made even on Nantucket. This year, the iconic Cliff Road Century Mansion left Nantucket’s bed and breakfast lodging ranks, adding a new

. This is just the newest member of a new boutique hotel operator that combines tradition and luxury in the historic city center-come and see

And the new Venetian-style small plates on display on Via Mare. From there, get the terms of local purchases

, Or

, Or stroll

, Recently restored to the cellar of Jared Coffin House. Out of town


Bring the schedules of large bands to play their festive outdoor island flagship store. After 2020, can't we all use some outdoor music, craft beer and some cocktails? —

We know that Nashville is already an "it" city. However, if you look at Lower Broadway and the gatherings of bachelors and bachelors in various places, then the significance of this city lies not only in the guest and the countryside. January, the long-awaited

Will open the door for

And the development of gospel, blues, jazz and hip-hop music. 346 rooms

Will bring new flavors to high-end Gulch, while traditional brands such as

Continue to build a real luxury market in Music City.

Covering nearly 100,000 square feet, it will bring 24 restaurant booths and a new music performance venue overlooking the historic downtown of Lehman Auditorium. All of us will celebrate the vaccine funded by Dolly Parton at the Dolly Parton-themed rooftop bar at the Graduate Hotel.


However, in a moment, the 2021 carnival parade season was cancelled due to crowd concerns. It seems that next year will be a low point for the city. But the top masters gather together-drum up

And treasure hunt, make a plan for decoration

, And continue to carry out fundraising activities to support its community-reminding all of us that the spirit of this beloved city cannot be suppressed. Although Carnival may not look the same in 2021, this does not mean that there is no expectation. Saw this fall

, This is a 14-room hotel in St. Charles, and its interior decoration combines old-fashioned drama and playful pastel colors. Still behind:

, The reconstruction of this landmark World Trade Center building cost 530 million US dollars, located on the banks of the Mississippi River. —

People often say

—It’s the name that reminds us

It is indeed its sign. When the pandemic raged this spring, the city-the gritty core-slowly reinvented itself: restaurants were finally set up next to shops, performances and museums became virtual, bars began to change from modest, Cocktails waiting to be sold in the temporary windows, the hotel changed the room and entered the remote office. When this city is open for travel again, it will undoubtedly be another

new York. Its fresh appearance will include many new hotels, such as

, With a three-story spa with a panoramic view of Central Park; exquisite and leisurely

Located in the Hudson Yards district of Manhattan; and

, A 38-story tower, touted public gardens, rooftop bars and fascinating cityscapes. At the same time, luxury hospitality group

Barcelona, ​​known for its health resorts in places like Bali and Maldives, will soon bring its iconic tranquility in the high-octane urban landscape, with excellent spas and high-line views. And great views of the Hudson River. Restaurants, shops and museums are also preparing to make a comeback. The only missing ingredient? you. —

First, let us figure out one thing: Raleigh-Durham is an airport, not a city. But, well, for this lively area in the southeast, there is an easy-to-understand term that is convenient, so please say it appropriately: The Triangle, short for Research Triangle, which is Pier, North Carolina A cluster of Mount, composed of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Even though the area has achieved overall growth in recent decades, leisure travelers have ignored Triangle and turned to NC resorts such as Asheville or the Bund. With the increase in inventory of new hotels, this feeling has finally changed. Boutique hotel with 53 rooms

And small and stylish

It opened in the past few years, raising the standard of local accommodation and creating a series of new attractions with forward-looking design. January 2020,

, Is a motel in the center of Raleigh. After remodeling, it has a unique aesthetic and fashionable appearance in the middle of the century

The fourth store of the upstart brand-debuted this summer. When you are in town, take time to explore


, Stroll along Durham's Main Street or Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and reach the many incredible restaurants in the area. A lot of talked about attractions, such as

-Not to mention chef Ashley Christensen

-Live up to the hype. But don’t ignore Triangle’s long-standing gem: you can’t go wrong

Enjoy artisan bread and specialty white chocolate bread in Cary,

For your kind burger, or

Enjoy the platonic ideal of shrimp and grits at Chapel Hill. When the HOT light is on, you can visit Raleigh Krispy Kreme in the city, you are almost a local.

In northern Minnesota, the starry sky awaits

Recently joined

As certification

destination. In this water-rich area, a clear view of the universe, even if you are lucky, you can even see the northern lights, is just part of it. Adventurers flock to the wilderness in the canoe area of ​​the border waters, covering 1.1 million acres, paddling 1,200 miles of canoe transportation routes, and camping under these constellations. At the same time, more than one-third of the adjacent 218,000-acre Voyageurs National Park is a water wonderland, which makes motor boathouses a novel way of stargazing and exploring the park’s five main lakes and northern and deciduous forests. Both parks offer a wealth of wildlife, from aquatic birds and beavers to wood wolves and black bears. Miles of natural scenery; and may angle leukoplakia, northern pike and smallmouth bass. In winter, the sky shines brightly, in addition to dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling (only available in Voyageurs National Park). Call on local clothing stores to help organize the itinerary throughout the year and stock up on necessary equipment.

With the opening at the beginning of last year

Located in the cheese factory in the previously quiet town of Bentonville in northwest Arkansas, this is a cultural and artistic center that continues to transform it into a hub for creativity and outdoor experiences. Last october

Founded by Wal-Mart heir Alice Walton (Alice Walton), it was announced that it would expand the collection range through an outdoor play space, which is expected to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape. of

Provide further artistic adventures, and

, One of the best restaurants in the area. Travel across town to Bella Vista, where you can ride 39 miles of mountain bike trails on the recently expanded Little Sugar Trail System, or go to the new hometown of Springdale

, Families can visit exhibitions, nature trails and archery ranges there. —

After ten months of pandemic lockdown, the 50th U.S. state once again welcomes tourists from mainland China. Although many travelers choose to use the capital and the most populous city of Honolulu as a transit point to Maui, Kauai or the Big Island, there are good reasons to stay on Oahu this year. The hotel sector continues to expand-the classic Waikiki music has recently undergone a complete renovation,

, It debuted in December. Inspired by vintage Hawaiian and local art, this 315-room resort is located on the opposite street from the legendary Waikiki Beach, and (suitably) has a new surf school and shop. Above is Kaimuki (a neighborhood that has become the center of Oahu’s increasingly active food world). Chef Chris Kajioka followed up with his popular (and perennially packaged) Art District restaurant Senia.

, Adopt a French-style menu using Japanese technology and ingredients. To learn about contemporary art, fashion and design on the island, head to Kaka'ako, an industrial area located near a warehouse near the city center, where there is an expanding open-air business area.

Check local works and the farmers market every Saturday morning.

The largest city in Nebraska is making great strides.

Eclectic communities (one of which is the hometown of billionaire Warren Buffett) are patchy, blending old and new together. A glorious example: just opened

, Spent 75 million US dollars on the refurbishment of the iconic Blackstone Hotel, which has hosted famous VIPs such as Eleanor Roosevelt, John and Jackie Kennedy, and Richard Nixon. Pay special attention to the hand-carved terracotta columns, marble stairs, hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings of the Grand Ballroom of the 105-year-old old lady. The hotel’s 21st century update includes five modern dining venues, including a modern

(In its heyday, it was consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in the United States), steakhouse, and re-speaking. Numerous top-notch cooking suppliers and a collection of 70 artworks curated by artists

Highlight the essence of Omaha's local talent. Experience the revival of the surrounding environment

(The birthplace of Ruben Sandwich), guests can wander in the hotel’s electric tricycle and stroll the streets crowded with ultra-fashionable snack bars, craft beer bars and fashionable boutiques. Securing the front row seats of the popular Omaha ticket event in 2021, including the buzz

In March, attendees can buy appearances on the runway;

Watch the top American athletes in June; and the year

, This is a high-quality music and food festival that will be held in late July. —

Remember the roller coaster? Dole whip? Isn’t the most important thing in the carefree days getting stunned on the Tower of Terror? Next year, there will be no better place than Walt Disney World Resort, where you can live out your repressed theme park fantasy, and Walt Disney World Resort will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2021. There are no details of the actual celebration, but we do know that Epcot is undergoing a huge transformation, including new experiences such as Remy's "Ratatouille Adventure" and a space-themed restaurant. Seeking a surge in adrenaline (who isn't these days)? Make new

To Universal Studios in the summer, you will bounce upwards at a speed of 70 miles per hour. Rest assured, Orlando is one of the first cities to develop

, The main park exceeds CDC requirements. (Hopefully every virtual kiosk can be boarded and checked in.) Although the new South Terminal will not open until 2022, Orlando International Airport has just launched an on-site COVID test, which is the first batch in the country to do so One of the airports. To help welcome tourists back, newcomers to the Orlando hotel industry include internationally inspired

Opened in November

At the Universal Orlando Resort in December,

It is expected that in January 2021, the high-end reserve tower

(Provide free shuttle service to Disney), the time is mid-2021. Want to be away from the downtime in the city? peaceful

A $120 million transformation was completed in February this year. 

From cocktails and swimming pools to starry night sky, the desert east of Los Angeles never gets old. Now, new hotels, restaurants, bars, artworks, and even sound bathing experiences are providing new vitality to Palm Springs and its neighboring desert city. Soak in mineral-rich water when it first opened

, A 40-room resort and spa in Desert Hot Springs. Reimagining

There are 30 rooms in total, with fireplaces and terraces, as well as colorful details such as Moroccan tiles and pillows embroidered by otomi. One year old has 27 rooms

When guests wake up, they will find a breakfast basket and freshly baked croissants. The biennial art exhibition makes its debut this year

It has quietly become a major artistic attraction and reappears through new installations aimed at specific locations. Also opened in 2021

It is a 48,000-square-foot museum and garden, partly a bathroom and spa, celebrating the history and culture of the Cavilla Indian Agua Calientes. Come for dinner and taste innovative Scotch rolls and Scotch whisky

Hosted by Chef Engin Onural. His latest business is Tailor Shop, a cocktail bar inspired by distant places including London, Norway and Hong Kong. For other adventures, head to the otherworldly Joshua Tree National Park nearby. Hiking, rock climbing and stargazing will not disappoint you. —

Since Sundance activities are almost all virtual and many activities are still vigilant during travel, Utah's largest ski town is likely to be hit by the tourism industry this winter. But once it’s safe to do so, make a straight line in this outdoor paradise, better than everyone else. A series of major transaction developments in the works make Park City expected to achieve significant growth in the next few years.

The creators of this 6,800-acre large-scale multi-hotel complex claim that it will be the first new ski resort in the United States in 40 years-it will open in 2023. If it finally makes its debut, it is expected to bring a large crowd, and a potential agreement with Deer Valley may mean that some of the most unique ski trails in the United States (and the famous last ski trail that bans snowboarding) get more traffic. Elsewhere in the town, the development of the new art district is underway,

Opened a store in Canyons Village, offering 152 rooms, a luxury spa and the first rooftop swimming pool in the area. Before all this comes, immerse yourself in the highlight that makes Park City so beloved: a small business with a long history

Tony's Crowding-Free Powder

, And year-round outdoor adventures in the surrounding mountains. 

Rhode Island is known for its colonial seaside towns and Gilded Age mansions, and is a historic destination. But recently with the opening of some new properties, it has become a modern hot spot.

In Newport (Newport), created by a group of locals to tout its anti-nautical design atmosphere-visit the on-site restaurant Nomi Park and taste traditional New England cuisine. In the new hotel in Providence, the past and the present merge into one.

, Used to be the exchange building in 1887. Now, this is a 47-room boutique hotel, just steps away from the bustling city center of the University Town. 3500 acres of land opened, even providing more choices for outdoor enthusiasts

In Richmond, the team from behind

. A unique wilderness resort with 18-hole golf course, zip line, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, archery, etc. Pint-sized states are at such a moment, and luxury travel company Black Tomato even

The New England road trip itinerary in Newport was part of its planning

collection. Of course, the classic experience is also attractive: you can’t help but try

, Overlooking Narragansett Bay. —

One of the most indelible images of 2020, and one of the images that best reflects the changing identity of Richmond is the Marcus David Peters circle on Monument Street: the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee riding A horse whose stone base is a kaleidoscope label to support "Black Lives Matter". Now, with the removal of the statue, Richmond is looking forward to a new, more inclusive future. The governor of Virginia announced a proposal to allocate 10 million US dollars for the redesign of the state government and the extension of Monument Avenue, which once expressed similar respect to figures in the Allied Powers. It is proposed to allocate another US$9 million to improve existing facilities in Richmond

And establish slavery sites. In other parts of the city, look for public art created this year

, A project led by muralist Hamilton Glass, brought together artists from different backgrounds to create murals around Richmond. New direct flights from Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles will make visiting a breeze, while the location of Richmond-Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and Wine Country are all within easy reach -Make it an ideal base state for long-term exploration.

By 2020, Colorado's peaks will be even more fascinating, because outdoor activities have become the default activity, and the "Great American Road Trip" (Great American Road Trip) is a long-awaited comeback. But next year will provide more storage space for visitors:

Known for the picturesque glass dome train that traverses Western Canada, it will open its first route in the United States in August, from the Rocky Mountains to Denver and along the Colorado River to the red rocks of Moab, Utah. The two-day trip includes sparkling wine toast and a three-course meal, with views of canyons and cliffs, deserts and mountains. Before embarking, take a moment to visit Colorado’s newest state park,

, Opening its 30 square miles of land in phases. It is marked by a 9,633-foot mountain range and is home to black bears, elk, mountain lions, and more wildlife. For skiers

High-speed chair lifts, additional snow making equipment to achieve seamless shredding, and a new dining concept will be unveiled at the exhibition for the first time

, This is a branch of Gwyn's, a favorite of the locals, offering hot dishes made with fresh ingredients sustainably purchased by local farmers. in

In the COVID era, interest in skiing in remote areas has surged, bringing a new Uphill Thrills experience. Guests can book excursions to Aspen’s most remote slopes and abandon all cable cars.

Santa Fe is a UNESCO city of handicrafts, folk art and design, and is widely known as the art mecca. Unwaveringly like


, To celebrate this status with its adobe architecture and unique art. But sometimes a new hotel is needed to help us see the destination in a new light. Reimagine

Santa Fe (Santa Fe) is the latest luxury hotel in the past decade, and its goal is to show more than urban artistry when it opens this spring. The 100-room Auberge Resorts Collection is located on 317 acres of land bordering the Santa Fe National Forest. It offers fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking and wrangler-guided cross-country carriages. A restaurant hosted by Dean Fearing, the godfather of Southwestern cuisine, and a healing art studio using turquoise gem therapy and other therapies are respites for wild adventures. The hotel will serve as the basis for Trek Travel’s new four- and six-day bike tours and Black Tomato’s new road trip route. At the same time, Marcia Gordon, co-owner of Extraordinary Journeys, a New Mexico-born African safari expert, draws her attention to her home, and her customized itinerary may include the most popular ghost ranch in O'Keeffe, Georgia or a Navajo led. Hike through the ruins of the Chaco Canyon. —

Along the southeastern coast of the United States are marine islands, composed of more than 100 tidal and isolated islands from Florida to North Carolina. The swamp is also the hometown here

This is a 12,000-square-mile national cultural heritage area-the cultural home of the Gulagic people. It is the descendant of enslaved Africans who have kept their traditions and language for centuries. Beginning with President Obama’s establishment in 2017 in Beaufort County, South Carolina, as a National Historic Relic of the Age of Reconstruction, Ocean Islands has become a compelling tourist destination in recent years. In 2019, the corridor was redesigned and expanded. This year, with the new

Consolidate multiple sites in the region. You will need a lifetime to fully explore these islands, but start your journey in South Carolina: Johns Island is home to the Moving Star Hall, the last remaining place in the area A home of praise, and said to be one of the oldest of its kind east of the Mississippi. Visit the island of St. Helena and watch

, This is one of the first free schools for black children in the United States, and it is also the website where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the "I Have a Dream" speech. On the undeveloped Cumberland Island in Georgia, undisturbed scenery far exceeds basic facilities, and further south in St. Augustine, Florida,

Provide an opportunity to learn about the first legally recognized free black settlement in the United States. Don’t forget to stop at the Gullah Grub Restaurant in St. Helena to taste the authentic Gullah Geechee cuisine, a culinary tradition rich in seafood and grains, and the soul developed by enslaved Africans in southern America The food is similar.

In the face of continuous wildfires, Sonoma County is moving forward to achieve a more sustainable future. As of 2019, 99% of the vineyards in the region have been certified for sustainability, giving Sonoma the praise of being the most sustainable grape growing region in the world. Last year, regional vineyards launched a pilot program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With this earth-conscious spirit, he is naturally the star of Sonoma's latest experience. New guest

It debuted in December and literally looked like they were living among vines. The resort is located in 258 acres of rolling vineyards. Each of the 130 rooms has a spacious outdoor living area. Guests can book yoga classes and wine tastings in the small row of Verdot and Sauvignon Blanc. Montage begged for indulgence at nearby Hazel Hill

, This is a 120-acre biodynamic farm that opened in November last year and caters to guests who need to restart with plant-based menus, sound tours and cold water therapy. Boutique Operator

A chef-led tour of Healdsburg farms and vineyards has been launched, leading organic and biodynamic practices. Any DIY wine tasting tour in Healdsburg should include a stop in the brand new sustainable tasting room of winemaker Jess Katz.

, And the new project of winemaker Noah Dorrance in a new open-air venue,

. Sonoma's restaurants are also heating up. Celebrity chef Michael Mina launched his own wine country project for the first time

Last fall and later this year, Douglas Keane, a famous chef in the town of Sonoma, launched Cyrus 2.0 and put the sleepy Geyserville on the map. It is the remodeling of his two Michelin-starred restaurants in Healdsburg.

Outside the capital, Austin, is an idyllic area

. Hill Country consists of more than 20 towns, plus many lush countryside, its charm is unparalleled, and people outside the state seem to be catching up. Visit the famous driftwood winery and experience the best scenery of Texas terroir

, One of the founding families of the Texas wine industry, and is widely praised

It uses Italian grape varieties to make excellent wines (try the award-winning Aglianico). Spend the weekend in one of the country-style places

The cabin opened in the small town of Wimberley in early 2020 and stopped in the Distillery District of Dripping Springs, which is home to 25 wineries.

. Stay in a deluxe room and complete your weekend road trip

, Located on a cliff above the famous Onion River on 289 acres. —

Tucson has been living in the shadow of well-known brothers and sisters in the southwest region such as Phoenix, Santa Fe and Las Vegas. However, as more and more tourists discover this city dotted with cactus melons, which attracted health enthusiasts long before the term became mainstream, this undercover desert rose has recently emerged. Recently, new boutique hotels have sprung up, adding spa resorts like Miraval and Canyon Ranch. These include

-112-room hotel with whimsical design inspired by Mexican and Native American roots in the region-and

, Is the five suites of earth-toned escape passages located on the edge of Saguaro National Park. Architecture fans will appreciate the projects preserved by the Tucson Historical Preservation Foundation, such as

, This is an important mid-medieval modern house designed by Arthur T. Brown, which was available for overnight use since last year. At the same time, Tucson continues to cater to outdoor activities and therefore has high expectations for what is coming

, This is a sustainable 20-acre resort, adjacent to Saguaro National Park, dedicated to all aspects of cycling and mountain biking. —

Large open green space, such as 100 acres

In recent years, the high quality of life (especially the quality of life in micro breweries and fashionable restaurants) has brought a new crowd to Tulsa's art deco darlings. However, without reconciliation and recognition of the city's dark past, the revival of Tulsa has not yet been completed. Just as most people in the U.S. passed the description on TV last year

, The Tulsa genocide of 1921 destroyed Greenwood’s thriving and successful community, Black Wall Street. On the 100th anniversary of the terrorist attack, a group of new black artists and entrepreneurs paid tribute to and explored this history, enabling residents and tourists to face the dark past through creative means. of


Each goal is to heal and unify by focusing the work and narrative of the black community. These narratives appear in physical form

, Approaching

The center is dedicated to commemorating the legacy of Black Wall Street and plans to hold commemorative activities to commemorate the candlelight anniversary.

The National Park Service is another iconic year in 2020, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. Since the pandemic has aroused interest in outdoor activities, Yellowstone National Park recorded

. Other big people, such as Joshua Tree, are working on

. Not surprisingly: travelers flocked to parks and nature reserves during the 1918 pandemic.

. but

Not suitable for exploring large spaces, is it? Enter TCS World Travel, which is a luxury outfitter specializing in arranging private jet travel. They just launched

—Designed for isolation cabins for four to 12 guests—through private Citation CJ3 or Hawker 800XP jets, attacked many of the most popular national parks, including Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton and Zion. These fully customizable tours will allow adventurers to track wolves in Yellowstone Park, hike through stone forests in Bryce Canyon, stand up surfboards on Lake Powell or other things your crew wants to do. Although TCS cannot guarantee that you will not see another soul along the way, they

Take you to some of the most upscale hotels in the western United States, including Amangani, Amangiri and Sage Lodge.

The push and pull between the past and the present is a great drama in Washington, DC. Once you know the appearance, you can see it everywhere. of

Its huge yellow printed letters are instantly recognizable or photogenic. It is adjacent to Lafayette Square in front of the White House, which was once an open-air slave market. The Smithsonian Institution celebrates its 175th anniversary

: A new exhibition space opened in the National Museum of American History. new

Located in the north of Scott Circle, named after the city’s great philanthropist Benjamin, Benjamin was a black freelance writer and astronomer in the 18th century who was responsible for investigating the boundaries of the area. And make

The panda cub named "Little Miracle" can be traced back to Nixon's trip to China in 1972. However, there is no doubt that the pandemic inauguration of the new president in January will be the city's biggest milestone-unless DC finally becomes a state this year.

Nothing at all

, The New Mexico Desert, covering an area of ​​176,000 acres, was first listed as a National Historic Site in 1933. From a distance, the gypsum sand dunes (the largest dunes of this kind in the world) look sterile, scorched like the surface of a distant planet. Close up, the luxurious and cool sand is full of life. Bleached earless lizards, Apache mini-rats and sand wolf spiders-all white, blending with their surroundings-leaped over the sand dunes. Initially, there is no human evidence, but to research the correct location, you will find fossil tracks covered by mammoths and giant lazy tracks. It was redesignated as a national park last year, expanding the scope of the protected area by 2,030 acres, and more importantly, it increased the view for travelers. Researchers estimate that the change of status may contribute $7 million in expenditures and 100 job opportunities to the local economy. —

No one has come up with a better Wyoming marketing plan than with social distancing. The least populated state in the country has only six people per square mile, which means that safe separation is easy and natural. Both Yellowstone Park and Grand Teton have seen a surge in visitor numbers (credit "Yellowstone Park"), but don't ignore visitors from Wyoming.

. a new one

It has also recently been added to the famous Continental Airlines demarcation line. Isn’t it good to use a compass? The new itinerary from ToursByLocals goes deep into the park (will not get lost), including

In the Grand Teton National Park, or book from

In Casper,

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