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Walt Disney embodies the small town boy who dreams of being a good boy in America. Today, his name and role are well known all over the world. Walt's movies and TV shows have made billions of people happy, and in 2019, the number of global visitors to Disneyland exceeded 155.9910 million. People come to spread Walt’s elf dust. These are the unexpected and magical moments that happened during the Disney trip, but there are other places with a long history and more personalization to celebrate Disney’s incredible legacy.

The United States is fortunate to continue to retain Disney’s birthplace. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in the upper bedroom of his house on the corner of Chicago's Trip Street and Palmer Avenue. Walt's father Elias built the house according to a plan made by his wife, Flora. He also built local churches and other houses on the streets of the working class. Disney is a big creative family, and they get things done.

More than a century later, Dina Benadon (Dina Benadon) and Brent Young (Brent Young) bought

It was restored in 2013 so that visitors can see its appearance. This couple owns an animation company

, And is now building an experience museum that will immerse visitors in the same attractions and listen to the experience of the Disney family more than a century ago. The museum is dedicated to Disney's dream of realizing the American dream: "If you can dream, you can do it", and the role of childhood creativity in realizing dreams.

Follow their progress


Disney left Chicago from 1906 to 1911 to live in Marceline, so their five children can grow up in a rural environment. Those growing up in a small town environment provided Walter with his happiest childhood memories. In 1938, he wrote

, "In Marceline, more important things have happened to me than what may happen since then or in the future."

The town’s motto is "Where did Walter find magic", and when the population was only over 2,000, Walter scattered magic randomly in the town. Walter

Founded Disneyland’s Main Street USA from Marceline’s Main Street, and even called it Disneyland’s candy store

The folks of Marceline rebuilt a replica of the Disney Farm barn, where young Walt performed his first theatrical performance-dressing farm animals, dressing young children, and giving friends a hair The money depends on them. Today, the barn has thousands of notes, scriptures and signatures from tourists from all over the world.

Walt's lifelong obsession with trains began in Marceline, because it was a railway town where 70 trains honked their horns every day. Walt would put his ears on the rails to listen so he could warn in advance and would not miss the wave of his uncle Mike Martin, who might be a Santa Fe railroad engineer.

In the old train warehouse. The museum was established in 2001 to celebrate Walt's 100th birthday, focusing on Disney’s childhood and its lasting connection with the area.

Many of the 4,000 artifacts were donated by sister Walter

, She saved all the information about her famous brother. Disney’s desk is one of many exhibits, and his initials are carved on wood. of

Is a private residence, but you can visit

And sit under the son of the dream tree (the dream tree is grown from seeds harvested from the original tree). Walter later referred to his sketches and daydreams under the cotton tree as "belly botany," and his memories emerged in Mickey Mouse and silly symphony cartoons. Even as an adult, he would sit under a tree for inspiration. Visitors can stroll around the street and buy Mickey Mouse cookies, souvenirs or commemorative stamps from the city of rice.

. They can also visit the Walt Disney Swimming Pool and Park (Walt, his brother Roy and their wives participated in this gift in 1956).

Bring a Shar Pei and write down your message in the barn.

There is a Disney theme room, Marceline is our first choice

, Which means it is an excellent Midwestern road trip destination.

In the 1920s, the struggling producer lived with his wife and daughter in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, then moved to Holmby Hills. On Saturday, Walt took his daughters to Griffith Park, where he sat on a bench and watched them ride on the bench.

. Seeing their happy expressions made him addicted to a tourist park, where all families can find their happy place. The merry-go-round is still running, and a four-minute ride costs $2-or sit on the same bench where Walt is to watch and listen to the band’s organ

Create Disneyland.

Walter built a railway in a 90-foot tunnel under his wife's garden! He placed his rolling stock and control center in a Marceline barn he built. After Walt's daughter Diane sold her family home in Holmby Hills, she worked hard to save Walt's barn. Many of Walter’s admirers regard the barn as

-Imagination is integrated with engineering technology. The Carrollwood Pacific Historical Society demolished the barn and moved it to Griffith Park for preservation.

Contains his original workbench and train memorabilia, and is open from 11 am to 3 pm on the third Sunday of each month.

a member of

, He continues to run the miniature train nearby from 11 am to 3 pm every Sunday

During this period

In the 1930s, Walt’s regular lunch place was

. Hollywood Artistic Director Harry Oliver (Harry Oliver)


That was very popular in the 1920s. Many people claim this restaurant

Walter's Dwarf Hut

. Despite the changes in appearance, Tam’s interior still resembles a Scottish cottage, with low ceilings, low wooden beams and stucco walls. These walls are covered with Walter's animated art and historical photos. Keep Walt's favorite table,

, Near the stove.

Walter drew sketches on napkins, some of which have been engraved on his desk. Order his

Plate, toad-filet mignon in the hole, mushrooms, onions and Guinness gravy, wrapped in Yorkshire pudding. If you just want to absorb the atmosphere, you can eat cheap meals at the bar. Walt Disney (Walt Disney) died of lung cancer in 1966.

In Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Forest Lawn Memorial Park), it takes only six minutes by car from Tam O'Shanter.

To find the Disney Memorial, please use the website

It is interesting to find Walt Disney's many stars embedded in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Disney has two stars-one is his achievement in movies and the other is his achievement on TV, but many of his characters (including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse) also have their own stars. Visit nearby

Opposite the famous

. Visitors can take a pre-screening tour of this magnificent 1926 building, watch the latest Disney movie, or watch classic Disney on "Return Thursday", or sing along with other classic songs, such as


Founded by Walt's daughter Diane Disney Miller

Show me souvenirs of her father's life. View photos, memorabilia, plot synopses and animation units, and learn about the history of Mickey Mouse. see

Walt, named in memory of his wife, once walked around their backyard. Marvel is perhaps the most distinctive Oscar ever-this is for

And there is a full-size Oscar, surrounded by seven miniatures

An hour’s journey in Napa Valley is

, Was founded in 1981 by Walt’s wife Lillian, daughter Diane and son Ron before 1981 as the CEO of Walt Disney Co. Winery. life. There is no direct contact with the Disney Company, but the winery is printed with Disney's seal and can be used as a charming place to visit.

When I walked into the church, my heart turned around.

And watched the original Dumbo Dumbo and Crazy Tea Party in Disneyland. When our generation discovers items such as original Disneyland tickets, souvenir books and Mouseketeer hats, they may feel a tug that resembles their heartstrings. Although there are many memorabilia in the other museums mentioned in this story, there is something special about Disney's legacy found in the National Museum, which aims to represent the collective consciousness by collecting only the most meaningful American art. From the very beginning, Disney has conveyed America’s values ​​of freedom and optimism, which is one of the reasons why thousands of families visit Walt Disney’s incredible legacy from almost every country in the world.

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