7 Years on law student, mother of 3’s killer still out there

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Seven years later, the murder of Tiane Brown was not resolved. Her family is still looking for answers.

More than seven years after Wayne State University law student Tyne Brown was shot and killed, her killer has not been brought to justice.

Brown was preparing to finish her studies at Wayne State University, and she had just been hired by a law firm in Detroit and was later murdered. 

. Sheryl Jones, Brown's mother, and her 33-year-old child want to know why.

The tragedy is devastating for Brown's children. "The youngest one asked me questions about her," Jones told Hillary Goldston of Fox 2 Company. "She doesn't remember a lot." Jones said that Brown's eldest son was the most uncomfortable. "She used to go to Wayne State University with her... I had to crawl to bed with her for a few days. I just started reading the Bible. I don't know what to do."

Brown disappeared on October 28, 2013. She took the online exam at WSU for the last time, when she started studying at WSU in 2010. The camera in the library is broken. Therefore, it is not clear whether Brown spoke with anyone before leaving. However, the police pointed out that Brown had written off at around 11pm.

Jones said the police also discovered news that Brown drove through the East Side of Detroit shortly before his death. Jones said: "Apart from my relationship with her, I didn't realize anyone she knew in the east."

On October 30, her body was found near the old Packard factory. According to reports, two homeless people took her phone and told the police where her body was.


Brown was tied to the seat of the SUV. She was shot in the head behind the ear.

Since 2013, the police have released sketches of the characters and actually arrested two men who possessed Brown’s mobile phones.

Although they faced several charges, investigators did not believe they were related to Brown's death.

If you know of any help, please call Crimestoppers at 1800-SPEAK-UP. You will always remain anonymous. The organization offered a $2,500 reward for information that led to the arrest.

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