Accessible Custom Furniture And Decor Is The Next Big Interior Design Trend

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Customized furniture is easier to obtain than ever.

Regarding the importance of our living space and interior design, 2020 is a year of collective realization. Not only do we spend more time at home, but most of us are decorating, redesigning and refreshing our spaces to adapt to the new normal. As the pandemic limits our choices in many ways, the appeal of custom-made, custom-made furniture and decorations has greatly increased. 

Although major companies like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Restoration Hardware have provided custom furniture for many years, the truly custom and custom furniture they buy used to require an interior designer or know where to debug. This also means visiting physical stores.  

But now, smaller, direct-to-consumer and online-only retailers are leading in this category both in the industry and regular consumers. "As a designer, they work with clients who are proficient in the Internet, they have done a lot of research on the Internet, and although they have never seen these products in the showroom, they are still willing to buy these products because they have received customer service and customization Options at such an affordable price," Rydhima Brar

tell me. 

In addition to simplifying the buying process and shortening the lead time (days instead of weeks or even months), other expectations have also exceeded expectations. "(In addition), because these products are not mass-produced, their quality control is impeccable, the process is transparent, and the customer service is great," explains Blair.

The following are some of the leading brands in the direct-to-consumer custom furniture and decoration market.

Coley Home’s signature product,

It is a fully padded headboard set, which will arrive only ten days after purchase. The sizes are Twin XL, Queen and King, which can be customized in many ways. Coley offers six headboard shapes in traditional, modern and contemporary styles. 

The Crown Bed at the Colley House

In terms of decoration, the brand offers a rich and well-planned selection, with 45 different fabrics to choose from, from rich, jewel-toned velvet to floral prints, antique-style small shoes and neutral linen. 43 types of pipes can be added to five of the six headboards. 

There are three different wood options for the legs: Weathered Oak, Simply White and Ebony, with hundreds of possible design combinations.

Another selling point that makes the crown bed unique is its ease of assembly. This not only saves time and money, but also eliminates unnecessary exposure during the pandemic. 

Society Social produces a variety of custom furniture, including

. There are several styles to choose from, including defender, swing and spin. 

President of Social Club Quinn

This modern traditional brand offers a variety of fabrics, from classic velvet to fashionable prints, such as banana leaves, eye-catching plaid fabrics, and even performance fabrics that have maintained contact with Sunbrella. These fabrics will maintain their bright colors in the next few years. color. Customers can also use their own fabrics to decorate.

You can also choose to add a variety of accessories, from curling decoration to tassels, tassels and contrast piping. In order to further enhance the design effect, you can also add contrasting fabrics to the chair to obtain a unique two-tone appearance.  

Everything is done in the company's factory in Hickory, North Carolina. Those who need other help or experience these items in person are welcome to the Society Social store in Charlotte.  

Casa Kids is one of the most impressive custom brands. Designer and founder Roberto Gil is known for his multifunctional modular works, combining bunk beds and loft beds with desks, lockers, bookshelves and even closets, which is both fun and refreshing. All items are hand-made in Brooklyn, New York, using sustainably sourced Baltic birch wood with a non-toxic water-based finish. Even better, everything can be painted in any Benjamin Moore's color.

Dumbo loft bed

These works have a stylish, simple aesthetic style, very suitable for smaller rooms, apartments, especially shared rooms. Many tables and beds even have adjustable height, which is not only cost-effective, but also reduces furniture waste.


It is a good example. It has spacious closets, adjustable shelves, built-in cabinets and extended drawers. Children and adults will also meet the needs of integrated stairs (which can also be used as drawers) with the same passion. 

And functions are maximized in innovation in a completely different way from today's mass-produced options. 

Every product of The Inside can be customized through more than one hundred fabric options. From textured solids to printed matter, to collaborations with well-known brands such as Old World Weavers and Scalamandré, the brand provides something for everyone at very reasonable prices. 

Inside x Old World Weaver

The brand recently launched

collection. These chairs are soft, stylish and unique, and can easily double the dining space of a home office. Although the main attraction of this collection is the choice of fabric, remember that there are currently only two styles available: arm and armless. Nevertheless, the transition shape is universal and can be used with any fabric in any room.

Choose the legs from black or espresso wood. 

Blair told me: "This is one of my favorite clean, modern contemporary design furniture companies, and a favorite of design enthusiasts and interior designers." 

A living room designed by Brar with indoor sofa

Interior Define has more than 80 kinds of fabrics, 20 foot styles and various sizes and configurations. There are many choices, but it can simplify the process of purchasing customized products.

. They can even provide free one-to-one help in person or over the phone or chat, which is useful for anyone who doesn't work with the designer. 

Brar emphasized that Interior Define balances style, practicality and reliability. "For me and my customers, the biggest selling point is the child-friendly and pet-friendly interiors, and they come in a variety of colors."

Sometimes, custom furniture is not entirely a matter of aesthetics, but size. Whether it's a large, small or non-traditional layout, placing it correctly to almost an inch can be a challenge. This is where BenchMade Modern comes in. They provide 100 sizes

, In 5-inch increments, which is different from the current practice of any other brand 

BenchMade modern sofas and chairs

BenchMade also has a variety of different cross-sectional arrangements in the placement of the bumper, so it is easy to obtain the precise shape required. Both leather and fabric upholstery can be used, and various woods can be used for the legs.

Each item is handmade in China and arrives within 30 days.

Paynes Gray is an online furniture store owned by women that sells furniture for every room in the house. Although most of their inventory is not ordered by order, they offer a selection of customized products, including brands such as Redford House.

Morris desk

Especially noteworthy. There are 20 different finishes to choose from, from antique white to tarnished silver and gorgeous Robbins egg blue. These lightly distressed tables are made of solid wood and are a kind of handmade household table. It's like buying antiques but brand new. The hardware is provided in chrome, nickel and brass. 

Custom and custom products are not limited to furniture, custom decoration is also the main design trend in 2020. Pepper's

You can choose from three sizes (waistline, 22-inch square and Euro fake), with or without inserts. 

Pepper Carolina Pillow

 Five colors can also be added to the pipe: Apple Red Velvet, Navy Velvet, Sky, Mist and Moss. There are 21 different printed fabrics to choose from, and you can easily mix, match and refresh your sofa, bed or chair with these exquisite pillows.

Retro-styled brand Edie Parker recently launched a customized decorative series, including trays, boxes, mirrors, jars and coasters.

Design this tray as needed


Probably the best of all these items, adding a beautiful elegance to any bathroom, dressing table or bedside table. Made of hand-poured acrylic, there are pallets, fonts and text colors to choose from. Available in shiny, pearlescent and solid colors. These are also ideal holiday gifts. 

It is an innovative brand that makes it possible to upgrade China's tiered booths. These materials make a unique tray for storing biscuits, funny toys, macarons, etc. They are also perfect for placing jewelry on the bedside table. 

Two-tier pallet

They offer antique Chinese wines from multiple brands (including Lennox and Wedgwood), as well as one of them. Customers can also choose to send their own works.

I am a writer, podcaster and comedy performer, but I am also an aspiring Eames chairman. I originally came from the Upper East Side of Manhattan and now live in

I am a writer, podcaster and comedy performer, but I am also an aspiring Eames chairman. I am originally from the Upper East Side of Manhattan and currently live near Hancock Park in Los Angeles with my husband and our two dogs Lulu and Milo. I am fascinated by all aspects of decoration and design. I once spent six months choosing a soap dispenser, and I don’t even remember its appearance. I like bright photos, exposure to the south, and any location that can be called a "village or town". There are currently more than 100 episodes of "House Hunter" on my DVR.

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