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For many years, movie theaters have been plagued by the structural shift in Americans’ increasing viewing of movies: at home on the big screen. The whole family can watch songs, and popcorn is very cheap. Box office sales peaked in 2002, reaching 1.58 billion tickets. Although the population has grown for 17 years, by 2019, box office revenue has fallen by 22% to 1.23 billion. On a per capita basis, ticket sales fell by 31%. This was part of a long-term physical closure event that also sank the department store. Then there was a pandemic.

According to the movie data provider, due to the closure of theaters in parts of the United States for part of the year and many theaters that would not be open to potential fans, the box office revenue by 2020 has fallen by 82% to only 224 million

. This may be the worst year since the beginning of the walkie-talkie era:

By 2019, movie theaters are trying to cope with this structural decline by increasing ticket prices, providing large comfortable chairs to justify these ticket prices, installing bars with expensive beer and food, and increasing the prices of popcorn and soda. Paying less and more is the trick to maintaining income growth.

Moreover, as going to the movies has become so expensive, and as more and more cheaper options are available on the big screen at home, the number of tickets sold continues to decline. To figure it out.

According to The Numbers, the average ticket price has risen by 100% since 1997, reaching $9.16 in 2019 and 2020. During the same period, the inflation index CPI rose by 64%. In many markets, tickets are cheap. In other countries, tickets are much higher. In San Francisco, when the theater is still open, the fare for screenings in theaters without special discounts is about $15. The chart shows the average box office price, based on the total box office revenue divided by the total box office sold:

By 2018, the increase in ticket prices successfully exceeded the decline in the number of tickets sold. By 2018, box office revenue had grown, reaching a record $11.9 billion. However, in 2019, revenue has fallen. In 2020, revenue fell by 82% to $2.05 billion:

The 10 highest grossing movies in 2020 were all released before the pandemic in December 2019 or early 2020. All films released after mid-March have completely disappeared in movie theaters – people watching streaming media at home exploded (via digital data):

Movie theater chains and independent theaters are on the verge of crumbling. The stimulus bill passed in December brought some money to small movie theater operators. The largest movie theater chain AMC is currently trying to raise new funds by selling shares at a price of $2.50 per share to avoid bankruptcy filings.

But Americans like to watch movies more than ever. They just watched them at home. This trend began many years ago. And exploded during the pandemic.

The studios are now moving newly released films to their streaming services, bypassing the theater altogether, or they are showing movies in both theaters and streaming services at the same time. This is Warner Brothers owned by AT&T. "Wonder Woman 1984" (Wonder Woman 1984) was released in theaters and AT&T's HBO during Christmas.


In October of this year, after its one-year-old and fast-growing subscription service Disney + directly released "Mulan", its "creative engine will focus on the development and production of original content for the company's streaming services", FamilyMart People can watch it for $29.99. On December 25, Disney released its Pixar animated film "Soul" on Disney+ instead of in theaters.

Looking to the future, the pandemic will disappear like a pandemic at some point. But when the movie is released in theaters and streaming services at the same time, who will go back to the movie theater to watch something they can watch less at home?

There will definitely be people who like to watch movies, those who want to film events from it. They might sandwich it between dinner and drinks, and vice versa, like people go to theaters, musicals, operas, concerts, comedy shows, etc. But the numbers are not the same. Movies are for the general public. They are suitable for everyone. There are large-scale diversified services everywhere.

Before the pandemic, the long-term downward trend in ticket sales was frustrating. Now, the pandemic is showing consumers and studios that it is feasible to premiere movies on their streaming services.

The hope is that after the pandemic there will be pent-up demand, and there will be groups of moviegoers who want to leave the house, surrounded by hundreds of people with a bucket of high-priced popcorn filled with fake butter, watching the same thing closely. This is a ritual in the United States. Hope this ceremony will not be outdated. Everyone counts on this pent-up demand.

However, the pandemic has a long-term trend. Streaming will not disappear. Moreover, because large studios have their own streaming services, the profit motive comes into play from the side of the equation-they no longer need theaters.

Hollywood really benefits from "inflation". It's great to be the boss.

Hollywood is not the boss. The boss is Silicon Valley, and Silicon Valley is eliminating Hollywood...

I don't know what effect this will have on social life. Imagine that you are now 18 years old, what you do for a very interesting job, no school, no meeting with friends, no dates, no drinks, and very depressed.

Now, what 18-year-olds (boys at least) do for entertainment is to play online video games together. They will have a voice chat together while playing, which is a combination of team strategy, indiscreet conversation and normal teenage behavior (for better or worse). But yes, it must be rough when it comes to dating.

I saw the children meet in the local park, there is no shortage of playing or riding bicycles, most of them are free. I just hope the children are at home. Many studies have shown that children are the spreaders of Covid.

Children may not care too much, because most people know they will not have symptoms.

I don’t know that children or adult joggers running into the crowd (mask free) are worse off.

Asymptomatic transmission has been confirmed. You are an anti-science conspiracy theorist


Do not. Since two days ago:

"You are an anti-science conspiracy theorist"

Temporary attacks are the current standard. Look at the press.

Who do you believe? A number of studies have shown that this is not done, and then the cdc has studied it. The mask works here, but the mask does not work here. .study and another study. After all, everyone will be exposed to the herd until she is immune. What you need to decide is whether buying a vaccine is worth the risk...

Not that CDC can change your mind better than windshield wipers

"What nobody knew at the time was that two staff members were exposed to school-age children who were infected with COVID-19 at home. Because the children had no symptoms, the parents had no reason not to go to work, so they did the same and accepted it. Routine COVID-19 testing.

O'Keeffe said: "They changed back-to-back multiple shifts during the four days of getting results." "They had no symptoms during the illness. They didn't know they had it."

The entire nursing home was infected by two asymptomatic staff.

The wolf should read carefully. This is not a study. It is a computer model. Other (actual) research suggests that asymptomatic people are unlikely to be infectious.

Technically, these people are symptomatic, not asymptomatic

But they had no symptoms when they shed the virus

???? It is well described in the literature that at least 40% of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic, especially young people based on antibody research.

There is only one good thing about COVID and any viruses that follow. If possible, this is a good incentive for older people to stay in shape, eat correctly, exercise every day, etc. This will improve the health of some people in general. If you get yourself into trouble, you are asking for trouble.

More importantly, I think we cannot rely 100% on other people, especially children and the younger generation. This is unrealistic.

You should try running with a mask on.

Natty Smasher

I have been doing it. Work well. I use a rigid basket-shaped mask. Due to this shape, this mask has a larger surface area and does not press on the lips when inhaled. It is made of surgical mask material instead of cotton, so it will not get wet. Do I want to run without a mask? of course. But this is a pandemic, and we must protect each other.

Wolfe, literally, there is no evidence that wearing a mask can be used for outdoor sports. Doing so may make you feel ethical, but it is not required. Unless you are crowded, the indoor environment is more risky.

Happy 1,

Yes, when you are there alone. But I ran along the coast of San Francisco and there were many people around. Of course, indoor risks are great, but outdoor risks are also great. As you know, this is a proportional change probability. I don't understand the reasons for those who are still grabbing the straw to prove that they don't wear a mask. There are 10 accidents that American people die of Covid every day, resulting in the probability of wide-body plane crashes. And are you still against masks?

I consider wearing a mask as the first line of defense against airborne viruses... It seems obvious to me... I also have a N95 who is almost a year old, and my sister has arrived somewhere (the old hospital). The rubber band broke, and I made a beautiful two-piece 1-inch wide Velcro elastic band and bound it to it. Easy to open and close, safe and reliable. It's a bit clogged, but I think it's only filtering in two directions, maybe even some lung muscle movement. The virus cannot exist for a long time.

No one thinks about the law about the clothing required everywhere, so wearing a small mask is not a big deal, right?

20 things are watching all versions of "Star Trek", "Doctor Who" and "Brother Marx".

I changed it to The office, Mandalorian and Netflix.

Dr. Who from IMO competed with the two recent doctors.

Luo, the last three doctors

Young people don't understand the office, thinking that "Star Wars" is bad now and Netflix is ​​boring. I never liked Dr. Who Who, so I don't understand why it is still popular. Netflix has become boring and they need to bring back comments.

The office is outdated, and its fate is the same as that of bookstores, record stores, cinemas, and cinemas and cinemas

Can confirm. I even started "Star Trek" long ago.

If you own an Amazon Firestick and learn how to program it, you can get more programming for little to no cost, but you may have to put up with some ads.

My 14-year-old grandson has what his mother calls "pods". This is a tight group of six boys who gather in each other's house. Grandparents and all outsiders are strictly forbidden, which allows them to exercise their maximum control. These are the children of parents, doctors, lawyers, a CEO, etc. They are very cautious and smart about this. So far so good.

Our neighbor girl also has a very small pod. Some friends, their families were almost blocked. They can go to each other's home, watch movies, and have fun. All ages are 13 years old.

They also hired their own teachers and shared the cost. Not everyone can do this.

-"I want to know what impact this will have on social life..."

It will accelerate the transfer of social life to the digital communication world.

I always come to this site to get articles and comments.

It helps me understand what is going on in my flyover area.

Some craziness disappeared here. Of course in our school. All sports must wear a mask. The shower is closed. Take 3 buses

If the team is traveling, social distancing can be achieved.

The best are wrestlers. Yes, they must wear masks. After the game... they are forbidden to shake hands!

I miss the early days of SNL and South Park.

The children don't date anymore. The number of sexually active teenagers dropped from 40% in 1990 to 27% today.

Is it fun to play video games or chat with your friends online. Ninety-nine percent of teenage boys play video games, and 94% of teenage girls play video games. People don’t actually meet very often.

Drinking decreases with sex. From 1991 to 2018, youth drinking fell by more than 50%

Your age is getting older

Really ask how any 18-year-old Tinder works. no problem. If Tinder is by his side, a socially embarrassed, depressed Irish Catholic teenager should have a good time. Just to a friend!

Nine out of the ten films on this list are at least not interested in me. Regarding that, I got a very good second-hand copy from the DVD at the price of one of AMC's stocks. If it’s a winner, I’ll add it to the library, which will take up less space than all the cash people spend for streaming. If it sucks, at least I will have a new roller coaster, frisbee or Christmas tree decorations (use them together with the shiny old cards). why? Back in the 1990s, when fares started to rise, an adult and a child spent about $30 on schlock flashlights for two hours, less than Jason and Argonauts in the early 1960s. It's just re-distribution of what they have done before, even worse acting, more vocal dialogue, terrifying sound technology, and music used to drown out speech. They basically learned lighting skills around 1968. As the leader of Lectroid said "the big deal".

Hollywood has been pumping out the politicized cultural sewage produced by tribal people, and these tribal cultures have lost control of popular culture.

Now, we get low-quality video projection nonsense, such as chickens with small balls and computer-animated cartoons. They hope that the family can spend 40 dollars for a look, plus 10 dollars for parking space, possible cars Breaking in, overpriced high-fructose corn syrup obesity treatment, jackass jam on the cell, the phone around you never heard a cultural memo about talking loudly in a library or theater?

In addition to the pods mentioned above, our society isolates itself into families, races, real communities and self-interested shared value groups, which is not good for Biden’s supporters, who live on the Malibu coastline.

You know the tune. This is a rewritten lyrics:

"In order to die with Hollywood, they haven't produced any good works recently..."

This almost led to the controversy over the passage of the Hayes Code in 1934.

Does the chicken flick the ball? Lol, not Hollywood. That is pure independence. Hollywood movies are generally conservative with larger budgets.

Their ideas are exhausted. "Star Trek" predicted to the 1960s.

There are some interesting things you should mention Jason and Argonauts. I just saw it last week and it was recorded by Chinese medicine practitioners. Considering that it was made in 1963, the battle of the Skeleton Sword went very smoothly. Unfortunately, right in the middle of the story, the sword fight is the ending of the movie. When I was a child, I only cared about seeing all the effects, but when I was an adult, I was attracted by this story. All I got was that Zeus looked down from Olympus and said, "Well, let's change the day." (literally, this is what he said) was very disappointing. It seems that Peter Jackson only made the first film of "Lord of the Rings". Stories are as bad as stories in modern movies, at least they can complete the story.

I went to the last screening at the local cinema in March. They gave away all the concession food, and after the movie was shown, I saw the manager walk out of the theater with a bag of hot dogs and her career. This is a very sad sight.

Really sad

However, this product has not been worth this price for a long time. In addition, the decline in disposable income forces people to choose.

I also noticed the death of the bar (in Canada). When I was a kid, my hourly wage was 25 beers. I am an apprentice. Now they make about 4 per hour. Kmart’s cigarettes cost 40 cents per pack. Each box is $4 and the price is $100. Okay, tax and cancer concerns also killed this problem, but in my rural logging valley, we only have one puddle. The restaurant closes before 8:00 pm on Friday evening, which is before the pandemic. Drunk driving home? A fine of 1,500 Canadian dollars, a six-month suspension of trading, and increased insurance costs. There are at least 10 beer shops in my hometown. Now, there are only a few trendy bars, and the size of the town is 10 times its original size. Oh, and the local angel of hell has a new peeler for young suits. (Closed, of course in a pandemic).

People just stay at home and/or hang out with friends.

Do you want to own your own house as a wage earner? This means eating very little and drinking time is limited. The movie is not there.

This will be the story of our future life. As Wolf fully documented, it will be used in cars.

Do these comments point to Michael Hudson's "debt deflation" narrative? may be. We must start to think about how we got here and how we can get away from here.


Before we drink beer, we no longer can afford it, here are the numbers:

Perhaps Canada’s disposable income (also known as disposable personal income) has declined, but the United States has not.

o 2000 U.S. disposable personal income $ 7,800

o U.S. disposable personal income of $19,000 in 2019

From 2000 to 2019, disposable personal income grew at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% (yes, some but not all of it was lost due to inflation)



If you think it’s weird, it’s best to drink the beer Paulo mentioned. Of course, the disposable income of most working people in the United States has fallen. You are viewing total revenue

So yes. The disposable income of Nancy and Yellen and Obama has increased. All the way up.

The site is clearly marked as disposable income

The price of 2019 USD is different from the price of 2000 USD. These figures do not tell us.

First, as you pointed out, inflation is eating it. Secondly, this is an average, there is no average in life, only your sense of reality, for me, for most people, its optimism will be reduced.

You can come up with all the excuses you want, but his facts clearly show that disposable income is growing faster than inflation. I also understand the difference between mean and median.

Unfortunately, this will dent your tibia.

I link to reliable objective information; you respond with unknowing opinions (you have the right to receive).

If it were former Bezos, Zuckerberg and a few others, what would the picture look like?


1) Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Musk do not have significant positions in their company stocks. Millions of Joe-Sixpac investors have accumulated billions of dollars in profits from these stocks

2) Put on the big boy's pants and do your own research

As early as 72, the judge asked

How much beer did I drink. It's easy to understand because I started with $6 and spent all the money. "24," I replied. "Stayed in jail for ten days," he replied. Lesson learned: Truth has no place in the courts.

Maybe that is the plan. Sober CPI inflation.

search for

"Draw the perfect screen for $100"

The price for four people to go to a movie is about 20 times, about $1,000. One person can paint a wall in his house or garage, reuse an old computer, buy a video projector and a speakerphone Surround sound system.

You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows. Streaming services, including Amazon Prime video and free YouTube, [use Firefox with Adblocker Ultimate] zero ads.

The result will be as good as or better than a typical suburban movie theater where you now use video projection and have all the advantages of a family.

Disney has yet to share the performance of Mulan, which is priced in real dollars, in the experiment. They must hide the secret of their success and don’t want anyone else to use the same method to make billions of dollars...

The "same method" is to copy the movies you own that were popular in the last century.

The overall work of Hua Mulan is because it is a type of live action in the movie. The Lion King on CGI did a terrible job, and obviously they didn't even test the audience.

What's next? Real-life performance of Pinocchio?

Actually it is. There is a live performance of Pinocchio. If it is not yet available.

If Milan succeeds, Disney will speak out on the earnings call in November.

Yes, AC and Inter Milan have both led Italian Serie A so far.

The possible use of these dead movie theaters is a shelter for the homeless. The city can buy (or take over) them and make some minor modifications. In addition, free popcorn and movies may be provided! Free parking!

If you cross sideways, you can go downhill in your sleeping bag.

Paul, it's funny.

All the old cheap movie theaters on Times Square were basically homeless shelters until they closed them.

Going back to the 70s... They were peeping shows. Although I don’t think you can even let anyone meet them!

Back in the 50s-I know-they are both the third and fourth family movies. "The abbot and Costello met Frankenstein and even some Marx brothers. Pornography began in the early to mid 1960s.

And the peep show when I was there in 1981.

In 1975, I checked my salary at a corner candy store on 56th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan. The man in charge of the store management looked uncomfortable wearing a suit. He said that he and his partner have taken over the store, and the lease confirms that the location is the key to the price increase in the neighborhood.

He told me that there is now a "goombah" type, and said that he would hold two coin-operated peep shows in the candy store to make money. He rejected the offer. There is no demolition clause in the store’s lease, so when the economy improves, he can sell the lease to a real estate developer. Within a year, it was driving along the road of Second Avenue. This young and beautiful guy appeared in Europe, and he played his cards when everyone said the New York City game was over.

He and his partner must be like robbers.

I collected your footage of "The Mitchell Brothers for the Green Door" (The Mitchell Brothers for the Green Door), which was very popular with visitors on tourist visas, and later became pornography, as well as North Beach entertainment and The "Double Peaks" of Carol Doda. Perhaps the journey of using the electric car charging station can bring a paradise under the dashboard lights in the past ups and downs. Drive to the rhythm and let the shoes stick to the floor and sidewalks of Market Street, especially when the Zebra Killers are killing.

Maybe it's a prison. For profit or process. I believe the new team has experience in this. Finding a way to bring the homeless into prison will create a huge pool of super cheap labor. Maybe Facebook and Amazon can join to help support the new team.

Anthony A

I seriously doubt whether this will work.

Cinemas are usually located in Grade B commercial land (sometimes Grade A), and their buildings cannot be converted to any other form. Considering that the value of commercial land is about to plummet, the most logical approach is to let them default on existing debts without major consequences. It is impossible for a city to reclaim entertainment venues such as movie theaters (and convert or destroy them) to obtain any income. It is best to clear debts and see if they can afford them, and subsidies may not be worthwhile (depending on the type of entertainment venue ), the tax reduction policy may be an ideal choice, and will bring more appeal to the city.

New movie theaters can be easily zoomed in or out, and now they have been mostly converted to digital projectors, and various auditoriums can play different movies at different times of the day. Therefore, I do hope that most cities will have cinemas, but the new cinemas may be smaller. The actual ticket sales will depend on the quality of the movies produced, the disposable income of consumers and the degree of laziness of Americans in the near future.

Anthony A

I would rather chew my arm than go to another cinema.

Full disclosure: My last experience in a movie theater was in 2013 using a "gravity" movie in 3D IMAX. Spent 35 dollars for tickets, popcorn, drinks and fine chairs (this is in FL, not SF or NYC).

The 3-D movie is amazing (I only watched one), but the theater smells very noisy, there are 25 minutes of loud commercials, oh yes, sticky floors. The children behind me put their feet on the chair next to me.

How do you think the theater can be expanded or contracted? The building is made of concrete.

They can split the screen into one screen and then split it in two. This is what they did in the mid-1980s, when many chain stores went bankrupt. The reason was that palace painting houses built at the commanding heights of the 1940s were expensive. . They just built a wall in the middle.

They are a variety of ways to change the size of the theater, which can shrink the new theater without negatively impacting the theater in a way that affects other entertainment venues. It is also easy for existing theaters to extend their corridors and add auditoriums, and vice versa.

Maybe the government will use the cinema as shown in "A Clockwork Orange." First is the re-education of the trumpet, and then the rest of us.

Convert the theater into a KTV Asian style banquet hall. Drinks, loud music, weeds, sex, etc.

They can make the crowd linger again. Just need some imagination.

Just like a professional sports field, do you see those empty stands? They sold me early. Fortunately, the owner of the team is still getting TV revenue, and the taxpayers who pay for the stadium, small businesses and cities are also getting development.

Correct…! ! ! A decent hockey seat costs about $300. Last year, my son won free tickets for the best seats in the house (oilers and Canucks). In addition, there are free hotel rooms. I think my free ticket will still cost me about $600 when I accumulate expenses.

Did the hockey game break out when you went to fight?

Here, we call hockey "ice boxing"!

That line started in 1981. Hardy Har Har.

There is almost no battle in hockey.

Had to make it the PC of American TV revenue.

My friend and another person separated the San Jose Shark season pass. I think their cost is $85 per seat per game. They have two seats and they are allocated by season so that each of them has half the time to get two seats. My friend often has a seat available and invites me to play with him. I buy dinner and he provides seats. This is a good night, I think it is not expensive. I think ice hockey is one of the best sports to watch live. It is almost a continuous action without too much rest time. When there is a rest time, they are very creative in terms of entertainment and can make things change. interesting.

It should be said that I buy dinner + beer...always some beer...

My friend lives in Nevada, and now all state residents have purchased the new Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas for $750 million.

Make everyone happy.

Hey, that's not a billion! Building a good team is not a big deal. Expensive coaches, managers and players.

It could be worse. Look at the St. Louis Stadium of the Rams.

Movie theaters, shopping malls, physical retail stores and entertainment venues, resorts, hotels, indoor restaurants, office buildings, taxis, trains, planes, cruises, buses, etc. – all candidate cutting boards have been cut off due to the pandemic response .

The authorities seem to want the pandemic to continue for some time, so I hope the massacre will continue indefinitely.

Gone are the newspaper vending machines, telephone booths, chrome bumpers, cigarette machines, record players, eight tapes and CB radios.


The record player will never disappear. I look forward to new technologies for record refreshing.

Almost all new music is recorded in 96k and 24-bit digital. Few people have SACD players, or want to take advantage of SACD over CD, so artists will not release albums on SACD.

Vinyl’s new technology uses high-resolution digital signals and converts them into 3D shapes, which are then laser cut into ceramic plates. This printing plate can print vinyl records, but unlike the die-cut die cut of the lathe (it is a copy of the copy), it will not degenerate as each record is pressed (each die 10,000, and 500 to 500 1,500).

Of course, if artists simply publish their work on SACD like the Minnesota Orchestra, people will hear the most accurate recorded music.

Look at Jack White and the German-made record player he made in Detroit. This is the old fashioned way, eh.

Obviously, the meaning of "downgrade" is to "become a very few fanatics."

The Hollywood slide starts at the same time as the National Football League (NFL) slide, and it may decline further in the next 4 years. Most American movies are not watched. It is not the current crisis that makes people leave.

The problem is that NFL slides have been integrated into the demographic changes in the United States. Football is a rising star. Whites are dying, and the black population is growing, but not as fast as the Latino population playing football. If you don’t like this sport, you won’t watch it often. Did not even consider the issue of head injuries.

I agree. Nowadays, 90% of "entertainment (including sports)" is rubbish for anyone with a real interest and multiple interests. Sorry.

As far as cinemas are concerned, they are doomed to fail. This is an effective case of real and real creative destruction. TV technology (including sound) + Internet streaming.... This has been done.

Be careful, a horse that falls this high may get hurt.

It is interesting to see how five or six large "studios" (really more film packers/TV networks/movie libraries/amusement park owners) perform.

The Physics Cinema Complex was slaughtered for obvious reasons.

But my casual impression is that these five or six oligarchs "studios"...have more control over the content...what they are doing is not satisfactory.

Obviously, their diversification helps (although it is not an amusement park...), but what is interesting is that their revenue, profits and stock prices have not been affected more (considering that movie screenings and amusement parks have fallen into the waterline under). One year).

Moreover, looking forward to the future, online film distribution may really hurt the traditional constraints of "movie studios" on film "distribution" entering theaters (previously the dominant position in TV network propaganda has been greatly helped... Online movies are also Is eroding it).

I don't know if certain accounting F Poker (temporarily) has not helped the "studio" to keep its financial situation better than its economic situation.

Hard to say.

Put some beautiful people on the screen and we watched. They don't even have to be beautiful, Ernest Borgnine has done a lot of work.

I think Hollywood can enter your home directly.

Borgnine performed well when setting up a shed with Lee Marvin's A-1 in the Arctic Emperor. I'm not sure I can imagine anyone in today's cast can perform as convincingly as these two men. It really is no longer Hollywood. More like the poor performance of Sesame Street food delivery.

Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, Bognine, Spencer Tracy, "The Bad Days of Blackstone." The real agent. When the man is a man, there is no CGI in the real scenery. Sturgis was ahead.

But it may not be McHale's navy.

But now "Hollywood" faces more* potential competition.

In the past, large-scale studios had great barriers to competition.

1) 80% of the bcast/cable networks are owned by "movie" they can do non-profit advertising for their drama movies, which is much cheaper than some poor movie theaters (if there is no other Things, you can reserve advertising space). Independent filmmakers will be prosecuted...and...

2) If that is not enough, then large studios will produce a large number of consistent channels consisting of a large number of promotional films (see 1), so the Cineplex chain knows that the relationship with certain independent filmmakers is deep Many producers peddled his poorly promoted films.

In other words, not only can professionals spend $200 million to buy a movie (investing "$100 million" in affiliate advertising), it can also provide a large number of consecutive such movies.

Most people don’t realize that thousands of independent films are made every year (if the price of CGI does not exceed $150 million, which is pretty good), it lasted about 25 years (when vid tech made film production "much cheaper" "Time) .

These majors only release about 150 movies per year... However, these movies have earned more than 90% of the box office revenue (due to the huge pdtn budget and the control of advertising and "distribution" bottlenecks).

At least in theory, the switch to online can even be done in a competitive environment...because advertising is much cheaper ($1 per thousand impressions instead of $10) and is outside the studio's ctrl range...and , The establishment of streaming media outlets is much cheaper than the national theater chain.

Therefore, perhaps once people become accustomed to not using products controlled by studios by default, the 4,000 or so films produced at independent film festivals each year may take a portion of "Hollywood".

Netflix may lead the charge, but for survival reasons (as opposed to movie studios), it embarked on a large-scale debt financing directly produced by the company. The Netflix product is excellent, but although Hollywood has attracted many products from Netflix (and their own streaming media), it still maintains subscribers.

Therefore, India still does not have a big financial champion.

But technology is driving the industry to reduce the financial situation required.

Most people watch independent movies simply because there are not many movies that justify watching a movie in the theater, and more movies are enough to justify watching on services such as Netflix.

Over time, film production should become cheaper and easier, and independent films should be able to compete better.

There are some good independent cinemas where I live. Before the pandemic, we visited at least a few times a year. A bar, a terrace, a small theater (less than 100 seats). Oh, and great tamales.

Holloween is a silent Dracula movie played by a small band.

I bought a movie that does not exist online from the theater. It’s just a donation. I bought a gift certificate from a secondhand bookstore to keep it open when it closed.

"But technology is driving the industry to reduce the financial requirements." Cheaper technologies are also increasing in quantity and decreasing quality. With a $3,000 full-frame DSLR camera, you can also become a "film maker" regardless of the subject of real film. There are qualitative differences between filmmakers and videographers.

As a movie fan, no one will watch some independent movies. Even if their cinematography and performance are excellent, no one will see such a good independent film. Once they start to become large enough, they will be acquired by them, or the 6 largest companies will become 7 largest companies. It's like saying: "Well, we have so many junk fast food companies, but I love my local restaurant, called the subway, used to make bread. House! Of course, this will not become a multinational chain and reduce quality!"

However, this is not a subway, but a super art film with two actors, just like a play. They will not bet on interesting visual effects that people like.

The independent foreign film "Parasite" is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. It was produced by independent filmmakers and earned US$50 million in US states (global revenue of US$100 million). At the same time, the final game revenue of the Avengers reached $2.7 billion. I don't know if you are willing to invest a lot of money, but even for mediocre movies, I will put my money into the company to put in billions of dollars in movies. Mediocrity is easier to sell because it can be sold to more people.


cJ Entertainment = / = Independent

It's even more Korean Disney

Well, I think Wolff’s point in this article is that people are still watching movies, not in movie theaters.

Without movie theaters, compared with Netflix, traditional film studios are weaker. I think this is a worrying trend for them.

At present, large film production companies are trying to visualize that having their own streaming services (such as Disney+) will far make up for the huge losses in theaters. For most people, this seems unlikely. There will definitely be winners and losers. At present, the number of views on some children's YouTube channels has greatly exceeded that of Disney cartoons.

Looking to the future, small independent studios may actually rise up and begin to stand out from large actors, among which children's performances and animation are definitely the first. Things like Deepfake software will greatly reduce the price and difficulty of animation production. In-depth fake audio allows computers to easily imitate or create new sounds that sound very real, so that studios all over the world can localize their animations without voice actors. Deep forgery software can even help localize scripts and help with videos. It is only a few years away from us, and the price is very cheap, and it is completely impossible.

The loser's big name will definitely be nailed in the near future, but the position of the winner may continue to change.

Yes, lower costs mean that output will increase. It reminds me that the boy was digging a pile of fertilizer, looking for a pony.

Better independent films are usually shown in many theaters. There may be more independent films of all levels.

You will forget that if the United States falters, China (and other foreign countries) will become the largest market.

Films will be developed to adapt to this new market.

The movie has catered to Asian audiences. Movies such as "Pacific Rim", "Skyscraper" and "Alita: Battle Angel" were released in the United States, but the earnings were disappointing or failed here, but they were very popular in China, Japan and South Korea.

Actor Anthony Mackie, who played Falcon in the Avengers movie, was interviewed and complained that today's Hollywood movies are mainly aimed at Chinese audiences. Therefore, basically China is already the most important market for Hollywood content.

Although the competition in China is difficult, because Hollywood movies must compete with movies from all over the world. Chinese audiences will watch "anything you can watch as long as you are good." For example, there are several Indian films that broke the $100 million figure, and such films (even good ones) are not very good in the US market.

Interesting thoughts on Hollywood and China’s box office revenue (box office revenue is huge nowadays...I think it’s comparable to the US).

In many ways, movie box office proceeds are an excellent way to smuggle RMB against the US dollar into China.

In general, the CCP actually restricts the flow of USD/RMB outflow from China... But the box office "profit" is made up of a large number of movie viewers.

I don’t know that the CCP is reviewing the attendance rate of movies... So if you want to smuggle RMB/USD outside of China, you will seriously increase your box office revenue... including the allegedly returned 50% of the American film company... It may take a small fee to promote the percentage of RMB smuggling.

The exact same thing happened in the excessive pricing of Chinese imports by the United States...Most of the fictitious prices were actually the RMB smuggled under the control of the CCP.

But these are real objects, which are easier to review and evaluate...The attendance rate of movies is much higher.

Movies have catered to Chinese audiences for more than a decade. China only allows some vague numbers. I think 34 foreign films enter China every year. In order to obtain one of these positions, you must make every movie you make not against the CCP. The actual Chinese generals must approve their records. As shown in the figure above, chasing these foreign currencies will obviously backfire. Making their movie "Personal Computer" also backfired.

You also assume that the revenue of non-US theaters will not decline.

I like to watch movies in a theater with deck chairs. However, at the same time, the cinema is an ideal place to witness the decline of social climate over the years. Talking loudly in movies, making phone calls, coughing when sick and spreading germs are some of the things you need to endure when going to the movies today.

F that.



In 2005, I watched a movie in Honolulu and was surprised by the difference in behavior. The extended family brings cold water and food, as if they were gongs on the beach. I hungry to absorb all the aroma of barbecue pork, and I can hardly see this movie. There were a lot of conversations between families and talks with actors. I think this is an interesting and eye-opening cultural experience, but I have never looked back.

Almost all movies, TV shows++ that are distributed, played or streamed can be downloaded by those "smart people" who have bit torrent or similar technology. VPN services make them more difficult to detect.

This situation lasted for more than ten years. Whether this is morally right or wrong is another question. The same goes for other content distributed through digital media.

The streaming media model has greatly changed the production of profitable movies. In terms of views and new subscribers and cost, the best performing movie on Hulu this fall was post-production by three people in an apartment in Williamsburg, New York, at a price of $2 million.

See my post above.

By the way, is your Hulu example a real movie (name)? If possible, I would like to check.

This is a feature-length documentary about the rise and fall of Brooklyn rappers and Internet sensation documentary "tekashi 69". I know that most people on this blog don't like it because I know the editor.

This is interesting because the independent complaints I've seen about Netflix (and Hulu's hints) are that the vast market for independent movies has hardly been promoted by streaming media, and/or movies get close to uniform prices.

...Not even to the point of getting more revenue from theatrical distribution (for 80% of truly low-key independent films, maybe $25,000... I don't know if this is an annual renewal right).

The real problem with the Indian Ocean is...they *are* the ocean (a bit like an Internet site...very small)...they are too many and the promotion budget is so small that they get lost in the entire product field.

Even if there are only 3,000 small indie game makers since 1995 (it can be easily judged from the information submitted by the festival), that would mean a list of 75,000 small features around (also internet sites).

It’s nice to think that the explosion of streamers and radio and television sub-channels may merge with almost invisible movies (the guardians of "Vengeance Panther" or "Super Batman Aqua Suicide Force").

The document "69" is a bit outlier, because Hulu saw its potential due to its huge fan base and outrageous content, so they launched a large promotion on billboards in Los Angeles and New York State on the day of its release. , And carried out the first slot machine promotion on the website. I think they see it as the next "tiger king".

The editor is the new champion. Main qualifications: Able to make silk wallets from sow ears.

Agitprop is expensive.

Not just movies. Concerts and sports. The new stadium is so big that you won’t see anything unless you pay a week’s salary. For many years, I have been unable to prove it.

Everything at home is better. You can click Pause to rerun the content you missed. Not to mention own food, drink and "crowd" control.

Look at a $#t manufacturer like Mnuchin, before he so boldly sacrificed himself as part of the 45 cabinet, he had destroyed it...

Everything is restarting. I prefer French black and white movies with people who smoke and subtitles

The large-scale lawsuit filed by the Canadian cinema (Cineplex) has been acquired by the British film world (Cineworld). Now, of course, the British company does not want to continue. I think this is to say that Cineplex has undisclosed problems, because I think the advent of C 19 is not impossible. I am not a lawyer, and I still want to know if force majeure can be invoked on contracts affected by C19.

As customers refused, they increased the ticket and discounted prices. This is the silly reaction we have seen from golf courses, bowling alleys and many other recreational activities available to the public. I chose certain activities only because they were too expensive.

There is no doubt that these “sectors” will be eliminated because the prices of real estate and property tax make it impossible to provide its facilities at attractive prices. A victim of stagflation and Fed put options.

The cinema will survive. For the same reason, even if you can watch the game on a large sreen live TV, all the sports fields are full. People watch sports games in sports bars for the same reason. When we are together, we are like a family. It is indeed a kind of psychology. When we laugh together or cheer together, it gives us a sense of unity.

Personally-I hate NETFLIX. It's disgusting-I want to resign, but there is nothing else at this moment.

"The sickness of Netflix"

They have borrowed billions of dollars to finance internal non-primary studio products...but most of their content is at best.

A very common complaint about the Netflix series is that 6 hours of valuable data are "stuffed up" with 12 hours of talk time...

In other words, almost no interest occurs 50% of the time.

However, at a price of $9 per month, people can accept a Doritos bag filled with 50% air...

Hollywood content? Mainly garbage. The content in Korean is very good. No wonder Netflix is ​​increasing its investment in South Korea.

Until the beginning of last year, I had hardly watched Korean dramas until the end of the year, but by the end of the year, I had completed a few, and I would fully recommend them.

It's over, and Koreans shine in movies and music (just look at the popularity of BTS).

But don't worry. I believe that in the end, we will remain the world leader in high-speed pizza delivery.

"Still leading the world in high-speed pizza delivery."

I want to know how many people can name the source of this book (no Google search for cheaters!!!)

This book came out a long time ago.

I watched a lot of foreign content on Netflix. Asian content is too young for me, including China, South Korea and Japan. India is better, and the Middle East is at least a novelty. The best things I have seen come from Scandinavian countries and are politically and culturally interesting. Everything in the rest of Europe is like another episode of Narcos.

"High-speed pizza delivery" is the last stronghold of the U.S. economy... the 1992 "Avalanche" of Neal Stephenson.

Now, *that is the essence of a SciFi...this page is probably the best in the book.

The target audience of Netflix Asia content* is teenagers, and they will suck if you don’t like it> But Korean TV shows are really good, although it helps them to target a total of 20 episodes. It’s not an eternal Hollywood goal. It’s easy to write a 20-episode good story. The ending is to fill in the story endlessly every week.

*) At least from what I saw here

@ Petunia (because you said that you only watch foreign shows) If you have or are willing to get the Amazon Prime special channel MHz option. If you haven't, check out French Village. Also spiral. However, once I have completed these two operations, I will give up the entire online viewing process. Back on my well-planned bookshelf, I have been a second-hand bookstore gnome for decades.

As for those who can't stand the subtitles, good luck!

To be sure, anecdotes can prove that one of the really great benefits of reaching the mid-1980s is being able to watch many big movies that were released many years ago, and don’t remember one thing, so they are completely fresh, eh?

Soon after the film came out, I saw "Never Sunday" again for the first time...

Wonderful adult movie!

@Cas, I guess Chuck Palahniuk has a book, but I was wrong. Reading adjustment day... (It's just between the organizer's testosterone pit and Big Like...)

@VVN-Thank you for your attention.

I am right behind you, but still remember some of the contents of the old movie. Lol!

My wife and I went out to watch the Harry Potter prequel movie. Great! Tickets are cheap, and in the entire theater, our number has never exceeded 12 people. The sum of the whole movie theater I bite has never exceeded 40pp.

The movie is still very small for me. As an "adult", I still like to go to certain movies. "Ford v Ferrari" will never be as good at home as on the big screen.

But this is a different world. I have made great improvements in many areas, but not many other areas.

I know one thing, that is if I have children, I will never pay the price of childhood.

The last movie I saw was "1917". This is probably the best movie I have ever seen. Wonderful story. For the 100th anniversary + 2nd anniversary of the end of the First World War, the British director did an excellent job. Nowadays, most movies are like cartoons, directly facing young audiences. It's not even worth the time or entrance fee.


Reply: "1917"

1. King Tommen passed away again! Save his brother Rob Stark this time!

2. If you like World War I movies, one of the best movies I have ever seen is the French movie "Very Long Participation" in 2004, which has a more comprehensive impact on the horror on the battlefield and on the family warfare. Deal with the devastating and lasting scars caused by the war.

3. Another older black and white classic is "Road to Glory" in 1957, created by Kirk Douglas.

4. Both dealt with completely different French army experience. A large number of French soldiers were ruthlessly slaughtered (and brutally executed) in World War I during the change.

5. "1917" is more of a typical stiff upper lip treatment in British war movies. This is a fascinating movie, but not as profound as the other two movies I mentioned.

I believe I saw "Road to Glory" directed by Stanley Kubrick. A movie worth watching. I will check another one. Thank you

I am a fan of the First World War, in case you don't pay attention.

Generally speaking, I am more of a history buff, and the part I like is to really understand what really happened, why and why it happened, and the details of the consequences. There is a lot of bad or lazy history there, some of which are written by professional historians.

A great and classic World War I (1961) book, written by Alistair Horne, "The Price of Glory". This refers to the French army performing their mission by blasting Moodys to pieces with its own cannon.


I read "The Price of Glory" twice when I was a kid, and I read it twice recently. This is about the battle of Verdun.

At the beginning of the First World War, "Crazy Disaster" was a good interpretation of the efforts of Austria and Hungary. Read it well, because there are many similarities between the end of the empire and the United States today. There are not many books or hard-line books about Austria/Hungary and its role in dragging Europe into the First World War.

If you want to see how the First World War started, you can also try "Sleepwalkers". Better written than "Guns in August"

Alistair Horn also wrote an excellent book on the conflict in Algeria, "A Barbaric Peaceful War" between 1954 and 1962. NEOCON clowns who infest our government should be required to read this book. They may think twice about these useless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Another "World War One" movie I recently watched was director Peter Jackson's "They won't grow old". Excellent photography, restored from the original material. Narrated by the veterinarian of the First World War.

I started watching, but it was too slow for me, I didn't learn too many new things, so I quit.

In February 2020, I went to see the movie "The Invisible Man" with some neighbors. They are leaving, I will follow. For the first time in years, I went to the cinema. Forget good comments, this movie is cheaply talked about. There is a material library in San Francisco, but this basic dementia movie was shot in Australia. According to IMDb's data, the price is $7 million. Another example of "waking up" a movie theater. The villain is a tech billionaire, he can't let his girlfriend go. She had never heard of a protection order. In the theater hall, there is an attractive poster of the James Bond movie "No Time To Die". I asked the workers there and he said he would be in the theater soon. The small cinema has closed, and the beautiful stadium theater seats were withdrawn two weeks ago. Sic transports gloria mundi.

Speaking of posters, all the small paintings on the posters of the Graffiti Gallery in the United States depict a theater, not the dementia 13 in the video, but the new Steve McQueen's "Blob". If you remember how that happened, the gelatinous slime will cover the colonial cinema before dining in the restaurant. It seems to be a review article now. Another McQueen movie has a poster of future attractions, just glorius plain white and black letters with the words "Coming Soon" written on it. No need to show all the good scenes that attract the audience. Because of its location in the Bay Area, Wolfe might like it. This little gem is named "Bullitt". They once put it in a nearby theater, and I might go back.

Is it possible to buy one of the second-hand beautiful recliners with cup holders, the kind I bought at the local independent theater about two years ago? I will put it in my living room. It seems that I don’t host parties anymore.

I thought about it in November. At that time, theater was a lost business. I believe most people will never come back. The longer they stay offline, the more people will get rid of this habit.

Movies are more interesting. Somewhere, I saw a rule of thumb that the total cost of a movie must be twice its cost to be considered profitable. It is really difficult to get twice the return of the subscription model, and I suspect that fewer and fewer investors are willing to gamble this kind of capital for this uncertain return.

To be sure, Netflix and Amazon use different methods from movie theaters in selecting movies for streaming.

The subscription model (and the ability to watch new movies without pants) really changed a lot of things.

Netflix does use a "dollar shaving club" model for transactions (keep your recurring fees low enough, even if most of your products are like this, people will forget to cancel).

I'm very happy that Netflix is ​​about to provide semi-serious competition for the top five Hollywood records (or similar movies), but it has evolved into its own giant universal giant (not an 85% loyal supporter of Netflix PTD).

In the long run, I think video streaming technology will really greatly reduces distribution costs (except, the last mile cable provider!), and eventually there will be a *ton* streaming company (already A lot).

However, the ensuing question is (as with the Internet), because the supply of providers is so large, how many providers will be able to break through the noise and reach the minimum number of subscribers required for economic survival.

I think the US$200 million production budget (and US$100 million advertising budget) model of the Hollywood quintet is not necessary for streamers (although Netflix is ​​a bit down this dangerous path).

At least $150 million in CGI was wasted on the main screen (TBH, the big bang pornography mainly attracts a core audience of teenage males in five Hollywood countries...they pay less attention to family streamers).

I think the greater danger is that even the qualified quality library of filmmakers (whether behind or in front of the camera) is diluted by too many works (now there are 500 TV series, compared to only 150 in 2006) Up.

As a result, you will receive a lot of movies/TV series with so many community theater-level performances, cardboard backgrounds, narrative twists and the director’s navel gaze, people even start to question the monthly fee as low as $9 (" Gee, I can get 2 for this, Starbucks...").

Agree with cas, especially most new garbage, and IMHO, it gets worse every year.

Now it is spreading to the sports world. There is not a serious "match-by-match" announcer in the pass card foo ball round to keep me awake, and the boring comment is about an amazing drama that happened last week, hooked, difficult Believing tackles etc...

It can be seen with certainty that a person’s first-hand exercise is to solve the football problem, without hard shoes, without seat belt buckles, especially not allowing adults to participate.

As for movies, in addition to more and more completely free/donation sites, amazing world services or other acronyms. Representative, the performance in movies and music is quite good, and can be shipped to/delivered in all states/regions in the United States, so for the sake of convenience and combining the above prices, we will temporarily cooperate with them!

IMO they have become too big, too fast, and although they put all possible risks on "partners" instead of the old-fashioned retail models Sears, k smart, etc., I think it will reach its peak and start to decline The speed is much faster than the old cos.

Especially for many shoppers, now they compare prices instead of just ordering immediately for convenience; it turns out that WFA has helped many people make some or more picky shopping online.

NBC’s Peacock Channel has Nordic and alpine skiing coverage. This is a live broadcast of the host country’s TV coverage. There are no commentators.

Jessie Diggins of Minnesota looked at Afton and won the Tour de France. Only the voices of the athletes and coaches yelled as the skiers passed by!

What is this sentence... "Don't do things like before"?

I am lucky that my city has a great film society that can show blockbuster classic movies. I can see Blackpool and Tarkovsky movies, black movies and other things on the big screen-great things. For a while, this is a refuge for the kind of behavior you find in a shopping mall movie theater. For a while. Recently, we have a lot of speakers. People are flashing their phones and their behavior is getting worse and worse. Even in a certain place, even those who attend the meeting pay more attention to the movie than the people in the meeting.

Watching movies is a social experience, and it is very interesting to see good audiences watching high-quality 35mm film. Although too many people have watched mst3k, they think they are now comedians even when watching classic movies. People would watch a noir movie first, and then laugh at the fact that the telephone line was very solid and everyone was wearing a hat. It is difficult to continue to enjoy the screening.

I don’t know if they will come back after covid-19 is over. If not, I will miss it, but the juggler is gone, and you can't go out to see a group of choir girls.

Sutter Cane-I will never see myself watching a movie in the theater again. The cost is no longer worth it, and the quality of the product is no longer at the previous level.

We have old movie theaters run by non-profit organizations. It has a British "Financial Times" employee who has shown various types of movies (new and old, independent and Hollywood) and performed live performances. They have concessions, including local craft beer and popcorn. Volunteers do everything from discounts to ticket collection.

I encourage anyone who likes movies to consider this model for your town. Our institution is enjoyed by many people.

In many agreements. PDX has a 70mm screening room (Hollywood/Volunteer). Home video is always improving, but it will never touch the 70mm version.

List of American theaters with 70mm features-redballoondotnet/current70mmus.html

It's really cool, thank you for sharing.

This model is likely to become not only one of the types of theaters that exist, but also to expand after the current virus situation is resolved or at least satisfied by movie fans.

And it is possible to focus the model on 70mm as described by s, in fact, at least in the community, it can provide THE model.

One of my youngest memories is that our family drove for about an hour and saw "Around the World in 80 Days", which was the first time we saw it in the 70mm mode IIRC.

Wow! This is not fair.

Let's look at the whereabouts of entertainment spending.

For 2019 before Covid, the money spent on video games exceeded 3 times the box office.

I believe this is the way forward for many reasons.

These days are all under lockdown. It is a curfew at 8 o'clock in the evening. If you dare to leave your house and go to the theater to watch a movie, you are likely to be labeled as a "family terrorist"!

Shopping center-get rid of bad garbage.

Movies are a good place to send teenagers. They left the house by themselves, leaving the house temporarily.

Having enough age to go with friends rather than sisters is also a right to pass. Lol

We only go to the movies when we want to watch 3D movies. Otherwise, we go to the independent theater to watch some good movies, a glass of wine and delicious tamales.

The house is like a self-imposed prison.

Work, play, socialize.

The biggest problem I see is meeting a partner and having a family.

It all starts with socializing/working outside the home.

The 90s experienced the last wave of innovation. Just like capitalism, what is the next step? If there is no next step, how will you attract business? Capitalism also has this problem.

When I was a student in the 1980s, I was happier than going to the cinema when I rented a "movie box" with some friends.

"Movie Box" is a rented video recorder, plus 3 movies you choose from Blockbuster and other movies. This is really cheap. As poor students, we don't have a VCR, so this is great! All of us will bring drinks, potato chips, sausages, etc. We will watch these actions in our small student room. This is cheaper and fun than going to expensive movie theaters.

And now I won't go to the cinema anytime soon, because I am obsessed with NIRP, so naturally I will use cheaper alternatives.

Prior to video recording, university campuses may set prices for students in the lobby or theater. If you are lucky, after your viewing experience is over, there may be a university bar still open on campus or nearby. If you are really lucky, they may bring back things like Woodstock, or new things like Animal House, and everyone will wear their best vintage 60s clothing. Then maybe start a themed party in the dormitory, then enter the movie, and then follow up in the bar. The smell in the air may not be popcorn. You might say that marketing is another option.

Came to SF in 1984, and then went to hell to see Hair's midnight performance at the Castro Theater. There were also live organ players to instruc

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