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Almost eight months later, most theaters and multi-hall theaters in Tamil Nadu will be closed on Tuesday. They will show movies released before the pandemic and old movies that interest audiences.

In places such as Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem and Tiruchi, most theaters have decided that the films that might be screened during the festival are clear before deciding only to Open on November 12th or 13th. Some theater owners pointed out that it is not auspicious to resume business on Tuesday, adding that they will start working on Wednesday.

Most independent theaters said they had few reservations, while larger theaters said they had managed to get 20% of the 50% seats allocated to the audience.

The theater owner actively stated that more movie audiences will come before the show begins. In order to attract customers, many theaters have also reduced the prices of food and beverages.

"We will open the theater on Wednesday because Tuesday is not an auspicious day. But we have opened reservations and the response has been poor. We only received 3% of the reservations, but we will continue to perform." Having been in the industry for more than 20 years Said the owner of the city theater.

Mayajaal Managing Director Udeep B. said: "We will open a movie theater that will show movies in March-

Starring Dulquer Salmaan;


. We will clarify the Deepavali version within one or two days and develop our Deepavali plan on this basis. "

The Sathyam Cinema will open to customers on Tuesday. All screens under PVR Cinemas will be activated and reservations have already started. According to the statement released by PVR Cinemas, the brand has been reopened and its strategic focus is to build customer confidence as its main goal. To this end, innovative solutions and promotions are introduced in price and content.

Currently, PVR Cinemas is being released

, And some popular releases in the past, such as


And the award-winning Hollywood blockbuster


and many more.

Archana Kalpathi, Chief Executive Officer of AGS Cinemas, said: "We finally got together with actor Vijay's

. We have introduced many technologies to monitor customers and ensure that they comply with physical distance regulations. She added that parking fees will be waived.

Ruban Mathivanan of GK Cinema said they will start operations with Dhanush's on Wednesday


At the same time, Qube Cinema condemned the Tamil Film Active Producers Association (TFAPA)'s boycott of new films because the theater tried to regain its footing after the lock-up.

The state government’s decision to allow the theater to reopen was challenged by TFAPA, which refused to provide a new version unless the virtual printing fee (VPF) paid to the theater was completely abolished.

This problem emerged earlier in 2018 when the entire film industry went on strike, and the strike ended after the digital cinema provider reduced the VPF rate by more than 20%. So far, digital service providers have drastically reduced VPF rates, but have not yet made any compromises.

Qube Cinema said in a statement: “Due to the lockdown, our industry has suffered huge losses in the past seven months, and we will continue to spend time to compensate, because at that time we were only able to operate at 50% of our capacity. Initially, it proactively announced that the VPF would be reduced by 50% during this period. Later, under the pressure of TFAPA, it was revised to 60%. TFAPA now insists on completely abolishing the fee." Qube Cinema said that both the central government and the state government support continued release The tradition of the new episodes of the Seminar, this is why the TFAPA boycott is not only unethical to theaters and digital film providers, but also unfair to the audience.

Qube Cinema added: “As far as we know, producers eager to release new films are under pressure to resist. TFAPA is taking advantage of this unprecedented period of struggle to obtain as many concessions as possible from theaters and digital service providers. , Without having to consider how it affects the entire industry or cinema audiences.” Qube Cinema said this is when the industry should unite to ensure the survival of the film.

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