AMERICAN THEATRE | Little Island Announces Inaugural Artists in Residence

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Tina Landau and PigPen Theatre Co. are the first queue.

, The park under construction in Hudson River Park has announced that its first artist will live between 2021 and 2023. Each artist’s residency will include performing or directing works, planning events and festivals, and interacting with community partners in the park.

Executive Director Trish Santini said in a statement: "Our resident artist is a creative collaborator on Little Island, and we are delighted to bring this dynamic team of New Yorkers into our inauguration season." Lifelikeness of our park is vital."

Resident artists include tap dancer and choreographer Ayodele Casel; screenwriter and director

; Actor, singer and music director Michael McElory; and


Recently, the group served as a panel judge to select local artists to perform in the upcoming season on the island.

Casel is the 2019-20 Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. He grew up in Puerto Rico and graduated from the Tisch School of Art at New York University. On the small island, Casell will join with frequent collaborator Torya Beard.

Landau (Landau) is a writer and director, recent achievements include Broadway productions 

For this, she won the Drama Bureau and External Critics Award. She is a member of the ensemble

In Chicago, she directed more than 20 works.

McElroy recently performed on Broadway at the 2017 revival 

. He is the founder and music director of...

And is a founding member of both



PigPen Theatre Co. combines theater, film and music into their original scripts performed in New York and internationally. They are about to launch an interactive cinema experience 

Virgin sails the cruise ship.

The island will open to the public this spring and will feature a 700-seat amphitheater and a 200-seat theater.


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