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The delicious pizza stays warm throughout the movie.

Mini chocolate cake.

What a difference!

Eat pizza on the seat.

As the new Covid-19 turns to safety and makes family and friends of up to 20 people comfortable, AmStar cinemas in Greensboro and Winston Salem will offer "private screenings" until the end of January.

According to their website,

, From now to the end of January, we invite you to organize a "safe, comfortable and affordable" "private screening".

Our group consists of 6 adults and 4 children, and our "Private Screening" time is 3pm on Saturday.

According to the instructions of Matthew Sharpe, general manager of the theater, we arrived at the "Four Seasons" location at Amstar Cinemas about 15 minutes before the show started.

Sharpe lived up to his name and checked in with me three times earlier this week, filled me in all the details and made sure we knew all the items we were going to store.

When we entered, the staff of AmStar Cinemas looked forward to us and made us feel at home. Put a red wristband on all of us and tell us which theater we are. Then, they instructed us to go to the concession booth to snatch our things.

For our packaging, we provide unlimited popcorn and drinks as well as a candy of our choice. Then we walked into the theater.

When we bypassed the curve and saw number 16 for the first time, two staff members were waiting. One held the door, and the other reached out to untie the red rope on a pillar, which allowed us to enter the red carpet they placed at the entrance.

When we walked in, the staff set up a table in the upper right corner of the theater with a candy bag on it. The basket was filled with all kinds of mini chocolates you could imagine. Two boxes of chocolate cakes and a few pizzas were neatly stacked Then, stuffed into the pizza oven.

After grabbing what we wanted, we headed to our seats to watch the movie.

We did not ask for a preview, and we are glad to be able to enter the show directly.

I had no idea that owning a theater itself would give people a shocking feeling. After about ½ point of the movie, the two youngest boys became turbulent and began to run in the theater, having fun when they were young. Because we are the only group, we can relax and let boys become boys. After they sat for a few rounds, I decided to get up and take them to the front row to see what they thought of being close. I forgot that the theater put three balloons on each sofa-like front seat. I grabbed the balloon and started throwing the balloon at the boy, and then into the air. This resulted in the boys doing some nice old-fashioned wrestling and balloon kicks throughout the theater, thereby enhancing their childhood comicality. They had a great time.

At the end of the movie, my grandson gave me clues to the story and summed up this magical experience. "Should we leave now?"

$99 + tax (rental only, no discounts are provided)

Hold private movie screenings for up to 20 guests, and watch the latest blockbuster or classic movies in your own auditorium with a guaranteed seat!

Preview package

• Unlimited soda, ice and popcorn

• Free kids pack for children 12 years old and below

**Starting from $249.00 

Premiere Pack

• Includes Preview facility and sweets buffet table

• Cheese or pepperoni pizza options

**Starting from $399.00

Party package (adults over 21 years old)

• Includes preview facility, and two (2) gallons of our signature frozen daiquiri

• Choose a barrel of beer (12) or four (4) bottles of selected wine (mix and match)

Note: Private bar options are available upon request

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