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Although the season of Arizona Theatre Company is over, it is planning digital reading and is developing two musicals.

The Arizona Theater Company has postponed its performance indefinitely, although it is expected to start its 54th season later next year.

Art director Sean Daniels said in a press release: "Although we are frustrated with the need to suspend live broadcasts and mainstream performances again, we know that this decision may be necessary."

"The new constraints prevent the production of live theaters, coupled with the fact that we are unwilling to risk harming the health of viewers, employees or artists, makes the company very clear about this decision."

But this does not mean that Daniels and other ATC staff will stand by.

He podcasts once a week, inviting actors, directors and screenwriters to attend Zoom conferences. ATC is also planning digital reading. And there are two musicals under development.

"We never tried again," Daniels said. "Employees make the transition to digital possible."

He said that in fact, the company's digital products have provided ATC with a larger audience.

"We started all this digital work to attract subscribers. Our subscribers are happy that we can do it, but they like live performances. Digitalization is not for them."

Still, 24,000 new listeners joined in, many of them sought after by younger audiences.

"We found that in Arizona, young audiences are part of the new audience. If 5% of people come to watch a movie live, that will change the rules of the game. We may have discovered a new audience by accident."

Daniels’ weekly podcast "Hang & Focus Live" will continue at 4pm on Friday. There are also plans to arrange audio production for the Lauren Gunderson play starring Emmy and Tony Award winner John La Roquette.

The two musicals in production will also appear on Zoom. One is a jukebox musical with Chicago band songs, and the other is about Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The creative process of these works that will eventually be used on the ATC stage will be provided on Zoom. Theater fans will appreciate the rare works that led to the production.

Daniels said: "The big things we have the ability to do are happening."

"We are grateful for the strong support of the community. At the end I saw that we have 140 new donors. We are very grateful and we want to make sure that when we finish this work, Arizona has a world-class culture."

ATC launched a program called "Rebirth to Us". Its goal is to raise $250,000, and a group of anonymous donors will match the money.

No date has been announced for the digital product. Check the ATC website,




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