At CES 2020 Panasonic Demonstrates the Future of Mobility, Immersive Entertainment, Broadcasting for Gaming, the Olympic Experience at Tokyo2020, and More

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From the once-in-a-lifetime Olympics, interstellar travel to safer and more efficient roads, smart travel solutions and immersive entertainment experiences, Panasonic showcased a wide range of innovations at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Panasonic’s booth is divided into four highly interactive areas-smart mobility, immersive experiences, smart living spaces and Olympic corners-highlighting why the company is a leading provider of integrated solutions and how these solutions are Bring a better life, a better world.  

At Booth 12908 in the lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, attendees can experience various moments in life...the future intersection of technology, pop culture, games, lifestyle, entertainment, and two- and four-wheel mobility. 

Panasonic Talks is a series of brief and insightful discussions with some of the brightest minds and passionate advocates in their respective industries and fields. Panasonic Talks discussion lasts no more than 15 minutes and is held several times throughout the day. Speakers include:

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The new products on the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show are the three smallest and lightest in the industry

 Panasonic's 4K 60p camcorder. All models show a compact and lightweight design with a wide angle of 25mm, which is very suitable for professional photographers or video enthusiasts

 The lens has 24x optical zoom and high-precision autofocus. They also have built-in WiFi to stream directly from the camcorder to the most popular video and social networks in the world in real time.

As part of the LUMIX camera suite, LUMIX S1H is the official digital camera for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and will debut at CES this year. LUMIX S1H is a digital single-lens mirrorless camera equipped with a full-frame image sensor, which combines cinema-quality video recording with the high mobility of a mirrorless camera. It is the first in the world 

The new RZ-S500W compact true wireless headphones have reliable connectivity and industry-leading technology

 Noise cancellation technology allows you to listen easily and get a clear phone conversation. Smart phone users who are away from home will be able to enjoy videos, play games and talk on the phone with excellent sound and reliable Bluetooth connections, thus enhancing all aspects of the entertainment experience.

The new in-ear Technics EAH-AZ70W true wireless headphones combine dual hybrid noise reduction technology with a new 10mm dynamic driver to create a high-quality listening experience with a compact and lightweight design. Dual hybrid noise reduction technology combines feedforward (FF) and feedback (FB) methods as well as digital and analog processing functions to minimize noise inside and outside the earphone, so that the listener can be immersed in the music without interference .

Panasonic brings the concert-level performance of the bass track to CES 2020 with its new M-series wireless ear-hook headphones. Equipped with Panasonic XBS DEEP (deep bass system)

 These headphones have playback technology and are designed to appreciate low-frequency beats, such as those found in traps and rap music.

The Panasonic HZ2000 OLED TV is a new product of CES 2020. It was created by Hollywood professionals and Panasonic and Technics engineers to provide beautiful colors, immersive sound and smart home connectivity.

The SC-HTB01 gaming speaker is specially designed for gaming, enabling players to experience a rich and intense gaming world with a highly realistic experience. Three game modes-role-playing game (RPG), first-person shooter (FPS) and voice mode-enhance the unique entertainment experience of this game style, and support Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos), DTS: X (R) and DTS(R) Virtual: XTM provides dynamic 3D sound.

In addition to the main LVCC booth mentioned above, Panasonic also has a booth at Sands Expo where it will showcase smart home technology:


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Panasonic Corporation is a global leader in the development of various electronic technologies and solutions for customers in consumer electronics, housing, automobiles and B2B businesses. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018 and has expanded globally. It currently operates 582 subsidiaries and 87 associates globally, with consolidated net sales 

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