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The Philadelphia-Naraganset District School District has sent a registered "letter" to Phillipston officials, informing them if the district does not receive a signed letter from Phillipston Memorial Elementary School by February 3rd The school uses the agreement, which will hand over to the school’s responsibility for urban construction sooner than expected.

Kevin Flynn, chief administrative officer of Phillipston, told Selectboard members at a meeting last Wednesday that the district’s letter to the board of directors is dated January 27, stating that “Naraganset District School District It is intended to terminate the occupation of the property... effective from February 12th. 2021."

The letter continued: "Unless the parties sign a user agreement or a similar form of agreement between the two parties seven (7) days after the date of this letter, the school district will terminate the use and occupation of its property and return the property. From 2021 2 Effective from December 12."

"So," Flynn asked the board, "I think the question is, how do you want to respond?"

Board member Gerhard Fandreyer said: "First of all, it is not their school that is closing, so they shouldn't do it. They are just renting it. They really have nothing to stand on.

"Second, their first letter said that February 28 was the last day they could control. Now they changed it to February 12, so they continued to move around."

"I believe this registered letter is their final answer," said John Telepciak, chairman of the board. "I have answered them and we are waiting for more information."

The board of directors has been waiting to hear the opinions of the reserved lawyer who is studying the proposed school use agreement between the town and the district, but has not received a call back. The agreement states: "(F) The full custody and control of the property will be owned by the town on March 1, 2021."

"I think they never received a check because they didn't reply to me at all," Van der Reel said. "So, I want to know what's going on."

When Flynn informed that the cheque was cashed on January 13, Fandreyer replied: "I want to see the front and back of the cheque so that I can prove it to them."

Town Treasurer Lynn Nystrom (Lynn Nystrom) said she could provide Fandreyer with a copy.

"Okay," Telepciak said, "I think at this point, we should try to take over it. Tell them "Don't winter." At the last town meeting, it was decided that we should take over, so I believe we should do it this way get on."

Van der Lie said the town should stick to March 1 as the town’s acquisition date.

Telepciak said: "That's why they said they wanted to hear within 7 days, because they really didn't hear from us at all.

"Therefore, the answer we will give them is that the original proposal is called the end of February. That is the result of our negotiations in November. In the end, we will take over.

"They intend to antifreeze it because they have not received any response, but there is no need to antifreeze it."

Telepciak suggested drafting a letter asking NRSD director Chris Casavant why the proposed changes were made between February 28 and February 12.

Bernie Malouin, a candidate who is about to fill the Selectboard vacancy in the special election on February 25, asked: "If we want to bring the school back, then if we bring it back on or after the 12th What will be different back to school? At the end of the month?

"I think it is in our best interest to just complete it," said Maruin, who is also the chairman of the planning committee. "Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time writing letters back and forth. If the goal is to get the school back on campus, let it be done.

"I really didn't know that the biggest benefit of being in this small town for a week and a half or two weeks is to spend all the time playing here."

"I agree," Telepciak said. "I think time has passed and we have to wait for a letter from this law firm."

Telepciak and Fandreyer finally agreed to respond to the school district’s letter, which urged the handover to take place on March 1.

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