Auburn reveals completed design renderings for new Football Performance Center -

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Rendering of the new independent football facility. (Picture provided by Auburn University)

The university revealed in a series of newly published documents on Friday that the design phase of Auburn’s new independent football performance center has been completed.

The football performance center will be built on the old track venue on Biggio Drive. After several years of making the facility achieve results, Auburn has become more and more realistic, and large-scale grading of the venue is already in progress. of

. The company has previously worked with Auburn for the healthy kitchen at the university and the Watson Fieldhouse on campus. The company also partnered with Clemson to open a US$55 million football facility in 2017 and cooperated with UAB's football operations center.

Auburn’s football performance center will include an indoor practice facility, two outdoor venues, locker rooms, weights room, player lounge, barber shop, team meeting room, office and recruit lounge. Two recording studios and flight simulators are also planned on the second floor of the facility.

After the design phase of the project is completed, Auburn continues to accept bids for project construction and cost. The sealed bid will be accepted by the university until February 9th at 3 p.m. Central Time, when all bids will be unsealed and made public, and the bidder with the lowest responsibility will be awarded in the form of a contract.

The following are some design renderings of Football Performance Center:

The exterior is the new football performance center.

More renderings of Auburn's new football performance center.

A rendering of the indoor practice range and practice range of the new football performance center in Auburn.

Take a look at the player lounge of the new football performance center in Auburn.

Auburn’s new football performance center will also include a barber shop.

A rendering of the new football performance center in Auburn.

The university released a rendering of Auburn’s new football performance center on Friday.

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