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Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are the gateways to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which spans North Carolina and Tennessee Tennessee, picturesque, fresh mountain air, and winding hiking trails. The rugged beauty of the mountains and river landscapes makes people linger, especially during pandemics, as the escape from society and outdoor activities continue to dominate. 

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These mountain towns are known for their comfortable cabin rentals, many of which have charming facilities for enjoying the movie room from the hot tub. In addition, as experts and CDC pointed out:


However, it must be noted that COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the United States, and safety cannot be guaranteed at this time. We always recommend that you follow the CDC guidelines, conduct social evacuation, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask in public places. Also, if you plan to travel to and from hotspots, take extra precautions and read local and state guidelines.

Having said that, if you plan to take a vacation to explore the Great Smoky Mountains, these cabins will be a comfortable and interesting place to relax after a day of exploring.

This studio is ideal for couples and solo travelers. High ceilings and a large number of large windows provide plenty of natural light, making the cabin feel spacious and airy even if the cabin is small. The jacuzzi and corner fireplace ensure a comfortable stay, while decorations such as vintage suitcases and bright flowers add character. 

The back porch with hot tub, rocking chairs and barbecue grill provides you with various opportunities to enjoy fresh air. This too

On the market, this means that it is a vetted property, recognized for its superior quality, design, maintenance and overall characteristics. Independent cottages located in the resort, guests can easily carry out various activities from horseback riding to white water rafting.  

The cabin will be available for supply from March.


This family participated in Airbnb 

, Which means that the landlord will be committed to working with leading health and hotel experts to develop strict cleaning agreements.

For those who appreciate kitsch time, this cottage has no difficulty in creating a romantic atmosphere. The heart-shaped jacuzzi is the star of house design. The jacuzzi faces a small fireplace and is surrounded by layers of candles, lanterns and indoor plants, which provide the ultimate calming atmosphere when soaking.

Of course, you may not just visit the Great Smoky Mountains just to unzip in a heart-shaped jacuzzi. You can enjoy the surrounding scenery from the many outdoor seats, including the cute rocking chair and the bear notch on the backrest. There are also ice hockey tables, board games and many hiking trails nearby to make you feel happy. 

The cabin has limited availability in the next few months, but it will open in April.


This family participated in Airbnb

When you reach this

, You will be paid tribute to bear decals, decorated with siding, to pay tribute to the ecosystem of the Smoky Mountains. Continuing to embrace the theme of its location, one of the most notable features of the house is the spacious, well-planned outdoor gathering place. The multi-level terrace set up is similar to the entire living room and includes upholstered seats, curtains, fireplace and hot tub. 

The indoor living room is also spacious, equipped with a fireplace, record player and old arcade game systems, such as pinball machines, multi-story and classic Nintendo mini. Equipped with a steam shower and whirlpool, this cabin is also perfect for people who want to stay somewhere in a spa style. 

Starting in March, this cottage has enough vacancies.

Magnificent and warm

It is the epitome of alpine charm. The epic game room is perfect for families or groups of friends to rent. In addition to a large number of board games, there are many game tables hidden in the room, from swimming pools to shuffleboard tables to table football. Outside the game room is the covered upper deck, where you can enjoy the magnificent mountain view while warming up by the fire pit.

The lower deck is also covered and has its own mouth-watering facilities, including a hot tub, barbecue grills and a full outdoor dining area. If you like to dine indoors, the indoor restaurant is spacious and well-designed, with antler chandeliers, exposed beams and natural-style artworks.

The organic atmosphere that defines the kitchen reverberates throughout the home through accents such as the coffee table, which resembles a tree stump and an antler lamp that matches the chandeliers in the kitchen. 

Most of this popular cabin will be booked in the next few months, but will be open from May.


Not specified, but the hot tub was cleaned between stays, and many comments pointed out the cleanliness of the cabin. 

The indoor swimming pool is already very luxurious, but

By equipping with waterfall function and recliners, happiness and relaxation will be raised to a new level. Luxury doesn't stop there-the pool area also includes a smart projector where you can watch your favorite movies in the water, and you can easily open the garage door to create the final indoor/outdoor setting. 

For some post-swimming entertainment, there is an indoor basketball shooting game just a few steps away from the swimming pool, while the living area has Golden Tee 2019 games. You can also choose to warm up in front of the fireplace in the living room or relax on the balcony surrounded by trees. The cabin decoration includes a subtle nod to the smoky mountain landscape, from the depiction of ions stream to the details of the black bear. 

The scattered date of this cabin will open in the next few months, and more dates will open in April.


The house has been cleaned with disinfectant and complies with the regulations of the industry health association SafeStay (AHLA-USA). The rent also guarantees that check-in and check-out can be completed without personal contact, and all towels and bedding should be washed with hot water at a minimum temperature of 60ºC/140ºF.

There is a romantic literary atmosphere

-This is not only because the "&" pillow is crowned on the king-size bed. With a Gothic palette, spiral staircase and canopy, the cabin can easily become the backdrop for modern fairy tales. The free-standing soaking bathtub, equipped with a bathtub, is surrounded by plenty of indoor plants, further adding to the ethereal beauty of the attic bedroom. 

Tucked away in the mountains, this cabin provides incredible privacy. Go to the balcony and relax in the hot tub, or sit on the porch and enjoy the tranquil environment. While staying here, you can also use the nearby tennis courts, walking trails and scenic streams.


Not specified, but there are many comments mentioning the cleanliness of the cabin.

This one

It can accommodate up to 12 guests, making it an ideal space for family gatherings and staying in a larger pod. The king room has a private bathroom and the master bedroom has a jacuzzi. Children will love the bunk beds lying in the cozy closet of the playroom, which also includes an old school and a series of board games. 

The open layout of the kitchen and the luxurious fireplace combination make it easy for you to spend a good family time while dining. You can also enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains outdoors. LeConte benefits from a series of seating and outdoor dining spaces on a private deck. 

The cabin is open throughout February and beyond.

Not specified, but there are many comments mentioning the cleanliness of the cabin. 

Cleverly blending retro and modern design concepts, this residence has a quirky but unique aesthetic. The soaring ceiling, floating staircase and soft blue and white tones make this house not gloomy, while interesting decorations such as old-fashioned telephones, old-fashioned stoves and tables with barrel accents make it unique. From the exposed light bulbs to the atomic wall lamps in the living room to the glass bottle chandelier above the kitchen island, the lighting alone is commendable. 

To enjoy the charm of the interior decoration, you will definitely want to go to the outside deck, where you can enjoy the view of the mountains. Leconte and soaked in the hot tub under the string of lights and the stars.

Starting in February, the cabin has sufficient open availability.


The cottage is bright and pleasant, and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows are full of bright colors, allowing sunlight to cover the entire house. From the chairs to the swing chairs and tic-tac-toe board in the living area, to the pool table and old arcade games downstairs, the whole installation process is full of fun. There is even a home theater room, equipped with a huge projector screen, and make you feel more comfortable with beanbag chairs and sofa sets.

If you are an admirer of beautiful scenery, you can admire the black smoke of private chimneys and outdoor chimneys, which can help you to try the beautiful scenery.


The modern interior of the cabin may be contrary to the traditional cabin decoration, but its lush trees and mountain background and the half-timbered and half-stone exterior of the house still give people a classic feel. The large deck makes it easy to enjoy time outdoors, and is equipped with picnic tables, swing benches, hot tubs and plenty of rocking chairs.

It includes interesting and interesting accents from the bear statue on the outside to the sink and table with a barrel-shaped base inside. There is also a game room with a pool table, foosball table and several arcade games. But this is the real star. It is equipped with layered lounge chairs and movie posters to provide a real viewing experience. 

The cabin will have limited availability in the next few months, but will be fully open from April.


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