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A comfortable dining place is essential to any family. In order to find out the reasons for making a good dining table, we interviewed a furniture restoration master, an interior designer and four other industry experts. We read dozens of articles and viewed hundreds of tables online ( I personally saw 50 photos). Our buyer's guide will help you determine the right



Your table space, table space


Can tell you its lifespan. We also recommend 11 types of tables. We think these tables can perfectly combine high-quality materials, sturdy structure, eye-catching design and reasonable prices.

Our selection includes small tables

, Suitable for apartments

And a model worthy of use in restaurants

. We will focus on tables under $1,000 (in many cases, the price is much lower) for first-time home buyers, tenants, families with children who are vulnerable to damage, and anyone who may be unwilling to buy it "forever" People at the table find affordable options. Of course, you can always spend more money, but the professionals we talked to agree that you usually spend more than $1,000 to buy brand names or higher-priced materials. Most of our picks are made of solid wood or high-quality veneers, but we also offer tables made of marble, glass and metal.

Whether you are buying a new or second-hand one online or in a store, our goal is to help you bring home a table that can satisfy your lifestyle for many years.

Ayn-Monique Klahre has served as a lifestyle editor for magazines such as "Good Housekeeping", "Woman's Day" and "InStyle", and has been engaged in furnishings for more than 10 years. At that time, she wrote many articles on household goods shopping and interviewed dozens of interior designers, product testers and other industry experts. Her goal has always been to recommend the best value of affordable furniture to people.

Ayn-Monique also learned from her own table purchase. Once, she bought a crazy low-priced table at such a low price and was afraid to sit there. On another occasion, she tried a small round table-but she had to sit on it sideways, otherwise her knees would touch the gorgeous pedestal. After that, she bought a table that was technically suitable for her space, but because it was short and dark, it looked big. If you know what you are looking for, you can avoid these errors. Today, her dining table is comfortable and proportional to the dining area.

For this guide, Ayn-Monique read dozens of articles, sorted out customer reviews, and interviewed furniture experts and interior designers, including furniture restoration master and furniture designer Christophe Pourny.

; Lucy Harris, interior designer and supervisor

; Jackie Hirschhaut, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing

; Max Dyer is a veteran of the furniture industry, currently the vice president of Casegoods (a type of hard furniture, such as tables, cabinets and chairs), responsible for

; Thomas Russell, Senior Editor, Industry Communications

; And Meredith Mahoney (founder and design director)


For the 2020 update of this guide, staff writer Alex Arpaia tested three tables that we had never seen before:



The best dining table for you will be a dining table that fits your budget, has a sturdy structure, fits your space, and has a style that you will like for many years. Even if you don't think about it forever, you can expect at least 5 to 10 years. Puni said: "Five years is not long." "If this is your first table, then in a few years, you may use it elsewhere, so you want it to be simple and sturdy, and it will be in a period of time. Make you like this style.” Therefore, a well-made small table may find a place in your family for years to come.

The following are factors to consider before buying a dining table for your home.

Rule number one: Your dining table must fit your dining area. But the dining table is seemingly large furniture, you also need to consider the space around it.

In order to visually show the appearance of larger furniture in the room, take some time to cover the length and width of the floor (for example, with painter's tape) and the height of the table.

Harris said: "In addition to the floor area of ​​the table, you also need to leave a 3-foot breathing space on all sides, and better yet! Sit comfortably on a chair and move in the space." So no matter you Is the dining area part of a multi-purpose space (for example, do you want a large room divided into a living area or a dining area), or to have a separate dining room, first measure the length and width of the dining table that you can dedicate to that space. Then subtract approximately 6 feet from these two measurements to obtain the length and width of the target table.

Next, think about how you will use the table and how many people usually sit at the table. Dyer said: "Know that every place on the table requires 22 to 24 inches of table space, and large chairs will require more." These are the regular sizes you can expect:

As someone who has lived in an apartment for a long time, Ayn-Monique Klahre, the co-author of the guide, discovered that the “visual weight” of a piece of furniture can indeed affect the feel of the room. Technically, it may be suitable, but if it is dark or bulky, or if it is too close to other furniture, it will appear large. In order to visually show the appearance of larger furniture in the room, take some time to cover the length and width of the floor (for example, with painter's tape) and the height of the table. Try standing on the corner of the roll with a tape measure and filling the space with similar-sized furniture (such as a few chairs), then step back and see how it feels. When you take a look, you can also ask a friend to stand there and measure it with a tape measure. If the table you are setting up does not have much breathing space due to other furniture nearby, consider using other tables with thinner or lighter frames.

The dining table is a seemingly large piece of furniture, and you need to consider the space around it.

If space is limited, consider using options such as leaves, which can expand the table. "This allows you to customize the table for different entertainment needs and party sizes," Mahoney said. In this regard, one thing Pourny warns against is that too many mechanisms or leaves are attached or hidden in the table (compared to independent leaves). He told us: "If you buy something that is too complicated, then there are more chances of failure." The strongest extension tables are those with solid leaves and separate units. After opening them, they are placed on the base (as opposed to the top Style or butterfly style). If the way you plan to use the table on weekdays and weekends is very different, an extended table might be a good choice.

Also, don’t forget the precautions for moving the dining table to your home first. Delimit any areas (including doorways, corridors and hard corners) that the table must walk through to limit your maneuverability. "First measure everything, and please a delivery team that can bring you good furniture!" Dyer said.

"The shape of the room must be said first, because some tables simply cannot work in some rooms," Dell told us. The table top has two main shapes series, square/rectangular or round/ellipse. Ideally, you want your table to fill the space proportionally, so if you have a rectangular room, try a rectangular or oval table; if you have more available space, a square or round table will be better.

Square or rectangular tables are the most common tables, so in terms of style, size, and extension, you will find the most options in that category. But a round or oval table can give you more space to move because it can cut off the corners, but still provides a good surface area. Dyer said: "For narrower rectangular spaces, an oval shape may be the best choice." Harris added: "A round or oval table is great for parties and conversations because the table does not have a head." As for crowding, You are only limited by the surroundings of the table, but once you set all the positions on a round or oval table, you may lose some space for tableware.

The base (usually a foot, base, or stand) may affect the number of people you can hold on the table. Hirschhaut said: "You just want to make sure that the leg space is not invaded by the support." When you see the table in person, sit on the table and see if your leg touches the leg of the table; When boarding, verify that your knees have enough space and that you can cross your legs under the table. The apron (the frame that fixes the table top) can reduce the space in the room.

If you want to add dinner guests flexibly, please pay attention to the width of the legs and the placement of the legs. Harris said: "Usually, the table legs are thin or the table legs are in the corners, which makes it easier to squeeze in additional chairs." And as Dyer pointed out, be careful: "The table legs are usually limited to stretch. How long without bending in the middle." A very large table may have two bases or a trestle base to support it, but a four-leg table may become unstable if it extends too far.

With a pedestal or trestle table, you can add more people to the table with greater flexibility. Harris said: "The central base is the best choice to attract people." Pourny told us that he was wary of larger round pedestal tables because they might not be as strong as four-leg tables. He said: "You must be able to rely on it and eat on it every day without tipping over."

Trestle table can make you flexible on both sides of the table, but can limit the space at the end of the table. Dyer said: "The challenge for the trestle table is that there may be many chairs on the table that cross the base." This situation may be uncomfortable and the chair cannot be pushed in. But Pourny tells us that he likes this style because it is strong and rooted in antique furniture. To ensure that there is enough space for your knees, please carefully check the space between the stand design on the edge of the table and the stand support.

This is the fun part! You can find thousands of options, so you should narrow down your choices first. "Do you want formal elegance or casual comfort? Do you want a comfortable room or a luxurious room?" Hirschhot said. If you are starting from scratch, browse through the various sites and create a Pinterest board to see what appeals to you.

"If you get something that is too fashionable and too much detail, you may wake up one day and wonder what you are thinking. Keep it simple and strong."

-Christophe Pourny, senior furniture restorer

That said, because the dining table is a major investment, the best option is to temporarily find what you want. Pourny advises not to choose anything too fashionable. He said: "If you get something that is too fashionable and too many details, you might wake up one day and wonder what you are thinking." "Keep it simple and strong."

He also said that in general, he found that lighter woods (such as white oak or bleached wood), original or natural finishes, and weathered materials made with cleaner lines tend to stand the test of time. In the past 10 to 15 years, medieval style furniture has become more and more popular, and this popularity continues to grow.

Solid wood is a classic material because it is durable and easy to repair. Pine, acacia, mango and teak are cheaper woods and are becoming more and more popular these days. Different woods have different hardness-for example, pine is much softer than gum arabic, and gum arabic is softer than walnut. Hirschhot said: "Solid wood is the most popular, although it is usually the most expensive." Manufacturers have been working hard to reduce the price of solid wood-IKEA has not yet finished

It costs about $80, but a large table sold by another retailer may cost $1,000 or more.

"If it is high-quality wood, you can strip it within ten years and still be able to use it." Christophe Pourny

Dyer said: "There has been a shift from dark stains to recognized natural materials and wood species." Under the abuse of children, prestressed blocks with rustic finishes can be worn better.

Wood will expand and shrink under high temperature and high humidity conditions, scratches and wear may appear, but it is quite easy to repair. "If it is high-quality wood, you can strip it within ten years and still be usable," Pourny said. Hirschhaut added that heat and moisture can damage the surface, so "be prepared to protect the table top with a mat, cloth, mat or low foot pad."

Solid wood veneers are usually a more economical choice for solid wood. To make wood veneers, manufacturers glue a very thin layer of solid wood (or a material printed to look like wood) to plywood or other wood core. Depending on the manufacturer and the material, woodcarving veneers can be as strong as solid wood or very fragile. "Usually, veneer is used to achieve one of two goals: a decorative pattern on the top (for better products) or a solid wood appearance (to reduce costs by using a cheaper substrate underneath)," Dyer said. "A well-made veneer will be slightly thicker (1/36 inch or larger), and will use multi-layer, cross-laced plywood as the core of its gluing."

Harris told us that she found that high-quality solid wood veneers are as stable as solid wood. In order to determine high-quality veneers, look for tables with obvious internal core labels, such as kiln-dried hardwood. Dyer said: "However, lower-quality veneers will be thin, print poorly, and will be applied to multi-density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard." Harris agreed, using fiberboard or other recycled wood The veneer added to the composite wood made of pulp-based material has poor durability and is not easy to delaminate (the veneer will fall off the substrate). "To avoid using these lower-quality products, please avoid using cores made of MDF or particleboard, and pay attention to phrases such as "all wood", which can refer to anything derived from wood (such as newspapers) Or "engineered wood," which could mean wood composites with synthetic resins," Dell said. You can expect to buy lower-priced veneers for less than $500, while high-end veneers have thousands.

Another way to find cheap veneers is to look under the table in the store. Dyer said: "If only the exterior is finished, but the bottom looks like another material, the manufacturer is cutting costs." Also look along the outer edge of the table. Dyer pointed out: "On a solid wood table or a well-veneered table, the wood grain will run in the same direction instead of changing direction." Russell mentioned another concern: "Beware of those that seem too cheap. Product and make sure the particle board says it is

Meets the standard, which means it has passed the emission test. "Dyer said, you can always ask the salesperson for the exact shape of the table. If they are not sure, it is a red flag. Usually, you can decorate the wood veneer with a little stain or paint, but like solid wood, please try Avoid direct contact with heat and moisture.

The stone table top may include marble, quartz composite material or cast stone (such as cement). Dyer told us: “The stone category has natural and artificial choices, but it is not a big choice on the table.” Although stone is durable, it can be porous and can easily absorb stains. Hirschhot said: "Depending on the manufacturing method, it may break or break." Once it happens, it is difficult or impossible to repair. Such a desktop can also be heavy. The price of stone may actually be different: the price of cement top parts may be under US$500, but the parts of marble top tend to be thousands.

The glass table top can be transparent, frosted or colored. Hirschhaut said they are relatively inexpensive and "can create a sense of space and openness." Although glass is not susceptible to moisture, it can shatter, scratch or crack due to heat. It also displays every fingerprint, making it more expensive to maintain. If you are not too clumsy, a good glass table top can last for decades, but if you tend to break the edges or drag the board on the table, it will start to deteriorate after a few years. You can find large glass tables for less than US$750.

Metals, including stainless steel, brass, zinc, and painted or painted versions of these materials, are used more frequently than desktops. Hirschhaut tells us: "Metal is strong and durable and not easily damaged." However, because it has a high gloss, it can show every fingerprint and may require special cleaning tools, giving it higher maintenance options. Harris found that lacquered metal is difficult to repair: "If you cut a chip on a high-gloss or lacquered table, it will be difficult to modify it. I had to try to use nail polish with topcoat to try Fix it." Metal tables can be cheaper than wooden tables, although metal tables that are more complete than communal tables are rarely found.

Man-made materials, either molded into a shape or glued to plywood or another core, are an inexpensive option. Harris pointed out: "They can last a long time, but they are not considered the best quality materials." These materials are easy to resist contamination and require little maintenance, but these parts usually look cheap.

A good dining table is sturdy and well-made, and its surface is durable and hardly wears out. Dyer said: "This material is an important part of a good structure, but the table can only be as good as joinery."

It's an industry term for where the base and table top can be put together-the stronger you put it, the longer the service life of the table. "Wood is a good material because it can hold screws, as well as old-fashioned joints such as tongue and groove, dovetail, mortise or tenon or tenon," Dyer said.

In the store, you can look under the floor samples: the wood directly connected to the wood is very strong, and too many attachments and hooks can weaken the structure. Generally, the simpler the better. "Look at the junction of the legs on the table and the corners-if the pieces start to separate, you will see gaps in the corners, or they will shake when moving, the structure is not good," Harris warned. "A good table should help; you don't want your legs to shake." Russell said. And beware of really cheap tables: they can be fixed together with only staples and glue, but they are not very strong.

Mahoney recommends, on the surface, look for a table with a "smooth top" and avoid rough-surface grooves or "debris catchers" (Russell's words) between the boards or on the surface (which may make it difficult to clean). It includes some spaces where you can separate the table for expansion. Generally, the more moving parts (whether they are connected by screws or through the expansion mechanism of the leaf), the greater the chance of failure of the workbench. "The best leaves are those that can be pulled out of the table and placed on top," Pourny said. "Too many mechanisms-pushing this, spring-will become tricky."

In order to determine which table to recommend, we searched the websites of furniture retailers, including Amazon, Arhaus, Article, Ashley Furniture HomeStore, Birch Lane, Blu Dot, CB2, Cost Plus World Market, Crate and Barrel, Design In Reach, Ethan Allen, IKEA, JCPenney, Joybird, Macy's, Pier 1, Pottery Barn, Raymour & Flanigan, repair hardware, board and lodging, Target, Wayfair, West Elm and Z Gallerie. We look for their best-selling products and their highest-rated tables (not always the same thing).

We analyzed each table according to the following conditions:

We checked the tables in showrooms including CB2, Cost Plus World Market, Crate and Barrel, IKEA, Raymour & Flanigan, Pier 1, and West Elm, and tested three tables in Wirecutter's office. We evaluated the following attributes:

For the tables we tested in the office, we were also able to evaluate the delivery and assembly process.

Because the choice of dining table is based on the size of the space you have, the plan of using the dining table, and your tastes, we recommend that you use some of the most common dining tables. We did not test this guide in parallel, but we did sit down at all these tables in the store, showroom or our office. Based on our research, we believe that these tables will remain in good condition over time and are the best products for prices under $1,000.

These tables can hold 2 to 4 people, or 6 if you are a good friend. They have a small footprint, so they can work in a small dining space or as a kitchen table.

This sturdy oak table should resist scratches and scratches better than a cork table, and the low-key style of the mid-century will complement various interior decorations.


It is one of the few hardwood tables we found under $700. Because it is oak, we think Seno looks longer than similar tables made of cork or wood veneer. Slender, splayed legs are in fashion in the middle of this century, but they are not too exaggerated. The other mid-century style tables we have seen are bulky, out of our price range, or are made of wood veneer. Seno is easy to assemble; the position it reaches is flat, we only need to tighten the legs one by one without any tools. This table also came in

We do not yet know the long-term use of this watch, but we will pay close attention to Seno as we continue the long-term testing. The owner reviews of this article are generally positive. At the time of writing, the table received 4.8 stars out of 53 reviews (out of 5 stars), but many two-star and three-star reviews were It shows that the top is most easily scratched. However, based on the durability of hardwoods, we are still happy to recommend Seno because we have seen Houzz readers

Terms related to delivery time and customer service furniture. We also recommend the company’s

47 inches in diameter and 29 inches in height

Oak, walnut

This is the best budget option we found for a solid wood table and four chairs. This is a good location for the first apartment. Just remember, soft dents and scratches are easy.

This is one of the cheapest and most acclaimed solid wood tables we can find (IKEA does have cheap wooden tables, but they are not finished). Pine wood is easier to dent and scratch than hard wood, but it can withstand peeling and repairing (and

). Many of the very cheap tables we see are made of metal or plastic and have a more modern style, so they look like cheap restaurant tables. The traditional style and neutral stains of this model make it look more premium and expensive. In the shop, we found that this table is small but sturdy and can be easily moved to the apartment. If you upgrade to a larger space, you can use it as a desk in the future. In addition, the package also includes chairs.

The table is small and comfortable for four people. The floor samples we have seen have some nicks, including dents, which seem to be those created when someone writes hard with a pen (this is a problem specific to softer woods such as pine). Due to high shipping costs, you may wish to purchase this form yourself. It has no warranty.

46½x29⅛x29⅛ inches (LWH)


This is the best solid wood table we have found (Prime shipping is also included), and the price is about $250. strong and sturdy. Modern chairs will help dilute the country atmosphere.

Butcher style

It is one of Amazon's best-selling products and has received high customer reviews. Although it is one of the cheapest solid wood tables we have ever found, it is well-made and durable, with a lacquered solid wood table top that seems to be durable. The price includes delivery (via Amazon Prime), and it is a good choice if you want a cheap wooden table and do not live near an IKEA store (or have a car to go there). The oak table top on this model should be more durable than the pine tree IKEA uses on the actual wooden table (although it will still dent and scratch easily). The small size of this piece makes it very suitable for use in apartments, kitchen dining tables and even desks or craft tables. Narrow, well-spaced legs provide maximum seating capacity. You can use a more modern chair to lower the appearance of a country kitchen, or paint the table on the table. It is also available in an unpainted version. We found that Damen is easy to assemble-we only need to fix the legs. After about 15 minutes, one person can put them together.

Although the time to assemble this watch is easy and it is in pristine condition, some Amazon reviewers complain that the tabletop is easily scratched. As we continue to test, we will pay close attention to the wear on the top of the table. Other comments say that Damen is suitable for more than two people. We easily seated four people at this table, although six people might be crowded. Please note that unlike the IKEA Jokkmokk table, the price of this model does not include

47½x29½x29½ inches (LWH)


If you have a dedicated dining space, please fill the table with fine dining tables. These large tables (from 54 inches to 92 inches in length) can accommodate 6 to 8 people, and you can increase their seats if you are willing to squeeze.

The sturdy table is just over 92 inches, making it a good choice for a large dining area. It is cheaper than similar-sized models and has cleaner lines than most country farmhouse tables.

In true IKEA fashion,

I gave you a lot of money. It is the largest and most beautiful table we can find under $1,000. This table has a lightweight, distressed appearance and picnic table style structure, with a casual and rustic appearance, but because of its simple lines and slightly open legs, it has a more style than other farm-style tables. It is versatile. We found that Möckelby's apron was shallow and had wide legs, so it was very comfortable, and the central armrest surprisingly had a good footstool. Considering that this watch is the largest watch in this group, it is not expensive and feels heavy and sturdy in the store. Although this model is a single-board table, we have not read any customer complaints about its cut corners.

The floor model we looked at was in good condition, but we were worried that the seam in the middle of the table might jam crumbs. Even if the professionals we interviewed said they

Since this type of design is not very durable over time, this model provides you with a lot of table space, and the buyer reviews we have seen are very positive. IKEA does not provide a warranty, but given the high transportation costs, it is best to buy a table in a store if possible.

92½x39⅜x29⅛ inches (LWH)

Oak veneer

Silverado is cheaper and more modern than similar-sized glass tables. If you want a large table that can give the room a sense of airiness, Silverado is a good choice.

The glass high table looks gorgeous and old-fashioned, or too much like office industry, but 80 inches of minimalist style

A variety of interiors will be integrated. The table is cheap and cheaper than other retailers' glass table tops of the same size (and many other tables at CB2). Because the glass is transparent and the legs are reflective, the table will not look as big as a solid wood table in the room. CB2 also sold

And a model

The appearance is slightly different. The base is well placed, you can use the entire periphery of the table, and because this model does not have a table apron, it is very useful for people with long legs.

The surface of the floor model we saw was very scratched. Please use placemats on this table and avoid chairs with armrests as this will hurt the sides. And please note that although the glass is easy to clean, it will show any spills or fingerprints. CB2 does not provide any warranty and offers a limited return policy.

80 x 36 x29¼ inches (LWH)

Glass, chrome or brass feet

Compared to the other marble tables we considered, this model looks more timeless, and the top can withstand temperature changes, and may be less chipped than wood, but it will also stain more.

54 inches

Combines two main home decor trends: marble and brass. Although this model is the most trending table in our recommendations, its simple shape makes it unlikely to look outdated after ten years of use. The surface is a thin slab of Carrara marble (about one-third of an inch) glued to an aluminum core, forming a 3/4-inch thick flat plate. Other marble tables we have seen (such as the Crate and Barrel table) have very obvious scratches, sharp textures make them look fake, or have so many stylish details that they will quickly become obsolete. The thin legs on the Paradigm, the legs with larger intervals provide you with enough surrounding space to add a chair. Since the apron is shallow, we feel comfortable sitting there. It also has a

. Please note that marble is more resistant to temperature changes, chipping and scratches than wood, but it is easily soiled.

We saw many small scratches on the surface of the floor model, but they were only visible when we were very close. Marble is easier to stain than wood or glass. CB2 does not provide a warranty, and the return period is short. Since we first published this guide, the price has been slightly higher than $1,000, but we still think the watch is a good choice.

54 x 35 x30½ inches (LWH)

Marble table top, iron legs, brass finish

The double base on the table makes it easier to sit up with the legs around the corner (up to eight people). Although the top is a veneer, the table we see is not broken or scratched.

We like Pier 1

Characterized by its traditional style and light gray natural finish, it gives people a more casual, antique or beach feel. Compared with other tables of the same size and darker, the lighter surface and thinner base also make it lighter in visual weight. looks like

This is four times the price. Since two smaller bases (instead of four legs) support the table top, you can use the entire perimeter of the table to squeeze more chairs. It comes in too

style. The floor model we saw was covered by merchandise and located directly opposite the front door, but it had no scratches, which made us think it had a high-quality veneer. At the time of writing, customers have rated this table 4.7 stars (out of 5 stars) in more than 300 reviews.

After shaking, we found that the floor model was somewhat unstable, but it was not fully assembled. Because it is a veneer, you will not be able to trim the table, but if it cracks over time, you can repaint it. Pier 1 does not provide any warranty, so we recommend that you personally inspect the table in the store before ordering. Although most of the owners’ reviews of this table are positive, we have already seen some complaints about water stains and rings (we recommend using coasters and placemats to protect the surface of any table).

84 x 40 x30½ inches (LWH)

Bakelite veneer, Acacia

If you don’t have enough space for the dining table and want to entertain occasionally, the lower tables in this section will become very small, so you can put them on the wall or between other furniture when you are not entertaining.

This is the loose-leaf table with the best appearance and most functions we have found. When closed, it can be used well as a console; when open, it can hold up to six.

Usually, we find loose-leaf tables look a little silly-they look good when they are open, but they look bad when they are closed, and vice versa.

, But, in fact, it is actually like a console table when closed, it looks good with just a leaf (for example, if you are going to have dinner with another person), and it looks completely open . On the floor model, we found it easy to open and close the leaves. The style is clean, versatile, and because the top is made of strong acacia wood, which is more durable than pine or mango wood, it has better abrasion resistance than wood veneers (and can withstand repair paint, too). This table has also been well received by buyers: at the time of writing, out of 125 reviews on the Crate and Barrel website, it has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The floor model we saw had some depressions at the edges and was not as strong as the fixed tables we saw in the store. Because the leaves and legs are movable, in the long run, it has more potential points of failure, which may damage the hardware or loosen the joints. There is no warranty for this watch, and Crate and Barrel offers a limited return policy.

60 x15½x 30 inches (LWH)

60 x 38 x 30 inches (LWH)

Acacia table top, steel legs

The design of this model is similar to that of the Crate and Barrel Origami watch, but the price is about one-fourth of it. After a short time, the rubber wood top may scratch more, but in general, we think it is a good value.

If you like Crate and Barrel’s origami table, but it’s beyond your budget, then 40 inches

, The reduced version of Target is a good choice. It is 20 inches shorter in length, but the width is about the same, only a quarter of the price. It can be folded into a console; when opened, it can comfortably accommodate four people. The top plate is made of rubber wood. Compared with the acacia wood of the origami table, cork (similar to pine) is more easily damaged, but if it suffers damage over time, you can peel it off and repair it. Currently, it has an overall score of more than 4 stars out of more than 400 customer reviews on the Target website (out of 5 stars).

It is difficult for us to assemble this table. Unlike the simple 10 to 15 minute process of fixing the legs to Article Seno or Coaster Home Furnishings Damen, it takes two people at least 40 minutes to put this table together, so we need to practice. The owner’s comment indicated that others had similar experiences and pointed out that the table was difficult to assemble. The reviewer also noticed that the surface may be rough, and when the leaves fall, the width of the feet is wider than the table top.

40 x 20 x30½ inches (LWH)

40 x 40 x30½ inches (LWH)

Rubber wood top and legs

This model is one of the cheapest folding tables we have found and can hold up to six (if you want to squeeze). It looks better than other access control tables. It is made of solid wood and we found it to be very stable.

We found that many storage-oriented Gateleg tables look terrible, but

It is cute to open and close. It is currently about US$250, and a table that can accommodate 6 people is very cheap. When closed, it can comfortably accommodate two people and can be folded toward the kitchen wall to free up floor space. When opened, the floor model we saw was very stable. The table top and frame are sturdy pine wood, a softer wood that dents faster than other woods, but you can sand and repair it to fix the damage. The gray primer gives it a newer rustic look. The small drawer under the table top is a good place to store linen. You can also get

The table is very narrow (just over 30 inches wide), so it feels smaller than our other smooth picks when opened. The floor model we saw had some gaps in the surface. Due to the mechanism of the extended table, it has more areas that may fail in the future. The Gamleby cannot be purchased online, so you will need to trek to an IKEA store to buy it. It has no warranty.

26⅜x30¾x29⅛ inches (LWH)

52¾x30¾x29⅛ inches (LWH)

79⅛x30¾x29⅛ inches (LWH)

This model is one of several moderately priced folding round tables we found, and they look good whether they are opened or closed. It is made of sturdy acacia, can be folded to only 18 inches wide, and can hold four when the leaves are opened.

Unlike other round folding tables we have observed,

Both opening and closing are good. It is cheaper than the similar size wood table we have seen (it is made of strong gum arabic). When fully extended, the floor model is sturdy. It has a good leg-to-top ratio, and the style makes it look like antique or new. This table is 36 inches in diameter when opened, spans the floor between the classic 30-inch bistro style table and the standard round (above 42 inches), and can be folded to 18 inches wide (moderate size). At the side table). When the table is fully extended, two will be comfortable and four will be very comfortable.

The floor model we saw was a bit broken, but not as bad as some pine tables we saw at IKEA, and because of the solid wood, this table can withstand repair work. If you are looking for a small round table meeting, aren't you? The table looks bigger than it looks online, more like a coffee table than a side table.

36 x 18 x 30.2 inches (LWH)

36 inches in diameter, 30.2 inches in height


If you don’t already have a dining chair, the most important thing when buying chairs is to make sure they fit the table. Harris told us: “People used to buy tables and chairs in the form of tables, but they don’t do that anymore.” Russell suggests that if you are buying from scratch and buying online, please buy in groups to ensure that the scale is consistent. The primer can work well together, but if you are in a store, you can try different floor models. "People should mix and match at will," Pourny said. For small spaces, Pourny also recommends that you buy a few extra chairs and use them in other rooms when you don’t need a table to save space.

After setting up and disassembling 9 folding tables, we chose a strong and compact

To get additional table space.

We consulted with four small space experts to help you decide what to buy (not buy) to optimize your small apartment.

Hosting the first dinner party may seem daunting, but we found that you can relax and have a relaxing dinner to prepare all the best items.

When you host Thanksgiving for the first time, it's best to keep it simple. These are the foundations you really need, and they will serve you throughout the year.

Small spaces require easy-to-store dual-duty items: large cutting boards, folding chairs, kitchen carts, etc.

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