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These gaming chairs allow you to save your budget.

Many companies provide gamers with affordable racing and non-racing style gaming chairs when budgets are tight. Many of these options can upgrade your game settings without destroying funds.

Among many companies, the most popular gaming chair shape is a racing gaming chair, which was first designed by DXRacer in 2006. Although you can buy a high-end racing-style gaming chair for hundreds of dollars, not everyone can afford to sit in a new place for a few hundred dollars.

Here are some of the best budget gaming chairs for under $200.

Very similar to DXRacer's iconic chair. Respawn produces several different chair designs, with different quality and price. The Respawn 110 is at the low end of the company's product range, but it is a sturdy chair with most of the key features of a racing chair.

110 can rotate 360 ​​degrees, tilt from 90 degrees to 155 degrees. Unfortunately, the armrests on this chair are difficult to customize, which is definitely a disadvantage. When you lean, the armrests will move back together with your chair, but other than that, they cannot be adjusted up and down, left and right. This is a major disadvantage of this product.

The silhouette of the chair can fit your body well, although the shoulder area may be limited for gamers with taller heights or wide shoulders. Respawn’s 110 chairs are decorated with glued leather, and most of the gaming chairs on this list use this material. Bonded leather is quite comfortable, but after long-term use, the material tends to become sticky and hot. The lack of air permeability of bonded leather can cause this discomfort.

In addition to the standard neck and back pillows, this chair also has a built-in footrest for maximum relaxation. With this feature, you won’t see many options under $200.

Respawn 110 comes in a variety of colors, including blue, black and white, and pink.

GTRacing is a company that produces cheap racing game chairs. Their chair design is essentially a direct peel of the DXRacer chair. Even the logos on the pillows and headrests mimic the appearance of DXRacer. If you are looking for an inexpensive chair with the same functions as DXRacer,

May be a good choice.

This chair is equipped with a metal frame, a sturdy five-wheel base and high-grade foam seat and backrest. It is decorated with polyurethane (PU) leather, which is a common vegan alternative to traditional leather. The 890M has all the hottest features of a racing game chair, including an adjustable backrest support pad, a movable neck pillow, a 360-degree rotation range, recliner function and fully adjustable armrests.

The value of fully adjustable armrests that can move up, down and left and right cannot be underestimated. The multifunctional armrest allows game players to adjust the height and direction of the armrest to provide a more ergonomic gaming experience. The premium armrests on this chair separate it from some of the other options on this list.

The weird function of the 890M gaming chair must be its built-in Bluetooth speaker system. The speaker is built into the chair behind the shoulder and connected to the PC or console via a small USB Bluetooth transmitter. This feature is not a reason to buy this chair, but it is a nice bonus feature.

If you are looking for a cheaper DXRacer chair, this may be your best choice. GTRacing's 890M undercuts the cheapest DXRacer option, while providing similar design, functionality and functionality. By adding a speaker system, the chair may be technically more versatile than DXRacer, albeit with unnecessary functions.

The design is between the gaming chair and the traditional office chair. Although its back support and armrest design are reminiscent of an office chair, its contour shape and style are similar to a game chair. The hybrid design provides a comfortable sitting posture, making this chair ideal for long hours of work or entertainment.

This chair is made of bonded leather and bright and breathable fabric. Leather brings an elegant, modern feel to this chair, while the breathable fabric part keeps the chair cool during prolonged use.

In terms of comfort, this chair is ergonomic. The backrest is perhaps the best on this list and is designed to provide proper support for your back and legs. Although racing chairs perform well in many ways, the adjustable cushions that are usually provided may be too large for some users. In many respects, the ergonomics of this modified racing-style seat is actually better than the usual DXRacer-style seat, which can be placed on your shoulders and provides less built-in back support.

The biggest disadvantage of this chair is the lack of customizable armrests. You can only flip up and down the armrest. If good handrails are important to you, then this may not be for you.

You can buy chairs in many colors, including red, purple, blue, white and pink. The OFM gaming chair is the lowest-priced option on this list and brings you a lot of benefits.

It is a lightweight gaming chair designed to stay cool and comfortable all day long. Of any chair on this list, Respawn 200 will still be the coolest during a long game. Respawn 200 keeps cool under the reinforced mesh backing to increase ventilation and airflow to the back of the chair. 

In addition to the unique mesh backrest, this chair also has everything you expect from a racing game chair, including 360-degree rotation, alloy steel structure and an adjustable tilt angle of 90 to 130 degrees. Respawn 200 is also equipped with fully adjustable armrests, making this chair one of the most versatile options on the list.

Another way this chair stands out is the design of the shoulder area. Many racing chairs have the narrow shoulder space of the DXRacer design, which may frustrate larger users. However, this chair waives the annoying shoulder inserts while maintaining the headrest, making it the best racing chair among tall players.

Red, white, blue and lemon green chairs can be purchased. If you are looking for a well-ventilated racing-style gaming chair that will not crush your shoulders, then this may be a good choice for you.

The final product on our budget gaming chair list is

. It is the only gaming chair on this list specifically designed for non-PC gamers. The chair is suitable for console game players, free from the constraints of binding PC players to their desks. The BOSSIN gaming chair can provide a reasonable and comfortable recliner experience in your living room or game room at a very affordable price.

The design of this chair is similar to high-quality theater seats with comfortable armrests and a spacious design. BOSSIN’s recliner has excellent lumbar support and a thick headrest. It is decorated with PU leather and has a high-quality foam pad underneath, which provides a firm and comfortable sitting posture.

The backrest of the BOSSIN gaming recliner can be adjusted between 90 and 180 degrees. BOSSIN's economic recliner also has an adjustable footrest, which makes the recliner a suitable choice for games and naps.

This chair is not suitable for PC gamers, but it may be a good choice for game console players. If you are in the living room or game room chair market, the BOSSIN gaming lounge chair can provide stable value.

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