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To the editor:

On January 5th, the Bowling Green School Education Committee held a virtual meeting. After the meeting, I sent this email to each board member:

"After listening to the board meeting, I was a little worried. A face-to-face BOE meeting was held. Thank you Ryan (Myers, board member) for resolving this issue. As far as I know, the supervisor Francis Scruci will Discuss with Ben Robinson (Director of the Wood County Health Department) about safety in the PAC lobby (where meetings are usually held).

"But the more relevant question should be:'Can we hold these meetings in the PAC Auditorium safely? In this hall, the board of directors can be more than 6 feet apart on the stage, while community members can stagger their seats and sit in the auditorium. Is it?" Obviously, the auditorium has a much larger space and can accommodate many people, while still providing social guidance.

"I urge you to raise this issue with Ben, not just lobbying. In addition, I understand that you will re-discuss this topic in two weeks, but the city school website has shown that by March 19, all BOE Virtual meetings will be held at the meetings. I think this decision has not been reached. For nearly a year, no public meetings have been held so the community can express their concerns. Face-to-face meetings are maintained in the following regions: Otsego, North Baltimore, Iss Twood and Elmwood. If they can do it, then I believe we can too."

I have not received a reply. The following community members also (at various points in time) sent emails to the board and/or director, but did not respond: John Bidinger, Casey Schlenker, and Katie Miller, among many others. The board members are civil servants. We elect them. They are here to serve us, but they refuse to let us speak and ask questions.

I urge you to contact this committee and call on them to hold a public board meeting, but what are the benefits of doing so?

Brenda Parker

Bowling green

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