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The new headquarters will set up a dedicated task force center to address the future of the tire industry

BKT's new European headquarters in Sereno, a suburb of Milan, officially opened on April 5th to convey the company's goal of achieving a "higher level". 

"The creation of our new headquarters is not just a construction project. For us, it also has potential strategic significance." explained Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe. "We have been working hard to expand our influence and market share in Europe, and the most important thing is to maintain closer contact with European OEM customers. Our goal is to permanently strengthen the presence of the BKT brand with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Know how to achieve this goal. We have opened many doors for aftermarket reference and continue to explore new opportunities. Our new headquarters plays a key role in this regard.

She continued: "Now, we will be much stronger than every region and every field in Europe: agriculture, industry, earthwork, mining, port handling activities, gardening and all-terrain vehicles." "Now, with us. At the recent Bhuj factory, we already have one of the most complete product lines on the market, and the production capacity has been increased. We are ready to grow."

Facts have proved that the European market is very important to the company, accounting for 50% of BKT's turnover, which exceeded US$900 million last year worldwide.

The new office covers an area of ​​500 square meters and is optimized for different professional areas: technical intervention, logistics, original equipment management, marketing and corporate management. The new and larger warehouse was used to consolidate previously dispersed warehouses in other locations and is now in the same structure to improve logistics processes.

The new structure also houses BKT Space, a unique information and technology center for dedicated tires. It is equipped with an auditorium and training facilities that can accommodate 50 people, suitable for holding conferences, technical meetings and small events.

BKT Space is committed to the company's partners, distributors, customers and detailed design, free and independent as a highly professional off-road tire center. it is 

Rajiv Poddar, joint managing director of BKT, said: "We are at a watershed." "Here, we can meet market challenges, and then roll out all the challenges in turn. Our primary goal is to understand our customers' priorities and needs. We will be able to Play the biggest role in this brand new space. This is a completely innovative technical working environment. We will use it to prove our ability to perform even more measurements. We will prove that we are ready to reach the "next level." "

Since BKT was established in 2006, its European subsidiaries have developed rapidly, responsible for overseeing the global strategy and operational marketing and communication functions of the entire group, and managing European OEM sales. BKT Europe also has a field-ready technical team that can actively respond to the best use of the product and the best use of the product, and respond when support and troubleshooting are needed.

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