Buddy Holly Hall set to bring major entertainers, tourism to the Hub City

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Lubbock, Texas (KCBD)-The construction of Buddy Holly Hall is coming to an end. In the next few months, two performance halls, a ballet studio and a restaurant will be open to the public.

This privately funded and state-of-the-art facility worth 153 million US dollars has noise control levels, architectural style and sophistication, which can bring Lubbock's number one performer, tourism and hundreds of journalism, Lubbock entertainment Said Tim Collins of the Art Society.

"You have retail. You have to have engineering skills. You have trucks. You have sounds. You have lighting. You really have nothing to do with singers, dancers or songs. That's what I want to say, here in Labbock We don't recognize many job opportunities, and art plays a big role in our economy," Collins said.

The main attraction is a large performance hall that can accommodate thousands of people. Collins said the noise control level is 15, which is the same as Carnegie Hall.

The first performance will be the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra on January 23, which is now sold out.

The large stage and accommodating backstage equipment will drive Broadway performances and other key entertainers, Collins said, this will allow college students and professionals to stay in Lubbock.

"They want to see the city. Well, if we move to Lubbock, what will we get. What will my family have the opportunity to do? This is very important when we talk about recruitment." Collins said.

Collins said that although live entertainment is being suspended as we continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic, local artists and musicians will be able to use the facility. Lubbock ISD students will have access to a smaller performance theater. The cricket theater can accommodate 400 people and has a noise control level of 15.

Collins said that his friend Holly Hall has the potential to cater to future UIL competitions and events.

In addition, Bubbdy Holly Hall has its own studio. Collins said the studio is the same size as the main stage theater.

In addition to entertainment, United Supermarkets is also responsible for the internal restaurant called Rave On. It can accommodate up to 100 people inside or outside. This kind of restaurant will bring hundreds of job opportunities and may revitalize urban traffic, especially in the arts district.

To keep up with the development of the event, you can find a news letter

Camelia Juarez is from San Antonio and is currently a reporter for KCBD News Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas.

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