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6:30-8 pm on January 13th. Published by the local chapter of the National Book Association. Zoom on virtual from Delray Beach. 561-569-2625.

. free.

7-8 pm on January 13th. Reply via email with a link to attend this virtual monthly meeting. Contact Laura Jaffe at

Or Leslie Pfeiffer

More information

12:15 pm on January 14 and February 11. At 12:15 pm on the second Thursday of every month, together with the curatorial consultant Derek T. Davis, we will lead you into the world of the Ely family, and you will return for lunch. Via Pompano Beach Arts' Facebook site.


7-9pm on January 14th. Meeting every Thursday throughout the year. Join this Zoom meeting and discussion to get your ideas, conversations and lessons to make life more fulfilling and fulfilling. A virtual person from Miami. 305-968-1257.

4-5 pm on January 15th. Participate in the "Beyond Einstein's Universe" scientific lecture with Dr. Ivan Agullo. A virtual phone from Boca Raton, 561-297-3254. The RSVP for Zoom webinar link is at

Until January 15. The Dorothy F. Schmidt School of Arts and Letters will debut four online exhibitions for the first time, which will incorporate considerations of current and historical political issues. Every online demo can be accessed via the link below

At 8 pm on January 16th. Join this streaming show and enjoy some cool (virtual) jazz music while chef Jose Andres raises funds for the World Central Kitchen. Proposed by Miami Pinecrest Gardens (Pinecrest Gardens). 305-669-6990.

. $15 per show.

Until January 16. In the Rosenbaum Contemporary Art Gallery in Boca Raton, the digital viewing of the exhibition also includes a 360-degree virtual tour. 561-994-9180. see


At 3 pm on January 17, art director Brett Karlin presented Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony". This is an interactive online concert experience in Fort Lauderdale. 954-641-2653.

6:30-7:30 pm on January 19th. The writers will discuss their upcoming novel "The Last Man on Earth". Hosted by the Stonewall National Museum and Archives in Fort Lauderdale. 954-763-8565.

. free.

It will be on WPBT at 7:30pm on January 19th and WXEL on January 21st at 5:30pm. The new series premieres on PBS Radio in Florida every Tuesday and Thursday. Tell the story of the South Florida Museum, an incubator of experimental art, guerrilla dance performances, and digital art in augmented reality. see

January 21st at 8 pm. As Leslie Gray Streeter (Leslie Gray Streeter) personally narrated, explore the "black widow" behind the scenes. Hosted by ArtSmart Writer Academy and Kravis Performing Arts Center. access

. The Zoom webinar fee is $15.

4-5 pm on January 22. Attend this FAU Science Frontier Lecture and ask: What will happen in the future? Dr. Christopher Rhea is a virtual person from Boca Raton. 561-297-3254.

The deadline for participation in the event is January 23. Registrants can walk, run or ride a bicycle 5K/10K within the safe range of their own community. All funds received will be used for the COVID-19 emergency relief fund to meet the physical activity and nutritional needs of local young people. Virtually from Fort Lauderdale. 954-354-7269. Registering

. $35.

This is a 5K and 5 mile walking/running event, you can take part in rain or sunny days because it is actually before January 24 to support Broward's boys and girls club. 954-537-1010.

. $30-$35.

Until January 28, 5-6 pm every week. Hosted by Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family Service Center, from Zoom in West Palm Beach. 561-684-1991.

12:15 pm on February 11th. On the second Thursday of every month, together with the curatorial consultant Derek T. Davis, we will lead you through the world of the Ely family while you have lunch. On Facebook Live at Blanche Ely House Museum in Pompano Beach, or visit

Exhibited at the Boca Raton Art Museum in September. Artist Renee Cox used modern people of color to reshape the signatories of the Constitution in a 12-by-15-foot photo in an attempt to eliminate stereotypes. 561-392-2500. See preview

Ongoing activity.

Watch a quick overview of "In Orbit" and "First Fleet" on the Pompano Beach Arts YouTube channel

Or visit

Ongoing activity. "From Pencil to Painting" by William J. Glackens will remain in the NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale until spring. Watch the new exhibition of the South Florida Cultural Association and more virtual tours

An ongoing event. Peer-supported discussions on male issues, female issues, LGBTQ, divorce and separation, widows and id husbands, and general life issues are held every week. Zoom meeting. Call 561-483-5300.

. Donate $10 a month.

Every day until May 16. Hosted by Levis JCC, it contains more than 50 movies, as well as a Q&A webinar. 561-558-2514.

. Each item starts at $4.99-$12 or more; the price starts at $59; the link is 72 hours. The public welcomes.

Ongoing activity.

Submit enquiries at any time; the answer is available: From 9 am to 5 pm, the health channel of South Florida PBS Radio (WPBT and WXEL) launched a free health consultation service. Through real-time chat with health consultants who provide immediate response, individuals can access general health and wellness information and answers. Ask Hanna can be checked online at the following website

Learn more about the history of the Manatee Lagoon, the FPL Ecological Discovery Center and the educational attractions of Riviera Beach. Follow Mia on Manatee Cam and complete family activities. access

. 561-626-2833 or

A new conversation will be released at 6 AM on Sunday. The courses include sermons and meditations, children's lessons, videos and music. Keep in touch with Podcasts and inspiring books every day

Watch the 500,000 gallon Gulf Stream exhibit that includes sharks, tuna, demon rays, turtles, and more. Watch the video about "Bird Song and Monkey Business". Visit the Philip Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami

Visit the photo studio with gardens, species display, flowering plants and insect zoo. Watch the video on YouTube

. Visit the online gift shop and order a roadside ladybug or roadside shuttle service.

Ongoing activity. The Global Dance Company in Miami provides virtual artist speeches, interviews with choreographers and experts, and specialized educational courses. PLGDC@HOME is streaming on PATREON. Subscriptions start at $10 per month.

Ongoing activity. In this virtual classroom, guests of all ages can watch video art making workshops, step-by-step handicraft tutorials, video lectures and storybook reading. New content is added regularly. Frank Otis Art Gallery in Pembroke Pines. 954-392-2120. access

A short version of the world premiere of the best local artists. Online recording. 305-445-1119 or visit

The digital stage features a series of planned concerts, speeches, performances and art education activities. Virtually from West Palm Beach.

Activities and procedures on Zoom. Pre-register to download instructions and register for stories and songs about magical unicorns, or learn watercolor painting, how to design paper airplanes or watch a Latin-style cooking demonstration. see

Ongoing activity. This self-guided adventure will provide you with the knowledge and motivation to get them out to enjoy the beach, find cool natural treasures and help wildlife at the same time. Recommended for people of all ages. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is closed, but your adventure awaits. Understand how

. 561-544-8605. free.

Watch the video and become a reef ranger; watch online skits about sea turtles, manatees and whales. Enjoy handicrafts or play BunnyPaloozza at the following places

Includes videos curated by all ages, including magic shows; zoom shows at the Miami Children's Museum; or "facts" with MODS. Meet with the engineers of the NASA Artemis program; visit the Flamingo Garden; or celebrate the legacy of Stevie Wonder. see

It only costs $12 to watch a recorded show, or watch the free digital shorts, "ZoomTube" and "behind the scenes" features, while the stage at Lake Worth Theater is dark. Register for online courses. Get tickets

48 hours. see

Ongoing activity. Free classes include singing, acting, dancing and improvisation. Stay in touch with this online series. You can also follow

Page to access previous videos and content. see

And click Education @ Home or visit

Ongoing activity. The Discovery and Science Museum publishes a video in the morning of the week, which contains daily online activities, resources and educational content. STEM programs range from story time and hands-on activities to scientific presentations. access

Or on


Provided by Florida Atlantic University

Suitable for educators, students and curious neuro explorers of all ages. download

, A puzzle, test or experiment developed by researchers from the FAU Brain Institute. Listen to podcasts and watch videos at

Visit the Cornell Art Museum at the Old School Square in Delray Beach for 25 minutes. Watch the video on YouTube

. 561-243-7922 or

Ongoing activity. It has entertainment and educational program production functions, and provides videos for all ages. Including creative writing classes, visual and therapeutic arts, music, lectures, interviews, workshops, basics of theater, storytelling, etc. Others are freely available at any time. Go to visit Po Sam Beach Art

Watch the instructional video from

Expert chef Elvis Bravo cooks his favorite brunch or demonstrates how to prepare basic and professional cooking works. Check out the cooking demonstration on Galleria’s Facebook page at:

The time and date are different in the LLI of Xinxing Southeast University. Courses, demos and programs for seniors on Zoom. Register at

. 954-262-8471 or email

. $30 per month or $15 each.

Ongoing activity. The Adrienne Arsht Center focuses on local musicians, actors, writers, visual artists, dancers and performers. The stage may be dark, but the Florida Grand Opera House, Miami City Ballet and New World Symphony Orchestra provide playlists, videos, interviews and performances at any time. see

Take a virtual tour or download ideas about home crafts. Activities include 360 ​​views of the gallery space with clickable content; iSpy 360, an adventure through YAA while learning new vocabulary; and in-depth art classes. access

Visit the city hall and listen to the audio guide. Visit the library, music room or billiard room, listen to the gilded age decoration, then sneak into the grand ballroom to get a glimpse of its magnificence. The living room is decorated in Louis XVI style. Take a tour

Lectures and resources are provided online through the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) in Fort Lauderdale. 800-288-1227.

. Videos archived online. free.

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