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For the conspiracy faction of the Colorado Republican Party, this is good news: Both candidates are currently competing for Congressman Ken Buck to be the chairman of the state Republican Party. Responsible for election fraud.

On January 12, former Secretary of State Scott Gessler and current Colorado Republican Vice Chairman Kristi Burton Brown spoke at the Arapahoe County Tea Party Conference.

Geisler said that he believed the presidential election was stolen, and Burton agreed that the party needed to "attack" the "dominance." The two have similar views not only on election fraud, but also on the rifts within the party and the failure of messaging and communication.

This is their support for conspiracy theories,

However, this should please the far-right members of its party for the violent rebellion attempt at the U.S. Capitol. Two candidates are trying to vote against them.

Many Republicans expressed support for Buck, believing that several county clerks of the party believed that the 2020 election was fair and there was no fraud, and they were angry about this.

"I think it is very important for us to know that our votes will not be manipulated,"

At the GOP group meeting on December 2, clerks from Montrose, El Paso and Weld counties attended the meeting.

The aspiring chairs Brown and Gessler wanted to be different. They summoned members of the Arapahoe Tea Party to radio host Randy Corporon. The state is one of the oldest tea party groups in the state and the latter is also Colorado’s Member of the Republican National Committee. During the extensive discussions in the conference room of Aurora's small office building, none of the visible participants wore masks.

Brown first resolved Dominion's conspiracy by reaching an agreement with the audience, who added the company to the Democratic Party’s list of goals.

Brown began to say: "We must continue to attack Polis." "For Griswold, Weiser, Bennet and Dave Young. We should lay the foundation-"

"And the dominion!" someone interjected.

Absolutely," Brown agreed.

The vice chairman of the Colorado Republican Party later used Dominion to distinguish himself from the chairman Ken Barker he hoped to replace.

"He and I do have a disagreement on the state party's position on how to deal with election integrity issues. Ken knows this. I think the state party should join the Jefferson and Boulder county parties and they called for a forensic audit of the Dominion voting machine. That's not it. Will hurt what we ask for. We should ask for. We should stand by our county.

The two county chairpersons are very skilled and know what they are talking about when it comes to election integrity. They have many people on the ground. They have been doing it for many years. They know what they are talking about. They are correct to request judicial audits. "

In a story


, JeffCo GOP chairman Denise Mund (Denise Mund) announced that her party will not "prove" county election results without reviewing the Dominion software code used to manage elections-even if the party does not prove the election results, the election The committee will do the same. Mond

Based on a conspiracy theory that has been debunked, Dominion Voting Systems changed the vote from Trump to Biden. The dissent of the Boulder GOP chairman is less specific,

. In the past ten years, Boulder’s Republicans have refused to prove the election results no less than eight times.

Brown declined to disclose any frauds she believed had occurred, and pointed out that she did not want to speak with a camera in the room.

Brown told Republicans at the party: "But, I can't actually say a lot, especially because someone is recording, haha." "But there are absolutely plans at work to ensure that the states parties pay attention to the integrity of the election and know them. What are you talking about, the chairpersons who spread their knowledge and abilities are working together on the integrity of the election and discovering fraud around the state. These very skilled chairpersons hope to promote their programs throughout the state to help other counties in Know how to commit fraud when it happens, because if we catch it as quickly as possible in many cases, we will be able to challenge it. This is a huge problem... Then, we can do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to figure out what happened. What, and the idea of ​​pursuing forensic audits. Again, I think the work must be behind the scenes, and I am happy to talk about it in personal conversations."

Scott Gessler, who served as Colorado's Secretary of State from 2011 to 2015, is even more blunt about the fact that the Democrats may be the culprit in stealing the White House from President Trump.

Geisler said at the meeting: "And I do think that if we conduct a full investigation, this election is likely to be stolen from our president." "I will only speak out. I have seen some skunk works, Okay? I’ve seen some nonsense from those Democrats, and we have to be prepared for it, Colorado, because we have a left-wing progressive Democrat, and they’re talking about how I established the Colorado gold standard. .. But she ruined it. We can easily become Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, where elections are often stolen and stolen during this cycle."

The former top election official in Colorado was cautious about fraud in his state, but Geisler still raised the possibility of "large-scale election fraud or certain election fraud" in Colorado. in spite of

In December of last year, Dominion performed well. Gessler also told the Arapahoe Tea Party that he was encouraging Colorado county secretaries and party officials to review the voting results of Dominion operations.

"It's a bit frustrating. I used to be Secretary of State, and now I have left, and now things are going to be terrible." "Look, this is how we audit Dominion. According to the Colorado Public Records Act, we can post the election Check the ballot images within 25 months of the ballot...Once we have these images, we can count them...I encourage some clerks to do this-or some party chairmen in our county, I know they have been with clerks Having talked about it, it is possible to set up a company called Clear Ballot. They can get votes from other companies, and then use equipment and equipment to vote to see the way of tabulation, because tabulation is the most verifiable part of the election... …

"So this is what we need to do, which will enable us to do one of two things. We either say, well, Dominion is straightforward, or there is indeed a large-scale election fraud or certain Some election fraud. I think we need to do this to restore confidence... We conduct risk limit audits. They are actually the most advanced equipment in the country and have proven that Dominion can. But I still believe that a full audit is appropriate ."

Finally, Geisler called the Democratic county staff in Jefferson and Arapahoe counties "lunatics."

When Geisler was still Secretary of State

As a result, Colorado counties hired Dominion Voting to preside over almost all elections in the state.

Neither Geisler nor Brown immediately responded to requests for comment. This article will be updated based on any responses received.

Watch the full answers of the two candidates about "candidate voting" here:

Neither leader was ashamed to criticize his party.

Geisler said: "In the past few years, I have observed a greater decline in [Colorado GOP]." "It's ugly, and I'm determined to reverse this situation. So this is where you become straightforward. . You will get someone who is willing, for example, not to throw sand on gears, but like tearing gears. If necessary, replace every damn gear."

Brown said unceremoniously: "There is no doubt that we do not have suitable candidates." She emphasized the need for recruitment and training, and said that cooperation with "effective third-party groups" is very important, with special mention of Geisler's groups. , Colorado Alliance, he founded 527 political organizations in 2016, which he described as "

. "The group spent just right

In the 2018-20 election cycle. Brown compared it with the Colorado Republican Party's own candidate development program (called the "Pioneer Program"), but she rejected it.

Brown said: "I think this is an ineffective plan." "Under my chairmanship, this will change significantly. We didn't run that kind of plan for applicants. We must improve it while keeping up with the successful The tripartite teams work together to let them do what they do best and build a network around our candidates."

Brown did not mention FEC United, which is another "third party organization" she works closely with (

Establish a "Law and Policy Center". ) Presumably as part of the network around Republican candidates. She also wants to infiltrate a progressive "third party group":

, Which helps progressive women run for office.

Brown said: "We need to listen to what they are doing." "Get good information for those who can enter the Emerge project and figure out who they tell others-that's great."

Geisler also issued an "intelligence" warning to Republicans: People are always watching, so pay attention to what you say. He cited the 2018 State Assembly Speaker Grady Nouis's campaign, which was partly derailed by the promotion of hate group rallies.

. He also mentioned Parker Mayor Jeff Torberg,

Apologies for posting the QAnon conspiracy on Facebook and joining the group encouraging public health workers.

Geisler said: "Our candidates need to emotionally understand that their Facebook feed has penetrated." "These things will always be directed at them endlessly. Look at Grady Nouis, what he has to face. Okay, Jeff Toborg has just been hit by some of his comments at Parker. We must do better at information discipline. And the way we are better at information discipline is to learn threats and Understand this, okay?

You need to know that these people have been taking care of you. Then, when doing message training, people need to practice responding. You see, I mean, we can be conservative, we can be a little forward, but you have to practice countermeasures. "

It is recommended that candidates maintain information exchange and insist that their views are universal political truths. It remains to be seen whether information discipline alone protects candidates who advocate debunking conspiracy theories.

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