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Caroline County Board of Supervisors Announcement Regulations on Public Hearing Proposal for the Full Return of Real Estate Taxes to Sell Part or Part of the Surplus Funds of Real Estate Beginning at 30, or you may hear about it afterwards, consider returning all or part of the remaining funds obtained from the following locations in the community service center auditorium at 17202 Richmond Turnpike, Milford, Virginia, as soon as possible, in order to collect more than Taxes, fines, interest, reasonable attorney's fees, fees and any tax arrears due to liens receivable. It is believed that the previous owner of the real estate was 7263 Ladysmith, LLC, liquidation trustee Christopher S. Schuster. The real estate description is as follows: 1.47 acres, improved, 7263 Ladysmith Road, tax ID 52-A-62; Virginia Code Section 58.1-3967, at the request of the former owner, provides heirs or transferees of any real estate sold under this section The governing body of any county or city that has received such surplus funds after demonstrating its prior rights may decide to pass a decree to the former owner, heir or assignee, or Unidentified beneficiaries provide relief and pay for the amount that the governing body considers suitable for the former owner, heir, assignee or unknown beneficiary. Due to the public health threat caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with the guidance and administrative order of the Governor of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Health on social evacuation and public gatherings, the number of people meeting in person in the conference room is limited. Therefore, prior to the start of the meeting, public comments will also be accepted in written form to enter the official minutes of the Caroline County Board of Supervisors, which will be read by the chairman or designated personnel at the board meeting. Those who wish to submit written comments can send the comments to Pam Hall ( of the County Administration Office by email or put the written comments in the treasurer's mailbox outside the front door of the County Administration Office. get on. 212 Main Street, Bowling Green, Virginia 22427. Comments submitted through the Treasurer’s safe deposit box should be placed in a sealed envelope clearly stating that “the public hearing considers recovering all or part of the remaining funds from the sale” tax arrears real estate.” Written comments may also be sent to Pam, the county administrative office Hall, Post Office 447, Bowling Green, Va. 22427. All comments must be closed for reading on Friday, January 22, 2021. Public records at the hearing. The written comments submitted must include the citizen’s name and Polling area. Please draft your comments so that they can be read into the record in no more than three (3) minutes at a typical oral reading speed. For comments provided in the name of a group or organization, the time limit is five (5) Minutes. After the time limit is exceeded, all notes that exceed these time limits will stop reading. Citizens who choose to attend in person to speak to the Supervisory Board at a public hearing must always maintain the recommended social distance, wear a mask, and before entering the building Take temperature measurements. The meeting will be broadcast live on the Internet via the YouTube channel Caroline County Virginia Government via the following link:

A copy of the full text of the proposed ordinance amendment has been archived on the website of the County Administrator’s Office and County Government at 212 North Bowling Green Avenue, Virginia, 22427, Virginia.

. Little County Magistrate Charles M. Culley

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