Catawba College performs COVID testing on entire college community before Spring Semester begins

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Salisbury, North Carolina (WBTV)-

The faculty and staff of Catawba College and the nursing students of the college face the challenge of bringing nearly 1,000 faculty and staff safely back to the Salisbury-Rowan community through a rapid COVID test during the pandemic.

After the exam plan on Sunday is over, the spring campus semester starts on Monday. Returning to the Catawba Committee, the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Nursing planned and executed traffic tests for most campus communities. The clinic was held at the Robertson Community College Center on Wednesday, January 20, and about 200 faculty and staff were tested. A total of 550 students took the test from Thursday to Sunday. After returning to campus, college athletes were tested by sports coaches earlier.

"This is an additional safety measure to ensure that we are as strong as we have been since last fall," said Dr. Valerie Rakes, head of the Department of Nursing/Health Sciences and Human Performance. "Last fall, Catawba did not have to execute remote instructions due to careful monitoring of COVID-19 and the development of policies."

A total of 41 nursing students and 6 nursing staff were tested. Rakes said: "My nursing students volunteered to participate in this clinic excitedly, and also assisted in COVID vaccination in Rowan and surrounding counties." Most students work for two to three days from 8 am to 5 pm

She said: "This opportunity allows my students to complete actual experiential training." "This provides the nursing department with an opportunity to serve our community and enable it to build personality and professionalism."

Dr. Jim Hand, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, said: “This service not only conforms to Catawba’s values, but also provides our nursing students with the necessary clinical experience. When this idea was first proposed, there was no hesitation. They just started. Plan. I am a member of this group. They are always looking for ways to serve."

After the nursing students completed their laboratory work, the personnel conducting the tests at the three sites waited in the car for 15 minutes to receive the confidential results. Nurses at the Student Health Center tracked those who tested positive and contacted them. Those who tested positive were sent home or, if convenient, sent to an off-campus quarantine area for 14 days. According to Sandra Yamane, an assistant nurse and trainee in a nursing program, others who have been exposed to COVID have been quarantined for 11 days. She added: "We operate with care." "Nursing students have acquired ownership, which is a fluid machine. For students, developing clinical reasoning and critical thinking is essential. This will make them become A better nurse."

Dr. Constance Rogers-Lowery, Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, said: “The addition of entrance exams and upcoming random and targeted exams provides us with another tool to ensure campus safety and our success. The spring semester On campus." She said that nursing students have gained valuable clinical experience in community health for training. "This purposeful combination of service and scholarship reflects

The impact of the education of Catawba College, which has cultivated scholarships, personalities, culture and service among all members of the campus community. "

Deputy Provost Dr. Forrest Anderson said that the most impressive part of the testing clinic was watching Catawba nurse students work hand in hand with their teachers and college nursing staff to test their age. People, manage the laboratory and communicate the results to the professional nurses of the college. He said: “The nursing students stayed for four days. They were professional, energetic and willing to serve Catawba. “At Catawba College, my favorite moment is when the faculty and students work together for a common goal. The moment of gathering together, and ensuring that the goal is to ensure the health and safety of our community is the biggest goal. This is a cross-campus work, public safety, sports training, facilities, student affairs, nursing staff and the school of nursing work together to find out everything from antigen testing programs to transportation.

The members returning to the Catawba Committee are Chairman Drew Davis; Dr. Constance Lowery, Dr. Forrest Anderson, Dr. Sandra Yamane, Dr. Bob Wallett, Dr. Jared Tice, Frannie Taylor, Teresa Bivins, Marcus Washington, Billy White , Jeff Hartley, David Najarian, Meredith Cole and Larry Leckonby.

David is a journalist, covering Salisbury, Concord and Kannapolis and "Where did they send me". He grew up watching WBTV, which is the only TV station he wants to work for.

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