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During this period, everyone spends more time at home

During pandemics and festivals, there is no doubt that family movie nights are frequent occurrences. But when you become an A-level listener, spending a quiet night in front of the TV is more luxurious-they tend to involve

. Go take a look...

Kylie Jenner

In June, she performed in the new Holmby Hills compound (Holmby Hills), and we couldn't find a better place to enjoy a movie night. It is located in the basement of her house and is equipped with plush armchairs and cushioned lounge chairs. There is even a bar next door for you to rest.

Beckham also has

In their Cotswold barn renovation, they have isolated the entire coronavirus pandemic. Equipped with comfortable sofas, a large projector screen and snacks provided by daughter Harper, Victoria and David are covered.

We have a voyeur inside

At its Los Angeles property in April. The spacious space is like a wooden floor and a comfortable open fireplace. There is a large screen at one end of the room. There is no doubt that some sofas can let the family sit and relax.

Kelly Brook and her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi spent the most magical date night at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

They sat together watching the lady and the tramp.

The entire wall of this room is filled with huge TV screens,

In her own home. The back wall of the screening room is lined with plush velvet sofas with many cushions to ensure that Khloé and her guests are truly comfortable. In addition, Khloé and a friend can lie side by side on two beds and watch TV, with a table in the middle filled with snacks and sweets. The room is decorated in neutral tones, with mood lighting, velvet cushions and fluffy faux fur, adding to the atmosphere.

Not only does it have a gym and swimming pool that can rival high-end health clubs, but the house of Phil Neville and his wife Julie also has its own amazing home theater.

. Described by Julie as the most popular room in the house, it is both a game room and a family cinema, with a wrap-around sofa, a big TV, and a can of candy, so the whole family can indulge in watching movies.

During the pandemic,

His family watched a movie in the garden and watched a huge bomb screen at night. Piers chose to shoot a movie outside in the beautiful environment of his beautiful garden, which seems to be a glorious summer.

Wow! John Caudwell's home theater, with its art deco-style design, luxurious armchairs and black and white movie posters hanging on the wall, can easily be mistaken for a luxurious movie theater. The incredible renovation project is


, A £65 million renovation project was carried out on the £250 million billionaire Mayfair residence.

When Chrissy Teigen and John Legend bought their mansion in Beverly Hills in 2016, it was equipped with this impressive screening room, which contained Walls with velvet cushions and comfortable sofas and armchairs can be ugged on them. They will get angry and don't keep it!

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In celebrating the night of the bonfire, she went all out, toasting marshmallows and a huge outdoor cinema. Stacey and her fiance

It was fun to watch a movie in the open air with her children at night.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have lived together in Beverly Hills for 15 years, but they have installed a screening room in their house (

)still exists. With luxurious velvet paneling on the walls, traditional beams on the ceiling, and a rich palette of red and green tones, this will undoubtedly become one of their favorite rooms in the house.

With the development of home theater, there is nothing better than this outdoor screening area.

Although those views across Manhattan and the Hudson River may distract you from the movie.

Like her daughter Khloe, Kris Jenner also has a private cinema in his Los Angeles home. This room has custom seats and matching footstools, as well as a pair of vintage chairs near the screen. We also monitored the Hermès blanket, snuggling down while watching the movie. Bliss.


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