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It's cold outside now, so keep warm and flick. In this week's "movie chat", WEMU's David Fair talked with the Michigan Theater Foundation Executive Director Russ Collins (Russ Collins) about the latest developments in the Ann Arbor Michigan Theater and the National Theater, as well as the latest online movies.

The Michigan State Theater and theater management are confident that the security protocol implemented during the brief opening of the theater in October will allow customers to be as safe as possible in these historic theaters.

Currently, any interested person or organization that agrees to comply with the health and safety guidelines established by the government, the health department, and the theater itself can use the theater for private rental purposes.

The theater will reopen in February and March to host some film and performing arts events in the state and Michigan. will have:

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), please register and participate in the contest this week, and become the winner of the name on our marquee! Tickets are $5 each (free for Michigan Theater members!)

Order in advance and pick up at Michigan Theater between 5-7 PM. Welcome to come.

Do you have a Michigan or state love story? Was your first date at the midnight screening, or was it the scramble for shared handrails when you met? We want to hear! Email your story to 

 Have a chance to appear on the big screen!

Plays Troy, a troubled but kind-hearted father who recently separated from his wife Sally (

). Aghast refused to let Sally let her trans son Joe (

) Troy lives in his true self and escapes with Joe into the wilderness of Montana. At the same time police detective (

) Pursue them, but the more you know about Joe’s family, the more her determination in the case will be tested. This movie, the modern West directed by the director

It tells the story of rescue, family betrayal, and the father and son in the runaway. Westerners are perhaps the most recognizable type in all movies. A cowboy riding a horse, wide scenery and horny scores trot with the characters. But this is a very common type of masculinity. In the past few decades, this concept has been weakened for a long time and has caused a lot of discussion. In this film, director Anna Kerrigan presents a more nuanced view of the genre and its masculinity, and presents a modern description of its perception in society and the nuclear family.

Let's talk about the Oscars. At the beginning of January, we launched a virtual series every week to showcase a new international feature film. The film has been officially shortlisted for the country and represented its country in the 2021 Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

-Official submission of Latvia

After losing his mother and home, Arturs found solace in joining the army. However, the war was not what he imagined. This is the highest-grossing Latvian film in decades and the first narrative film by a documentary director 

. According to the novel by Aleksandrs Grins (Aleksandrs Grins) describing his experience as a rifleman in the First World War and the subsequent Latvian War of Independence, the film tells the expected "war is hell" story, but on this basis Expanded to explore growth stories, whether it is the protagonist or the people of Latvia. 

 -Official submission from Denmark

Four friends, all high school teachers, tested a theory that they can improve their lives by maintaining a constant alcohol content in the blood.

-Romania’s official submission

This film is a fascinating real-time thriller that follows a strong team of journalists to expose to them the shocking corruption in the Romanian national healthcare system.

-Official submission of Switzerland

Lisa bid farewell to her ambitions as a playwright and the Berlin art world, and now lives with her husband (she studies at an international school). When her twin brother fell ill, she returned to Berlin.

-Official communication from the Sudan

Soon after Muzamil was born, the saint of the village predicted that he would die at the age of 20. Muzamil's father could not bear the curse and left home. Sakina raised her son as a single mother, overprotective. One day, Muzamil turned 19 years old.

 -Japan’s official submission

A woman of childbearing age accidentally made contact with the child's birth mother.

-French official submission

Starring in legendary German actress 


As two retired women who have been secretly in love for decades.

The romantic comedy of this silent era opened in the Michigan Theatre in January 1928 and will be our Valentine's Day special speech at 3:00 pm on February 14th (Sunday) this year. A limited number of seats will be sold for members of the Michigan Theater next week. All remaining tickets will be on sale to the public on Monday, February 8.

Sheeran Hastings (

) Driving a taxi in a summer resort in the eastern United States, wanting to become a pilot. He participated in aeronautical communications courses and built his own aircraft, hoping to participate in the race from New York to Europe. Samuel Sloan (

), a wealthy soap maker, with his daughter Mary (

), a trained nurse (Ruth Dwyer) and a confidential secretary (

), the last two secretly conspired to obtain shares of Sloan. Hiram has a soft spot for Mary, so he held a banquet to celebrate a visiting French pilot and asked him to be the speaker of the party. Despite his expulsion, Shiriam persisted. With Hiram's help, Mary learned of the conspiracy against her father. His plane flew to New York, but Hiram drove them across the ocean into Russia, where they were forced to land. However, the success of the flight saved Sloan's wealth.

The film will be accompanied by music on the recently restored theater organ at the Michigan Theater, which will be played by our main organist Andi Rogers, who will write and perform the original sheet music. Part of the show is a short news clip during the first transatlantic flight piloted by the St. Louis Spirit (Charles Lindbergh). Before the show begins, the pre-screening show will be a brief interview with people who have met and fallen in love because of the Michigan Theater. The host of this holiday Valentine's Day and Michigan Theater Anniversary will be Lars Collins, Executive Director of the Michigan Theater Foundation.

If the number of tickets sold out is limited (320 tickets will be sold in a 1,600-seat auditorium to ensure proper social distancing), the event will be held at the Michigan Theater 


With the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine and the addition of a new government in Washington, D.C., which has brought general hope and optimism, this film opens in our virtual cinema palace this week, and this film is directed by the director. 

 And starring 


, Will further bring you a strange feeling of optimism and reconciliation. This film is a remake of an Australian English film. The film is an Icelandic film of the same name that was screened at the 2016 Cinetopia Film Festival. He thought that a film that started with a bacterial outbreak might be perfect at this moment. But, despite this, it still brings us exciting reminders and themes.

According to the bestseller, 

, This film is an immersive film exploration of neurodiversity without telling the experience of autistic patients from all over the world. The film combines the revelatory insights of autism written by Dongtian at the age of 13 with intimate portraits of five outstanding young people. It opens a window for the audience to enter a fierce and overwhelming but often joyful sensory world. Every moment of the little person's life is connected with a young Japanese boy traveling through an epic landscape. The passages narrated in Naoki's book reflect what his autism means to him and others, how he views the world differently, and why he behaves in his own way: why he jumped. The film disseminates these elements in a tapestry rich in senses, allowing us to understand Naoki's core message: not being able to speak does not mean that there is nothing to say.  

With this movie, the first time the director

 It broke the manicured exterior walls of The Villages, the largest retirement community in the United States-a huge independent utopia in central Florida. Behind the gates of this palm-lined fantasy world, the film invests in the dreams and wishes of a small group of rural residents and an intruder who cannot find happiness in the prepackaged paradise of the community. This candy-colored documentary is composed of stunning photographic works, with a gentle and surreal vision showing the endless pursuit of finding meaning and love in the last scene of life. 

In the Bucharest Delta wilderness outside the bustling metropolis, this is an abandoned reservoir. The Enache family lived in perfect harmony with nature for twenty years, sleeping in the huts on the lakeshore, fishing with bare hands, and following the rhythm of the seasons. When this area became a public national park, they were forced to give up their unconventional life and move to the city, where fishing rods were replaced by smartphones, and their free afternoons are now spent in classrooms. As families struggle to adapt to modern civilization and maintain contact with each other and with themselves, each of them begins to question their position in the world and their future prospects. The nine children and their parents took root in the wilderness, trying to find a way to keep their families united in the concrete jungle. Filmmakers with empathy and cinematic vision 

 In his debut, he told the audience the story of a poor family living on the margins of Romanian society, fighting for acceptance and their own freedom. 

Michigan Theater and State Theater still need more time to open their doors, but the film industry still has a lot to do. In this week's "movie chat", David Fair of WEMU and Russ Collins, executive director of the Michigan Theater Foundation, discussed the theater's latest plans and new movies to be played online for you to enjoy.

The new year is here, and the Michigan Theater and State Theater are scheduled to reopen to the public. In this week's "Movie Chat", WEMU's David Fair met with Russ Collins, Executive Director of the Michigan Theater Foundation, to discuss plans for reopening and new movies that can be watched through the Michigan Theater's Virtual Cinema Palace.

2020 is approaching, and the film industry is among them. In this week’s "Movie Chat", David Fair of WEMU met with Russ Collins, Executive Director of the Michigan Theater Foundation, and discussed how industry trends might continue to evolve one year after the pandemic and how it affects us. Changes brought about by the way movies are received and consumed. 

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