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Customers will notice when

The shopping center opposite the Lindale Mall in Marion will reopen this month. But some upgrades will not be so obvious.

Deck chairs have replaced traditional theater seats in all five auditoriums. The owner and general manager, Bruce Taylor, said the change represents a major financial investment due to the damage caused by the cancellation of the fixed term on August 10.

Taylor said: "Our old seats cost about $180, and each seat needs to be replaced." "The reclining chair costs $620 per seat.

"We do have 172 seats in each auditorium, and now there are only 67 seats. As a result, we have lost 105 seats per seat."

There are a total of about 850 seats in the venue, but "now we have reduced to 360 seats. However, I would rather have 60 seats filled with happy people than 40 seats with deck chairs," Taylor said.

Customers will be able to reserve seats for specific movie screenings online. When two adjacent seats are reserved, the next seat will be marked with an "X" to indicate that the seat is unavailable to ensure that the distance from the society is maintained.

The rows are about 7 feet apart. The theater will provide booster seats for children.

In addition, each auditorium has new ceilings, carpets and paint. Seven rooftop heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning installations-including five that were replaced after a storm-reached the minimum reported efficiency value or MERV air filtration standard to protect against COVID-19.

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Taylor said: "The only originals in each auditorium are the screens and fabric on the walls." "We are turning lemons into lemonade. We basically have a brand new theater.

"Fortunately, insurance covers most of them, but the damage caused by the storm is so great that we exceed the maximum insurance coverage."

The Collins Road Theatre will reopen on December 11. The highly sought after "Wonderful Woman 1984" will be screened on Christmas Day.

Taylor said: "We originally planned to reopen on December 6, but we decided that it would take an extra week to complete all the work."

Taylor said the ticket price will not change. Customers are required to wear masks to enter the lobby, and they are encouraged to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines when watching movies.

Taylor said: "Just like in a restaurant, they can take off their masks when eating or drinking."

In response to COVID-19 concerns, Taylor tentatively plans to book movies for four auditoriums and reserve private seats for the fifth auditorium.

He said: "We will show any film, up to 20 people." "Depending on whether a new film or a classic film, we will charge a fee of US$100 to US$120.

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