COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Teacher needs new chairs for reading space

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The students at Wilmington, North Carolina (WECT)-Chadbourne Elementary School have a promising reading space. The walls are freshly painted and the carpets are brand new. However, these chairs have reached the finals.

Dannelle Hinson said on her "Donor Choice" page: "The fabric being decorated has worn out. After going to a decoration shop, I knew that repairing a chair is more expensive than buying a new chair. "We want to create a space for students to read. One way to do this is to make the space attractive and attractive. "

Hinson, the teacher of Chadbourn Elementary, hopes to pass

The website, an online charity, helps teachers get funding for school projects.

She needs about $2,800 to replace the old one.

She said: "A simple thing like a chair will be helpful to my students' study because it will help create a popular field and make students better readers where they want to go."

If you want to donate to Ms. Hinson’s "Donor Choice" project, please click

Frances Weller is from Wilmington, North Carolina. She is the daughter of Katherine Weller and the late Fritz Weller. She is a product of the New Hanover County school system where John Hoggard graduated. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1981, majoring in language communication.

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