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Exciting, but scrolling through the pages and pages on the website to find the perfect work is not. Please use the cheat sheet below to find out which popular retailer has the furniture you want and understand its delivery, return and warranty policies.

For each furniture store, we have chosen a popular chair sold by a retailer as an example of what you can get. (The chair in the picture is one of the retailers' best-selling models. Not tested by CR.)

Velvet seat cushion, foam seat; some assembly required.

 Amazon Prime free home delivery. Certain items are available for home delivery service at a price of $19.99.

 In most cases, returns are refundable within 30 days; returns are free, otherwise Amazon will arrange for pickup.

The Amazon brand has a warranty of at least one year. For other brands, the warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

 The choices are almost limitless.

Polyester upholstery fabric, foam seats; some assembly is required.

Some items are available in the warehouse. More items can be found on; prices include delivery.

They can accept a full refund at any time. Some large items ordered online can be collected at the customer's home without additional cost.

 Costco provides a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 You can shop in physical stores or online stores, but you must be a member to purchase ($60 per year).

Italian texture woven fabric, down, foam seat; fully assembled.

The price of white gloves delivered continuously in the United States ranges from US$199 to US$599, depending on the distance to the nearest RH Gallery.

Contact RH within 30 days after the delivery date. If the item is defective or damaged, the return shipping fee will be refunded. RH will pick up big pieces.

There is no official policy, but RH said it supports its products.

Shopping online or in physical stores. Design assistance and a 25% discount are the privileges of $100 per year membership.

High-performance fabric, fiber-wrapped foam pad; fully assembled.

The price of white gloves delivered in the United States is $79.

A full refund for "just in time" returns; damaged or worn items may be rejected or cause adjustments. The return shipping fee has been refunded; the original shipping fee is not. Large items can be picked up.

There is no official policy. Room&Board said it will work with customers to solve any problems.

Buy in a physical store or online. There are a wide range of customer service options, including free design services.

Chair and footrest, stain-resistant fabric; fully assembled.

Many items are free shipping. Shipping of white gloves is limited and the cost varies from item to item.

They can accept it at any time. Return is free. Items purchased in the store must be returned there. Sam's Club may arrange for pick-up to return large items.

Varies by project; Sam's Club has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Shopping in a physical store or online; membership is required ($45 per year).

Sturdy American black walnut wood, fabric or leather covering.

Each Stickley retailer has its own policies.

Only returns related to warranty.

The limited warranty guarantees that the original owner will not have structural defects during the period of use.

Only shop in physical stores. Many Stickley retailers provide free interior design services.

 This article also appeared in the February 2021 issue of Consumer Reports.

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