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The BED-STUY-coronavirus case in Brooklyn temporarily closed two Bed-Stuy schools, and they resumed studying in person last week after the holiday.

According to data from the Ministry of Education, on Monday, 105 schools in the city faced PS 297 and PS 305 issues, and these schools faced a 24-hour suspension of classes.


Closed after at least two coronavirus cases have been reported on each campus.

On Monday, at PS 305, the College of Arts and Letters on the shared campus closed three classrooms. According to the map, at PS 297, due to coronavirus cases, two classrooms were closed, one on Monday and the other last week.

According to the Ministry of Education

If at least two related COVID-19 cases are confirmed in a separate classroom, the teaching building must be automatically closed before the investigation. When the infection occurs outside the school or the connection between them cannot be determined, the closing time will be extended.

On Monday, there were at least 50 closed locations in Brooklyn, including other locations near the Bed-Stuy border.

According to the map, about 200 schools in the city have been closed for the coronavirus, regardless of whether they have been closed for 24 hours or more, and 682 classrooms have been closed.

In November, due to the complete suspension of public schools, only preschool, 3K, kindergarten, elementary school and students with special needs can study in person.

The 19-year-old Shanderick Dorsey was dying and was in a coma for two months, but his mother's faith helped him through the difficult time and gave him a new life.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said before the winter vacation for students and teachers that middle school students will be the next group of students to return to the classroom. He said that their return schedule will be announced this month.

Officials hope to avoid another destructive school closure citywide, which moved all students to completely remote places, as it did in November. The city’s coronavirus cases are still high in months, but schools appear to be relatively safe.


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