COVID-19 won’t stop in-person Christmas services at two Lexington churches

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Lexington, Kentucky (WKYT)-The pandemic will not stop church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas in certain chapels.

Father Norman Fisher of St. Peter Claver's Catholic Church said that even in our darkest hours, it is full of joy.

"Yes, we can have happiness. This is our identity as a nation." Father Fischer said. "People love God's people, and Jesus comes to give us joy."

This joy will continue on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the church. Whether it is COVID-19 or not, the service will be held online in person.

Father Fischer said: "The real gift is that we stay with each other during the holidays during Christmas."

The presence of each other will be six feet apart and will be equipped with masks and hand sanitizer.

Pastor Bryan Carter said at Crossroads Christian Church that the seats had been disinfected before the Christmas Eve service began.

The church’s 1,100-seat auditorium will be allowed to accommodate 400 people.

Pastor Carter said: “Some people choose to stay at home because they want to protect their families during the holidays. Of course we know that this is why we invest so many resources in online products.”

The church has produced an online "Christmas special" for those who want to stay at home. In any case, will Christmas be a pandemic? Hope that in these dark days, joy will shine.

Father Fischer said: "That joy is that Jesus is above you. This is how we will express joy this year."

The scene on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at St. Peter Claver’s Church is filled,

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