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Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) made changes to the plan to reopen the school, including a small drop in the case rate, which allows elementary school students to participate in face-to-face classes on campus.

Under the new guidance, K-6 schools in counties and counties will be eligible to reopen with an average of 25 cases per 100,000 residents in 7 days or less, and the governor announced in December for every 100,000 residents. There are 28 cases.

This figure is significantly lower than the current interest rates in many California states, reducing the hope that schools (especially Southern California) will soon reopen.

For example, the adjusted COVID-19 case rate is 77 cases per 100,000 residents; Orange County, 79; Riverside County, 107; San Bernardino County, 103 and San Diego County, 70.

In December, Newsom announced

Encourage returning to face-to-face classes. It gives priority to returning students from kindergarten to second grade, and returning students with special needs starting in mid-February. The remaining elementary school students will return to school in mid-March. It is not clear when the older students will return to campus.

However, the plan was met

Part of some of the largest school districts in California, they say it will widen inequality.

The governor also announced on Thursday

This will enable parents and staff to report safety issues in the school, and

It serves as a reopened information center and allows school administrators to request technical assistance to develop and implement a security plan.

In the announcement, the governor once again emphasized the importance of returning to face-to-face learning.

Newsom said in a statement: "Learning is non-negotiable, and having our children and employees safely return to the classroom will help us continue to reverse this pandemic."

The reopening guidelines require students of all ages to wear masks and recommend that staff who have regular contact with others wear disposable masks.

, Some of them are

For local health officials and leaders, schools should also ensure that the desks of teachers and staff are at least six feet away from student desks. The school was also told that they must “work in good faith” to ensure that the student chairs are at least six feet away from each other. The letter said: "Under no circumstances should the distance between student chairs be less than four feet."

The state also announced

, Requiring districts to notify the Ministry of Public Health whether they are providing face-to-face learning.

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