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Dan Walker, 43, has taken to Twitter to respond to a fan who admitted that they were worried about whether the host was "worried" about the BBC breakfast. This is after the reporter prepared to return to the show after the Christmas break, and let the reporter learn more about his family life.

Dan, who has three children with his wife Saraanna Walker, Susanna, Jessica and Joe, posted a snapshot of several alarms he set on his phone So that he can start acting soon.

The host posted this photo on Twitter of 673,000 followers at 9.56pm last night, revealing that he set the first alarm on 3.11am, and then set three more alarms to make sure he doesn't miss work.

The earliest alarm was labeled "feeling burn", the second was labeled "you lose when you hit lose", the third was labeled "making you a heavy horsehead", and the fourth It was marked as the "focus of disaster."

The star who hosted the BBC breakfast with Louise Minchin humorously captioned the post: "We are back.

He wrote to one: "Does other people respond to people who wake up in the middle of the night?

Already up

? "

Dan retweeted the post and replied: "I am very grateful for your attention." At the same time, he gave a thumbs up and started crying with a smile.

Fortunately, the presenter also shared that he "only needs the first alarm" to wake up this morning.

The star went on to share selfies with his BBC breakfast co-host, Louise, and admitted that he is still “used to returning to the studio”.

Louise posted behind-the-scenes footage of the duo this morning to commemorate their reunion after Christmas.

Considering her 197,000 followers, she captioned the title: "Good morning, see who is back! @mrdanwalker 

"Happy New Year to all of you."

Dan then reposted the photo and apologized for pulling the "silly face" because the couple was posing for the camera.

He quipped: "Apologize for the clumsy face... I am used to going back to #BBCBreakfast studio."

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