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DIY-wiz reveals how she transformed her rigid living room into a stylish budget through upgrades and bargaining.  

Shanika Ormsby, 25, from

She used to feel "embarrassed" about her old living room, and when she first rented her house five years ago, it was covered with an old red and gold carpet. 

With the permission of the landlord, the law student and the mother of a child turned the living room into a lounge area with a dining room and used second-hand goods and cheap goods.

Shanika spent more than £3,000 and did most of her work at home during this period

In order to reduce the price-use B&Q paint to refurbish side tables and curtain railings. 

She shared the impression before and after her hand-made photos on her phone

Facebook Group, which is impressed by interior design enthusiasts, praised her achievements. 

Shanika Ormsby, a 25-year-old single mother from Birmingham, revealed how she turned her "awkward" living room into a living space that she is proud of (picture: previous living room)

Shanika's living room, pictured. She refurbished old furniture and looked for bargains to achieve a stylish look

Shanika explained in an interview with FEMAIL: "I have lived in this house for five years, but when I was in college, I was unable to make the changes I wanted."

But after getting her first job in 2019, this biological mother can save some money and start her renovation project. 

She used a payment plan for larger works, which included removing the carpeted floor and replacing it with a smooth laminated wood floor. 

``The cost of my living/dining/corridor is £1,056. I paid half of the deposit, and then paid £50 until it was paid off. 

The empty living room shown above is covered with old carpets and the floor is gold and red

The parent-child mother explained that she used to be embarrassed by the look of the living room, but now she is proud of the remodeling of her room 

The contractor is responsible for the maintenance of the floor, but Shanika is responsible for overseeing most of the other works to reduce costs, including painting the walls himself.   

``The next thing is to paint my walls-I bought three 2.5L cans at B&Q for three bottles for £32. '' 

When arranging her own space, the shrewd Shanika used some techniques to upgrade the items she already had and find bargains.  

She said: "Because I can't afford my own sofa, I can't afford my own sofa, so I chose a sofa cover near Amazon, where I paid about £40 and fixed it with a sofa stapler." 

``The golden wall art is made using cheap photo frames from The Range. I laid out the design, glued it together, and sprayed it with golden metallic paint," she added. 

DIY-wiz uses the sofa cover to update her old sofa so that she cannot replace it, leaves and recycles the coffee table purchased on Facebook MarketPlace

As shown in the picture, Shanika’s dining room is equipped with a dining table. She paid £1,100 after saving all her savings in 2020

"My coffee table was purchased on the Facebook Marketplace. I upgraded it with a fablon mirror, white paint and a new set of drawer handles."

She added that she even painted golden metallic paint on the old wooden curtain rails so that they can match the rest of the living room.

She added: "My side table is pure gray purchased from Ebay, and then I used golden metallic paint to upgrade it again, using white metallic paint on the bottom, and white metallic paint on the top with brush strokes using dry paint ."

A mother’s biggest expense is her restaurant table, which she bought for £1,100 in October after saving for the entire 2020. 

People were shocked by Shanika's efforts and told her that she should be proud of her "sacred" living room

"The mirror in my dining room is a Christmas gift from my lovely mother. The clock is self-adhesive by Amazon," she added. 

The proud single mother revealed that she completed the work herself in 2020. 

``All of this was done while working from home and taking care of my little children during the lockdown. Usually on weekends or after get off work in the evening. She said it took a year. 

Shanika's impressive results shocked people, with some saying that her home looked "sacred".  

One person said: "You are a very smart lady, and your home looks holy." A lady added: "Absolutely gorgeous."'It looks great! You are doing well," another wrote. 

Another person said: "You have every reason to be proud. What a change is this. For those who "put hard work" to do well, good things are coming. 

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