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Sturgeon Bay High School was approved by its school board on January 5 to apply for a $25,000 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation manufacturing laboratory grant. The money will be used to purchase equipment and procedures to help students build science, technology, engineering, and math skills, which are the foundation they can use in post-secondary education or industry.

Principal Bob Nickel stated that the board will guarantee the use of regional funds to match the grants, but technical educators also wrote a letter asking for donations from potential private supporters or employers in the industrial park.

Nickel said: "This is not a direct vocational training program." "In a sense, this is a kind of vocational training. The skills they master are for the actual jobs here."

If the school receives a grant, students can use special software and equipment to complete the project from the conceptualization and computer-aided design stage to the production and construction stage, while using laser tables and the school’s CNC machines or wood and metal workshops.

The principal and teacher are cooperating with the Cooperative Education Service Bureau to process this application.

The Gibraltar School Board unanimously approved the permission of two people from "each player family" to participate in basketball games. At the beginning of the season, Gibraltar did not allow any spectators to play at Fish Creek, but after a player was injured, Sheriff Tina Van Meer pointed out that it is very important to have a parent or guardian of each player accompany to the game.

The chairman of the board of directors Stephen Seyfer (Stephen Seyfer) said that two people can include two pairs of family members for a player with two families, or two players with only two families in the same team.

Principal Gereon Methner recently devised a method to observe the six-foot social distance behind and in front of each pair of fans in the stands, but the plan can only ensure that the distance between the left and right two feet is four and a half feet. To the audience.

The families of junior college players are not allowed to stay in the gymnasium in future college sports unless they have children on both teams. Meitner said that the middle school gymnasium cannot accommodate spectators while achieving proper social distancing, so the middle school sports meeting can be transferred to the middle school gymnasium. This will increase the social distance between online video streaming and approximately 60 viewers.

The gradual reopening of Gibraltar is also continuing in other areas. This week, the school district reopened, with classes for middle school and high school students twice a week. In addition, on Monday, the board discussed a way to resume face-to-face school board meetings that would allow board members and audiences in the auditorium to maintain proper social distance. 

Many residents and visitors of Men County may remember to line up at school to vaccinate rubella and other diseases. So, when can schools get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The head of the Gibraltar School District, Tina Van Meer, said: “At the moment we do not have a schedule for vaccinating students and/or employees.” “The area will be in contact with the public health department, the Gate County Medical Center, Regional employees work with our parents to develop any potential vaccination plans."

Dan Tjernagel, the head of the urge fish bay school, also wants to know if and when the district-wide vaccination will happen.

Jenagar said: "So far, I know that the staff who have received the first vaccination are those who have been contracted through DCMC, or one or more people who do something for hospitals in the area." I haven’t seen any reliable information on the vaccination status of school staff."

Turnagel said he heard that vaccine trials for young people are not so advanced, which may mean that the fall is before school vaccinations begin. He also pointed out that in the past 10 months, directives related to COVID-19 have often changed within "a few hours."

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