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Flagler Auditorium pays tribute to the vibrant Flagler County community and launched a series of special programs to celebrate its history, artists, service organizations and heroes, starting later this month .

From June 1st, six special programs will combine multimedia presentations and live performances with the famous salute band "Absolute Queen". Other shows will feature the talents of local musicians, including "Golden Trail", "Captain Nick and Cherry Drops" (they will pay tribute to Flagler Beach on February 27th-"Do It Again") and vocalist Lin Linda Cole performed with alumni from the Flagler County school system. "Pat&Pink" will also be celebrated for women on March 13.

To purchase tickets, please visit

Or call 386-437-7547.

The program on January 29th will hold an outdoor exhibition "Rock Your Business" outside the auditorium at 5:30 pm, showcasing local shops and businesses, and then conduct a multimedia presentation in the auditorium with a performance by "Absolute Queen". The live concert will start at 7:30 in the evening. Subsequent performances will commemorate the Flagler Education Foundation and Flagler Institute of Technology, Palm Coast Professional Business Network, Flagler Beach History Museum, Palm Coast Historical Society, and many hard-working organizations in the county.

All activities will be carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control. This means that audiences and participants (including performers) will be shown outside the theater. As a condition of buying tickets, all spectators will be required to wear masks during the performance.

Before entering the lobby area, a temperature check and a questionnaire about Covid-19 will be completed. The auditorium sold only 250 seats per show, accounting for a quarter of its performance, and can only accommodate up to two seats, allowing a 6-foot social mediation agreement. The lobby area should be kept clean and the outer door will be used to exit the theater. No discounts are provided. Clean and disinfect all areas frequently, especially high-contact surfaces. After each performance, the theater must be cleaned with an electrostatic sprayer. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the theater.

The auditorium is the county's premier performing arts center. It now uses CDC-approved global plasma clean air technology and operates with a new heating and air-conditioning system.

If there is a pandemic, this is completely inappropriate! Indoor activities should not be carried out in any unnecessary places. Whoever gives this green light makes everyone feel ashamed. Stay at home to stay safe, we will get out of trouble in the next few years, but if people participate in such activities, we will not do it.

Have you been to the restaurant recently? full. People went back, agreeing or disagreeing, and Florida opened for business. If they can do this through social distancing and masks... they are following the rules. let it go.

The necessary places have been marked

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