Flagler Palm Coast High School Band held its holiday concert outside.

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After the loss of beloved principal Tom Russell (Tom Russell), this is a painful time for the students, teachers and staff of Flagler Palm Coast High School, but last week, the members of this high school band drum With their magic, picked up the instruments, the band played.

Although Russell is relatively new in Flagler School, it is an educator and an advocate of programs designed to improve the education of students in the community, including the arts.

When facilities director Amelia Fulmer performs on the steps of the Flagler Auditorium in Holiday Extravaganza every year, facilities director Amelia Fulmer said that as everyone knows, Russell will join and encourage performers in the rehearsal and believe that he will be proud of the students performing at the concert .

"They are rehearsing all day, and listening in my office is so beautiful," Fulmer said.

"I will tell you that Mr. Russell likes art. She said that he visited the choir in September and then said: "The COVID-19 will not stop artistic creation, so he will come here and like this concert. "  

Students dressed in exquisite costumes gathered in the band room, ready to take the stage for family and friends.

Only a limited number of tickets are available, and the two performances ensure that everyone has a chance to be seen and heard, because volunteers at the campus gate ticket gate and instruct families with folding chairs where to set up.

When the band members were ready to take up their positions, FPC band director John Seth thanked the students for their dedication in difficult times.

"All our performances and concerts are vital to their courses and learning. The classroom is where we learn to do things, and then we show them." Seth said. "I would say that all children are great for handling everything that happens. I just thank them for their hard work and hope to have this in my own life."

Seth paused to pay tribute to Mr. Russell and shared the support the administrator gave to the students.

"Mr. Russell's passing is also a big event here. We pay tribute to Mr. Russell. He has been caring about our courses and all of our courses in school. He wants the children to succeed and show Show their enthusiasm," Seth said. "We mentioned him in the plan, and he must be in our hearts."

The families of the band students are also very happy to continue performing.

When Jillian Mazzella played two euphonium solo in the evening, his mother Judy Mazzella expressed gratitude for some normal things in life, and his family stood nearby.

She said: "I'm very excited, Jillian and all the children are going to perform tonight." "This has been a difficult year, and it's great to celebrate their hard work."

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