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The movie dinner is finally back.

Flix Brewhouse COO Matthew Baizer said that Flix Brewhouse will reopen on November 5 at Merchant Plaza in Carmel, using high-tech air purification systems and other enhanced security protocols. Flix is ​​open from Thursday to Sunday.

"After thorough research on air purification solutions, we only decided to use bipolar ionization a few months ago," Baizer said. "There is no supplier issue because we are one of the first companies to commit to investing in this solution. The reason for the delay is other factors related to the film exhibition industry. In order to reopen meaningfully, we need to be satisfied with the release schedule Although the release schedule for the first round of dramas remains unchanged, we believe that we provide residents of Carmel and Indianapolis with some fascinating planning products to entice them in a safe way. "

Flix is ​​a chartered member of the CinemaSafe Alliance jointly developed by leading epidemiologists and the National Association of Theater Owners. It is characterized by its exquisite beer brewing technology.

Baize said that before reopening, difficult negotiations must be eliminated with the landlord.

"Most importantly, due to the pandemic, the entire movie theater's exhibition space has now changed, which has changed the basic economics of becoming a successful long-term movie theater operator," Baizer said. "We need to do this in Merchant Square to ensure long-term development."

Baizer said it makes the most sense to open on weekends now.

Baizer said: "The reality is that when we can maximize the time people spend watching movies, the economic effect will be better." "Before the pandemic, weekends are usually paid for workdays, but because our seats are isolated from society, capacity Restrictions, and the national circulation and sales of the first release are reduced. We need to limit business hours to cut costs. We limit ourselves to a maximum of 50% of the seats in the auditorium, but the truth is that this is not too much, because we Two seats are reserved on both sides of each party who buys seats to ensure proper social distancing."

All nine screens will open. Flix has a new mobile application where guests can browse seat maps, access their loyalty accounts and order meals.

"We are very happy to bring some well-respected movies in November, including movies such as "The Wizard of Oz" and "Karate Kid", as well as a selection of wine bottles at half price and Flix Senior Mark Manager Samah Hassan Hasan) said. "We will also provide "Pulp Fiction" Flix FanFest, which will include special themed menus and customized pints (admission). "

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