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The Fremont Civic Theatre is seeking video auditions for children aged 6-18, with a view to "off-stage" theater performances in the spring.

Due to the COVID, FCT will show video demonstrations of local talented children performing monologues and skits. Interested children are required to submit video recordings of reading fragments or short films of their choice.

The video should include their full name, age and their interest in the performance, and should not exceed two minutes

maximum. Although the video is only a sampling for audition purposes, participants are free to use the

May be used for actual effects.

The video should be submitted to FCT via before 5 pm on January 24. Questions can be submitted to the same email.

Join the Kannon city recreation area and park area and enjoy fun and gentle yoga exercises designed to increase flexibility when sitting on a chair or supported by our chairs.

This class is very suitable for people who want to practice yoga but have difficulty getting to the floor. These modifications make yoga available to everyone.

Yoga chairs have many benefits, including increasing blood circulation, improving range of motion and balance, and strengthening muscles. The instructor Becki Vettese is restorative and has obtained a yoga instructor certificate.

The six-week course, from 9 am to 10 am every Thursday, starting on February 4th, will be held in the community room of the entertainment district at 575 Ash St. The cost for six weeks is $30.

To register, visit or stop at the office at 575 Ash St. This is not silver sneakers.

Recognizing the importance of independent quilt shops to the local economy, Governor Jared Polis announced January 23, 2021 (Saturday) as the local quilt shop day.

Colorado has 72 quilt shops in 59 cities across the state. In addition, Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Denver, which has a permanent collection of more than 500 quilts, ranging from historical and traditional to contemporary and artistic styles. Colorado recognizes and appreciates sewing as an art form and one of the American heritage that spans decades.

Local quilt shops not only provide quilts, but also provide a spirit of unity and innovation, advocating an American art form that contains rich features and even the history of our community. The Local Quilt Shop Day celebrated on the third Saturday in January was established by The Fabric Shop Network, which represents more than 5,000 local quilt shop owners around the world.

The cloth store network encourages the public to visit their local quilt store in person or online, namely the First Stitch Sewing and Quilt Store at 212 Fourth Street on January 23. First check the hour and time. Due to COVID restrictions, not all local quilt shops are able to open their physical doors again, and many operate entirely online.

Lincoln Andrews of Kano City was included in the list of deans of Southeast Missouri State University for his academic achievements in the fall semester of 2020.

The students on the list have an average score of at least 4.0, an average score of 3.75, have completed at least 12 hours of standard scoring credits, have not obtained a grade below B, and have not obtained any failing grades at the time of admission, credits/no credit Or pass/fail the training course.

Chad State University announced the names of 332 students who are eligible for the institution's fall 2020 dean list with an average grade of at least 3.5 points (4.0 points system). To qualify, students must sign up for 12 hours of course work, are seeking their first bachelor's degree, and have no incomplete grades during the semester.

Christina Slattery of Cannon was shortlisted.

Founded in 1911, Chad State College is the only four-year college in the western half of Nebraska that has received regional accreditation.

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