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: Jewett Community Cooperation Center announced the grantee of JCCP Student Innovation Fund. Students from all majors and backgrounds (all have a common interest in using innovative ways to use resources to positively impact the greater Middletown community) applied for the fund.


: In response to the World Health Organization’s announcement of a new type of coronavirus (ie COVID-19), Wesley’s Chinese community (especially students and parents) joined forces to help their compatriots. WesInAction, a group initiated by students, raised more than US$23,000 to purchase medical equipment for the hospital at the epicenter of the pandemic in Hubei Province, China.

On February 16, WesInAction delivered 7 oxygen generators and ventilators, and 26,000 pairs of medical gloves to the First People's Hospital of Xiaochang County and Dawu County People's Hospital in Xiaogan County, Hubei Province.

: Students who have spent the winter vacation to support voter registration, participate in political campaigns, and work with advocacy groups (as part of Wesley’s "Participation in 2020" (E2020) program) gather in Allbritton Hall to share their insights. E2020 is a comprehensive work of the university aimed at supporting student learning through civic participation and liberal arts education.

More information about E2020 is also

As part of the Wesley (E2020) program, Mitchell Motlagh '20 (left) of Keller, Texas, helped raise awareness of the upcoming New Hampshire presidential campaign. "Sometimes, it's -2 outside," he said. Derek Chen '23 (right) works with Turnout Nation to use relationship organizations to increase voter turnout. For Chen, the biggest challenge is to persuade the less involved student groups, especially in North Carolina. He said: "My goal is to make voting a routine behavior for everyone, talk to friends and family, and persuade them to vote."

: With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting thousands of known cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across the country, Wesley converted all courses into a distance learning model for the rest of the spring semester. The sports competition was cancelled. All students, teachers, and faculty members who are sponsored, contacted or funded by the university are prohibited from traveling domestically and internationally.

: To help medical staff protect themselves during the coronavirus outbreak, two makerspace laboratories on campus used 3D printers to make much-needed protective masks. Wesleyan donated the first set of 100 masks to medical staff at Middlesex Hospital in Middletown.

Shawn Lopez, the coordinator of the Wesley IDEAS laboratory, modeled the mask he created using the laboratory's 3D printer.

: Wesleyan College established the School of Educational Research and opened a new education research major. The new college established under the framework of the humanities will cultivate interdisciplinary educational research scholarships related to practice and policy.

: Wesley’s theater department did not allow the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out the final curtain on theatrical works, but turned to an online format. The department provides live performances

, Consists of 10 student actors. After countless hours of rehearsal, overcoming technical frustration, and learning how to act and teach drama in a virtual world, acting director and assistant professor of theater Katie Pearl said: “I can’t believe what we have achieved. achievement." 

Students participated in virtual production

. Looking back on the past and watching the show now, I realize that the pandemic put the whole process in a useful pressure cooker. In this moment of tension, in the epic process of translating the work we are doing into Zoom’s mission, alchemy takes place. "

: Brianna Johnson '24 is 

The Creativity Award, with a four-year full scholarship for attending Wesleyan University.

: Wesleyan University received 771 bachelor of arts degrees for the first virtual lecture in history. The award ceremony was circulated on the Wesleyan University website and Facebook. It was the university’s 188th award ceremony. More than 3,000 families, friends, faculty, staff, faculty and alumni gathered online to celebrate the 2020 class members.

At the 2020 graduation ceremony, President Michael Roth '78 gave a live speech on campus to a large number of virtual audiences and a small group of graduates and bystanders in social situations. (Photo from Olivia Drake)

: The 46-year-old black George Floyd (George Floyd) was killed during his arrest in Minneapolis, sparking national demonstrations. The Wesleyan government and alumni spoke out against racial discrimination and provided resources for community members. Wesleyan President Michael Rose '78 published an article on his blog entitled "An Anti-racist Communities Having No Place in Hatred and Intolerance".

: The President of Wesleyan Michael Roth '78 announced that the university plans to resume face-to-face courses in the fall, pending continued advice from university, state and federal health and safety experts.

: Wesleyan welcomes students back to campus in the week of August 24. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Living in Residence" event will be conducted on the "Arrival Day" event within 7 days, and an official arrival date and time are designated for students to minimize crowds and allow appropriate social distance . During the stay, only students can enter the dormitory. Students are required to take the COVID-19 test before going out and must take the test again upon arrival. Throughout the semester, they will be tested twice a week.

The arrival day will be held in 2020 and will last for 7 days. Before entering its dormitory and house, each student was tested for COVID-19 at the testing site in Wesleyan. (Photo from Olivia Drake)

: Class starts, and all students will be quarantined in the necessary quarantine area until September 6. Teachers can teach lessons remotely or through a hybrid system through multiple platforms such as Zoom and Moodle.

Art Associate Professor Sasha Rudensky '01 teaches ARST 253: Digital Photography I through a hybrid system; however, she chooses to teach me completely personally.

: Wesleyan holds face-to-face lectures on campus in both indoor and outdoor classrooms. More than 180 classrooms have been rearranged so that the minimum distance between occupants is six feet. In addition, the break time can be extended to 30 minutes or longer so that the administrator can disinfect all touchable surfaces in each classroom between each class.

On the left is Powell’s home theater, which is a projection room, lecture hall and classrooms. Students can only sit in open seats six feet apart from each other. On the right, Mary Alice Haddad, Professor of the John Andrews Administration and Dean of the School of East Asian Studies, taught GOVT 296: Japanese Politics in the Hogwarts classroom. Outdoor classrooms can safely accommodate up to 40 students. (Photo from Olivia Drake)

In response to the murder of George Floyd, Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD) organized a four-part series of activities in Wesley, with a seminar on "Black Life Issues" as the theme. Celebrate the contribution of the black community.

During a series of seminars organized by SALD, the keynote speaker Theodore Shaw '76 reflected on the "Black Life Issues" movement. Shaw is Julius L. Chambers' distinguished law professor and director of the Civil Rights Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the fifth director and consultant of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Foundation, the company

: After a well-coordinated return to campus and in the early stages of distance learning that began during the two-week quarantine period prescribed by Connecticut, the university reported that so far, only two students and three employees at Wesleyan University have tested for COVID-19. Positive. More than 15,000 tests have been conducted.

After the mandatory two-week quarantine, students continue to be tested for COVID-19 on campus twice a week. (Photo from Olivia Drake)

: Within three weeks of the fall semester, students at Wesleyan University are adapting to the "new normal" during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks or masks are required in all public places to help reduce the spread of the virus. Some students found that masks can also be used as fashion accessories or personality statements.

Students are required to wear masks in all public places. (Photo from Olivia Drake)

: Wesley’s careful planning, creative problem-solving methods and strict adherence to safety regulations have led to the unity of the campus community this semester. Wesley reported 0 cases of COVID-19 for the third consecutive week.

: Wesley’s parents, alumni, faculty, staff and students gathered to celebrate Wesley’s 2020 homecoming and family weekend activities. Participants can enjoy the popular WE webinar from the comfort of their own homes, on-site campus visits, parent meetings, two symposiums, etc.

: Approximately 600 students, faculty, staff and local residents voted in Middletown Polling District 14, located in Beckham Hall in Fayerweather.

. In addition, Matt Lesser '10; Wesleyan employee Amy Bello; John Hickenlooper (John Hickenlooper) '74, MA '80, Hon. '10; Alex Cassel '88; and Michael Demicco '80 won seats in their respective elections.

After the students voted on November 3, they showed off their "I Vote" stickers. (Photo from Olivia Drake)


Fans around the world expressed their condolences for the passing of long-time sponsor Alex Trebek, who died on November 8 at the age of 80. Many Wesleyans have the opportunity to participate in dangerous competitions! Over the years, some people have reflected on their experience and shared Trebek’s memorial

: As the holidays approach, the Wesleyan Epidemiological Planning Committee (PPC) reminds students that faculty and staff must remain vigilant and safe. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont returned the state to "Phase 2.1" and restored many restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings. Wesley continues to follow state and federal guidelines. The COVID-19 testing site moved indoors to Beckham Hall in the winter.

In winter, COVID-19 testing takes place in the Beckham Hall. (Photo by Simon Duan '23)

: More than 25 students in Fred Cohan's "Global Change and Infectious Diseases" course published articles related to the pandemic in the national media. Cohen is a professor of biology at the School of Environment and a professor at the Huffington Foundation. He uses anthology writing as part of his course and gives students extra credits while they are able to publish papers.

In addition, the campus community mourns the faculty, students, and employees who died in 2020:

View all news released in 2020


The authors of Wesleyan University Press, Hafizah Geter, Rae Armantrout and Honorée Fanonne Jeffers were recently shortlisted for PEN America.

"Again, we must re-commit in higher education to encourage the kind of democratic practice that is completely synchronized with the goals of liberal education..." President Michael Rose 78 expressed his reaction to the incident in Washington yesterday:

Happy New Year, Cardinal! This is a year of joy and prosperity.

Despite the many challenges, every member of our diligent, dedicated, and courageous Cardinals community played a role in ensuring our campus is safe, vibrant and accessible this semester, an achievement worth remembering. Thank you for your hard work.

Every year, Pauline Frommer '88 and her team at Frommer's publish a list of the best places to visit in the coming year. While still discouraging travel, the writer took another approach: naming places Americans should know. Read the full list:

ICYMI: Michael Gittes (Michael Gittes'10) carried out a "no stranger" project in a month-drew 1,800 flowers, and he donated it to the New York City Mutual Trust Medical Center to show his gratitude to the frontline medical staff Thanks.

Mental Health Education and Prevention Coordinator Angie Makomenaw recently talked about her goals, the uniquely challenging environment that affects students' mental health and how CAPS affects and supports students during the pandemic.

Ron Cooper (Ron Cooper '79) stated that he has always been keen to meet and photograph people who follow their passion. Cooper thus began his latest journey of filming and interviewing professional Santa Claus all over the country.

In the last few days of 2020, we express our best wishes for winter holidays and relaxation during the holidays. May the new year bring you peace, comfort and joy. Stay safe and stay healthy! [Description: "I wish you and you peace, health and happiness" text moved to the snow-capped Mount Forth.

Last month, two Wesleyan University Press’s music works won four awards, from the National Music Society (SEM) and the American Music Society (AMS).

Cardinal Leng is outside our window.

Lisa Pinette's Winter Wonderland❄️--Thanks for sharing!

In March last year, Professor Barry Chernoff and some of his students went to the University of Michigan, where they discovered two new species of fish. In this species, the data proved the opposite of what the evolutionary theory expected.

Spring registration for Wesleyan graduate general education for non-Wesleyan employees will begin on January 5, 2021. The spring courses will be online, providing a flexible schedule for working adults. Learn more and apply


Yu Kai Tan '20 is a graduate student of Earth and Environmental Sciences. He received the Student Award from the Department of Geobiology and Geomicrobiology of the American Geological Society on November 23. Tan's poster has "a great use of time and space".

Your hard work has paid off! The final is over and it's time for the holiday. Congratulations, Cardinal – made it ?

Today is the fifth anniversary

. We recognize how far we have come and how far we need to go

. We are proud to be one of 117 universities committed to a more resilient, zero-carbon America.

2020 is the anniversary of 33 Wesleyan employees celebrating its 20th, 25th, 30th or 35th anniversary. These employees were honored at the staff meeting on December 2. Thank you for your continued dedication to our community.

"I will not miss anything possible. I am proud and grateful every day for my university's efforts to ensure the safety and participation of students in turbulent times." Shayna Dollinger '22 wonderful opinion article, dedicated to


At the virtual ceremony held on December 2, 15 members of 20 classes were decided in advance to join the Gamma branch of Phi Beta Kappa. Congratulations!

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