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On Monday, James Nelms, construction manager of the Professional Building Services Department, worked at his desk as he was surrounded by the skeleton of the old Crown Point Civic Center.

On Monday, professional architecture painter Jermie Murray worked to remove wallpaper from the Crown Point City Hall. Patches and wall repairs are on the painter's work list.

With the construction of Crown Point City Hall, the interior of the building is also exposed.

The removed doors were slanted relative to each other, and they were installed in the renovated Crown Point City Hall.

Jamie Hodges of Michigan City, Jr. left, and Drew Adzia of Crown Point chased an empty ball.

Crown Point's Darrius Roach made a layup past Michigan City's Tahari Watson.

Michigan City's Evan Bush tried to stop David Brown from Crown Point from shooting on Wednesday.

Michigan City's Evan Bush (Evan Bush) left, trying to block a shot from Crown Point's Darren Roach.

Donovan Clay of Valparaiso dunks with Bradley's Ville Tahvanainen at the Sports and Leisure Center of Valparaiso University on Thursday. Valpo defeated Bradley 91-85 in two overtime games.

Sheldon Edwards of Valparaiso performed best in the first half of the game against Bradley at the University of Valparaiso Sports and Leisure Center last Thursday.

Sheldon Edwards of Valparaiso guards Bradley's Danya Kingsby at the University of Valparaiso Sports and Leisure Center next Thursday.

Ben Krikke of Valparaiso raced against Bradley's Ja'Shon Henry at the Sports and Entertainment Center of the University of Valparaiso on Thursday.

Munster's Lily Mason drove a layup for Valparaiso's Amelia Benjamin in Munster on Thursday night.

Munster’s Zoie Bailey and Valparaiso’s left hands Amelia Benjamin and Hannah Fields and Munster’s Holly Keim ( Holly Kaim) got a rebound from Munster in the Munster game on Thursday night.

Valparaiso's Amelia Benjamin (Amelia Benjamin) scored the highest, while Munster's Holly Kaim defended in Munster on Thursday night.

Aleena Mongerie of Munster on the left with Kiana Oelling of Valparaiso and Boranle Ayanga in Munster on Thursday night Germany (Bolanle Ayangade) clashes.

The food is in plastic crates at the Food Bank in Northwest Indiana.

Victor Garcia, President and CEO of Northwest Indiana Food Bank, stood on a truck that resembled a van, thanks to the great efforts of Albert Diamond Jewelers and Cleveland Cliffs Donate.

Albert's diamond jeweler and Cleveland Cliff Company made important donations to the Food Bank in Northwest Indiana, which will help them expand their warehouse space and enhance their mobile market plans.

Alphonso Brown, a worker at the Northwest Indiana Food Bank, delivers products at the factory. Albert's diamond jeweler and Cleveland-Cliffs donated a lot to the food bank, which will help it expand its warehouse space and strengthen its mobile market plan.

Nate Oakley (left) and Jaiden Clayton (left) and Jaiden Clayton of the Central Lakes try to compete against Chris Mullen of Chesterton in Chesterton on Friday Mullen).

The Trojan horse's Luke Lombardini tried to hold a loose ball in Chesterton on Friday. Nate Oakley of Central Lake and center Chesterton's Chris Chris Mullen rushed forward.

The Jaiden Clayton center of Lake Central tried to cut into a basket in Chesterton on Friday.

Chesterton's Tyler Vanderwoude (Tyler Vanderwoude) on the left, shot Kyle Ross (Kyle Ross) of Central Lake in Chesterton on Friday.

Thomas Barone (Thomas Barone) of Valparaiso tried to get back a rebound from Merrillville's Isaiah Akinyele.

Valparaiso coach Barak Coolman (Barak Coolman) talked to the team during the timeout.

Guarded by Mason Jones of Valparaiso, Dylan Coty of Merrillville scored a layup on the left.

Merrillville's Dylan Coty scored a layup.

21st century Demetrius Moss (Demetrius Moss) boarded the basket, West End Jalen Washington (Jalen Washington) left, Joshua Hardy (Joshua Hardy) on Friday night Defensive at the Iron City exhibition held by Bowman Academy.

On Friday night at the Steel City Showcase in Bowman, Jalen Washington and Quimari Peterson from the West Side were in their high fives. Playing in the 21st century.

West Side's Quimari Peterson will be filmed at Bowman's Steel City Showcase on Friday night of the 21st century.

West Side's Parion Roberson appeared to be filmed when Takari Jones of the 21st century left, and Demetrius Moss defended at Bowman's Steel City Showcase Friday night.

Snow fell on Homan Street in downtown Hammond on Monday.

Commuters on the South Coast Line got off the eastbound train at Hammond Station on Monday.

On Monday, a lone bicycle was seen on a shelf at Hammond's South Shore Line station.

On Monday, in Hammond, snow drifted past the street lights of the Wolf Lake Pavilion.

On Monday night, the truck refueled at Munster Speedway and then drove to the plow road and parking lot.

Darren Roach of Crown Point tied with Malik Corley of LaPorte in the first season of Crown Point High School on Friday.

On Friday, under pressure from LaPorte's RJ Anglin, Crown Point's Ty Smith quickly passed the challenge.

Crown Point's Drew Adzia and Darren Roach tried to keep the ball loose at Crown Point's Kyle Kirkham of LaPorte in the third quarter on Friday.

Crown Point's Jake Oostman stopped his footsteps when he entered the second quarter of Crown Point High School in Laboure's RJ Anglin on Friday.

At the Duneland Athletic Conference at Central Lake Middle School, swimmers left the starting blocks in the second heat of the 200-yard freestyle Saturday.

Lucas Piunti of Chesterton checked his 500-yard freestyle Saturday at the Duneland Athletic Conference at Lake Central High School. Similarly, Gabriel Eschbach of Chesterton is on the right.

At the Boys Duneland Athletic Conference at Central Lake Middle School, swimmers check time in the 200-yard freestyle relay on Saturday.

Connor Casbon of Chesterton won the 100-yard butterfly swimming at the Duneland Athletic Conference at Lake Central High School on Saturday.

Nate Brumfield of Valparaiso wrestled with Malcolm Ernsberger of Glenn in the LaPorte wrestling zone on Saturday.

Jamaal Salary (top) of LaPorte succeeds Aidan Coyle of Michigan City.

Chesterton’s Brock Ellis tried to play against Knox’s Matthew Honeycart in a 152-pound game in the LaPorte division last Saturday. Mathew Honeycutt) in a roundabout.

Chesterton's Josh Daniels was among the top, trying to score more points with Dusty Young from New Prairie in the second round of the LaPorte Division with a score of 126 pounds.

Munster's Jeremiah Lovett (Jeremiah Lovett) on the left, surpassed Valparaiso's Grant Comstock, center and Cooper Jones in Munster on Saturday.

Munster's Clayton Bubash (Clayton Bubash) on the left, guarding Valparaiso's Grant Comstock (Grant Comstock) in Munster on Saturday.

Munster's Clayton Bubash, center, won the top spot in the Saturday game between Valparaiso's Mason Jones (left) and Cooper Jones (Cooper Jones) in Munster The basket reversed.

Mason Jones of Valparaiso is gone, and David Cundiff of Munster competes for the loose ball in Munster on Saturday.

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