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Music director, his latest single

Viewed nearly a million times on YouTube, talking about the rise of indie music 

The composer Ghibran is well-known for his work in feature films.

, He himself from his voice

(The first track,

, Released a year ago). "I have always wanted to create a song about puppies love. I am waiting for a script

, But since I didn’t get it, I think I should do it alone. "

This is a video call made by Ghibran through his studio:

The concept is based on the different forms of love around us. We used "

'On behalf of God. This word seems to convey to me the idea that you are everything to me.

When composing these songs, the way I deal with movie songs is completely different. For the movie, the director will explain the situation, we will give them some selected music, then write the lyrics, and then choose the singer. Here, I finished the music of the song and kept

as basic. Then I sat down with a lyricist to finish the lyrics. Finally, the director participated in the writing of visual effects and scripts. There is a lot to learn, and we are all satisfied with the final product. We want to finish shooting

By February this year, but then a pandemic broke out. However, it is now back to normal and we hope to solve it at least once every two months.

When the virus breaks out in China, I know it will arrive here, and I hope to be prepared at least by September. No matter what my planned schedule is, how things happened. I took many courses and learned a lot of things. I made a spiritual series,

(On his YouTube channel). I am also working on a startup idea. It was a fruitful period. In the future, I will judge whether I am doing well based on the output.

The situation is better now than before. I am still waiting for prosperity, and when this prosperity occurs, independence will take over. I think we are far apart, in order to speed up the movement, we must propose more singles. It's time for movie songs to come in behind.

Yes (laughs). The offer I got was for movies with rich content, but I refused. I work in newcomer movies, for example

And upcoming

Of course, this is an adventurous game. I used to believe in many movies, but these movies were useless later. But I believe in the director and his passion. I will not make a movie that does not excite me. If I did get an interesting movie, I would be happy to do it.


, Jeethu Joseph shared his views, which provided me with a reference for the song. When i give him a song

, He was very excited. For background scoring, he gave me free hands. for

, We did not cite such references from the original work (Malayalam movie, Charlie). We only think of it when people mention it is a remake. Compared with the original movie, the location of the song here will be different.

Some adjustments must be made. for

, I had to lower my voice, because the director said it was too much for Malayalam audiences (laughs). It took me some time to get used to it-like making coffee for people with different strength preferences. for

However, the situation is quite the opposite. No matter how much I do, the music feels very relaxing. In the process of watching a movie, you will realize what type of movie it is, and then define your music.

In order to understand how the audience feels, I remember dealing with people often. I travel by bus; I visit a tea house. The farther I am from my comfort zone, the more I know about people. All use of masks means that people like me are more likely to integrate into the public. Listening to the playlist on the public bus will give you a good idea of ​​people’s preferences. These experiences help me make better and more relevant music.





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