Google deletes negative Robinhood reviews as meme stock crackdown ends

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Over the past few weeks, the price of GameStop stock (GME) has risen sharply due to things like

, Prompting certain services such as Robinhood to stop trading and other stocks promoted by Reddit. The severe measures taken by the company aroused a clear response from users. The Robinhood app scored 1.0 stars in the Play Store, the lowest score, and prompts


A lot can be said about the current situation of the stock market. Proponents of the recent stock price surge claim that there is nothing wrong with people coordinating a lot to buy a particular stock, and, to be fair, this is how the market works. One only needs to listen to most financial news websites or TV shows, and they can use their influence to promote specific stocks, such as "buy", "hold" and "sell" to reach this conclusion. However, these coordinated actions resulted in institutional short sellers literally losing

Dollar. Institutional traders claim that these surges amount to a large-scale coordinated drawdown plan, while many retail investors believe that these restrictions on trading are merely protectionism for hedge funds, because hedge funds suffer from public transactions that they consider fair Lost.

Gametop stock (GME) surged from less than $20 a month ago to nearly $500 earlier today, although it has since fallen to $239 at the time of writing because many venues have stopped trading. The increase in trading volume and soaring prices have also poured into other aviation stocks, such as American Airlines, Coase, Tootsie Rolls and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Because of these rapid changes, the popular retail trading app Robinhood has decided

For those stocks. Customers who own them can only close positions (ie sell). Robinhood has also increased the margin requirements for certain securities, saying these moves help customers "overcome this uncertainty" and thereby protect them from market fluctuations. If you don’t rate the Play Store app well, Robinhood customers don’t need help. Complaints against class actions include

About action.

At the time of writing, Robinhood’s app score reached 1.0 out of 5 stars, which is the lowest score that an app can reach on the Play Store. In the past day, almost every comment posted to the Play Store was negative, and users were critical of the company’s actions. Has a Play Store app rating

, Many low-scoring reviews successfully undermined the app’s rating.

Other applications such as


It was also hit, albeit to a lesser extent.

In the past, when apps were "bombed" in this way, Google itself was involved. Earlier last year,

App, students hope that negative reviews can free them from the trouble of distance courses, which is an admirable effort. It may not be fast until Google steps in to adjust the rating of the Play Store, but this is almost certainly just the beginning of Robinhood's story.

Unsurprisingly, Google has begun to delete recent negative reviews, making the application reach 4.2 stars again.

According to the number currently listed in the Play Store, Google has deleted 100,000 comments.

Robinhood also reopened trading for GME. Although the market is closed until tomorrow morning, the restrictions in the app have been removed,



GME and AMC can be purchased again on Robinhood

-Michael (@NightTigerFTW)

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