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Members of the Milton School Board of Directors were invited to visit Milton High School on Monday to understand the progress of the referendum construction. In the metal laboratory, each masonry zone in the background represents a welding room. The gas in the welding shop will be stored in another room and piped to various areas of the laboratory. Shown here are David Holterman, member of the school board from left to right, Joe Martin, chairman of the school board, Mike Huffman of Huffman Facility Development, and Shelly Crull Hanke, member of the school board, looking through the window to the adjacent classroom.

The excavation of the new pond is about to be completed.

Justin Buchholz, project manager of JP Cullen, closed the field villa after leading the Milton School Board of Trustees to visit the high school renovation project on Monday.

The excavation of the new swimming pool at Milton High School is nearly complete.

The lower level of the STEM wing at Milton High School includes a manufacturing laboratory, which is shown here, as well as an engine laboratory, trade laboratory, wood laboratory, metal laboratory, and space for engineering and computer science. On the other side of the hall is the Agricultural Science and Media Room.

Milton High School’s new STEM wing is expected to be ready for student guidance on April 5.

JP Cullen's project manager Justin Buchholz led a tour of the improvements made by MHS on Monday.

School board members Joe Martin, Shirley Krul Hank and Dave Holtman with principal Jeremy Billhorn, principal Rich Dachman and owner representative Mike Hoffman concert tour.

The floor plan of the first floor of the STEM wing shows three science rooms, two chemistry rooms and six math rooms. The lower level includes the engine laboratory, trade laboratory, wood laboratory, manufacturing laboratory and metal laboratory, as well as the adjacent engineering and computer science rooms.

Opposite the hall are two agricultural science rooms and a media room.

Today, moving from one construction area to another sometimes involves stepping on snow and ice. The corridor is being connected to the swimming pool and new field houses.

Standing in the place that will be the storage area, the school council members can observe what the new swimming pool is and see the excavator. Hoffman said that the excavation is almost complete.

Moving to a house on the sports field, anyone can hear basketball practice while listening carefully. In the two open compartments on each side of the solid wall, there will be overhead garage doors to allow access to the live room from Stadium No. 1, discussed by Bilhorn and Holterman, which is great for performing chorus competitions.

Huffman reported that the existing locker room and weight room were being demolished. He said that complex structural modifications will be made in the next few weeks, including removing the floor and enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the existing walls.

After the tour, Schantz said: “One of the upcoming major milestones is that we will run out of the (existing) swimming pool on Monday.”

Buchholz said that work on the new swimming pool will be completed after the end of the school year. He said that all renovations and additions will be completed in mid-August.

Monday’s tour does not include the renovation of the middle school, but with the ongoing installation of the final decoration materials, the work is in progress. Hoffman reports: The cabinets have been installed, the painting is nearly complete, and the floor installation is about 60% complete. It is planned to install furniture (for additional rooms) in the first week of February and is now installing kitchen equipment. The final quality review meeting has been scheduled in late February.


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