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Many in-store technology investments in the industry have been used in contactless payment solutions or at the table, but operators are also experimenting with cutting-edge air filtration.

"Not only do consumers expect [this technology] and want it to continue to evolve, but the brand also realizes,'Hey, my turntable is faster and tickets have gone up."

Jon Squier 

Founder and CEO of CardFree

"The challenge of paying by table is that you sometimes want them to say goodbye, and now they are no longer...sometimes it is a bit out of date."

Michael Jacobs

Smith Partner 

"I'm doing everything I can to ensure the safety of customers and employees...knowing that we have this technology can give customers a sense of security."

Ivan Kane 

Boss, forty draw



From private equity companies to special-purpose acquisition companies, all investors will focus on the concept of thriving during the pandemic and with strong national growth potential.

Chicago announced that its goal is to vaccinate Phase 1c, including restaurant staff, from March 29.

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