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Nothing is perfect, including boat trips. You will encounter pain points because you are not the only person on board, and sometimes something happens beyond our control.

The good news is that you need a little knowledge and planning, and you can reduce these potential problems to a moment of boring, instead of "my vacation being destroyed" situation.

Before you take the cruise, we have 8 things to deal with on the cruise and how to solve all these problems.

You are unlikely to get seasick while on a boat, but it can happen to almost anyone.  

Royal Caribbean ships are large ships equipped with accurate GPS and stabilization technology. In addition, the captain will regularly map the route to choose the best route to bring comfort to the guests.

The good news is that even if you are seasick, it is easy to feel better quickly if you know what to do. You can take 


 Respond quickly to effects. Eating green apples or adding ginger juice has also proven effective.

If you are really worried about seasickness, please talk to your doctor about the prescription of the Orthopol base patch that is worn behind the ear during the voyage.

Upsell is something that no one likes, but if the salesperson is not working, the salesperson will not do it.

When you arrange spa treatments on board, you are usually told at least some of the products you want to buy can be taken home to help you cope with any illnesses you face or improve your life situation.

If you want to avoid all upsells, please tell the crew politely at the beginning to give you spa treatments. You are not interested in buying any products today.  

In some cases, you may need to board a cruiser with other cruisers you don't know.

Sometimes, sitting with people you don’t know is undesirable, so if you want to avoid sitting with other guests, try the following tips.

The most common situation for sitting with strangers is in the main dining room. Talk to the waitress about arranging a private table. Normally this is not a problem, but you may have to wait longer to be seated.

Except for Ihiumi hibachi or Chef's Table, you will not have to worry about sitting with other guests in other specialty restaurants. Teppanyaki is served at the public table, so the only way to solve this problem is to buy the entire table.

Almost all coastal excursions are group trips, so the only way to solve this problem is private trips. If you want to arrange a trip through the Royal Caribbean, please check


Private Journeys is a personalized coastal excursion service of the cruise company, where you can create a journey that exactly suits your needs for your team.

We all know the importance of safety, but there is nothing easier to get your cruising pleasure into trouble than a safety drill.

This is a mandatory exercise required by the Maritime Law. Here you can learn how to deal with an emergency on board.

The good news is that the Royal Caribbean has completely changed the safety exercise, so the days of going to the outer deck and lining up to hear how to wear a life jacket are over.


The option will be operated via your smart device or a state-of-the-art TV, and allows you to exercise during your leisure on the first day of sailing, and then simply report to your assembly station to complete the process.

This new safety exercise method is not only faster, but does not require the entire ship to be in its orbit.

If you dream of sitting by the pool and spending a nice day at sea, the first step of your dream may be harder than you think.

Usually, guests get up early to reserve chairs by the pool and then return a few hours later to actually use them.

There are two ways to solve this problem: get up earlier than them and get there first, or go to sit in a chair elsewhere.

There are a lot of lounge chairs on the boat, if you go to the pool deck in the early morning, you should have no problem.

Another option is to look for chairs in other areas of the deck. You will find lounge chairs by the pool, but there is still plenty of sun and sea air at the front and back of the pool deck. Some boats even have hammocks and other comfortable seats in these areas.

Water slides, stage performances, and even major restaurants all have one thing in common: many people want to enter at the same time. The result is that lines can develop.

The best advice to avoid boat trips is to arrive sooner or later.

If it is a restaurant queuing, just wait for a while. Eventually, the line will dissipate, and you can easily wait for it at a nearby bar until the line disappears.

By pre-booking entertainment shows, you can avoid theater performances on Oasis or Quantum Class ships. If you are on another boat, please arrive at the theater 15 to 20 minutes before the show starts before the show.

Likewise, it’s best to go there when it’s open during the day or when a lot of people start preparing dinner in the afternoon to avoid queues for signature events.

You can also try water skiing, Flowrider and other short lines on the first day of sailing or when the ship is in the port and most other guests are on the shore.

The only thing worse than realizing that your cruise is about to end is to remember that you also have to pack everything.

It may be fun to take a package holiday, but it will smell bad to pack it home.

The best advice I have received is to put a suitcase in your closet and fold the dirty clothes there when discarding. If you do this every day, you can reduce the amount to be packaged on the last day.

All of us may think that we can avoid the temptation to over-indulge in cruise ships, but in any case, this is more likely.

Whether you love sweets or just want to eat more food than usual, gaining weight on a cruise vacation is not unheard of.

In addition to skipping some of these foods, there are some good strategies to make you eat cakes as well.

Jumping over the elevator and using the stairs will burn some extra calories, especially during your cruise.

All Royal Caribbean cruise ships have fitness centers that provide free weightlifting, machines and even fitness classes. Most gymnasiums are free (fitness classes usually cost extra), but you don't have to give up the regular gym on the cruise.  

If you like some outdoor activities, there is a jogging track on each boat.

The main restaurant menu will also mark some healthier options to make it easier for you to choose the right main course.

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