How to buy the best ergonomic office chair, according to experts

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Has plunged many Americans into an unfamiliar environment, forcing them to enter


. Until now, workers in some of these remote areas may feel uncomfortable and lack proper locations



. In the past, for those who were going to work in the office, they might want to walk around the office or go to work.


Chiropractors in Wausau, Wisconsin, DC. Now, "Your body has not changed, you spend too much time in one place," he said. "Especially if you are sitting in a chair other than work.

The chair in the living room is lying back instead of sitting up and working. "

So, what is the most effective solution? Not on the cusp of the storm, it is changing your sitting posture. The right high-quality desk and chair can help you put your body on the desk better and make your back sit more easily. But how to find the right type of office chair? We consulted medical experts and ergonomics experts for tips to help you find the best chair for your home office setting.

Bautch says that sitting on a hump for a long time can cause long-term joint and back pain. The best way to avoid bad posture is through ergonomics,

(OHSA) Described as "work for someone". According to OSHA, poor ergonomics at work can lead to musculoskeletal diseases (MSD), including carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strain and lower back injuries.

Here are some of the best ergonomic office chairs that can help improve posture, relieve pain and keep you focused all day. Although some of the following may not fit your budget, and with the ebb and flow of shipping and delivery methods, many retailers have classified ergonomic office chairs, and you can shop according to the guidance we have obtained from experts (And possibly specific comments for your specific needs):

This ergonomic chair is equipped with a headrest and a high mesh backrest, allowing you to rest your head and maintain a straight posture. The model has three different sizes-



. Each chair will give you a 12-year warranty. Aeron comes with a large number of bells and whistles at an additional cost, including adjustable armrests, seat angle adjustment and adjustable lumbar support.

This basic chair provides ergonomic support for a fraction of the price. It has a breathable mesh backrest, a thick mesh seat cushion and a variety of colors. It is height-adjustable and has a 360-degree rotation angle to achieve excellent mobility. The seat cushion is six inches thick and can be adjusted with one button.

This ergonomic chair can change shape to suit your movements throughout the day. It has a four-way adjustable arm that can be moved in height, width, depth and pivot. The chair has a seat lever that can be easily adjusted in height, and there are rollers at the bottom for easy movement. The depth of the seat can also be increased or decreased to accommodate different leg lengths and reduce the pressure behind the knees.

This office chair has an adjustable seat and arms, and has a high mesh backrest, which can fully support your spine when sitting for long periods of time. The mesh is breathable, so you won't sweat on your desk. Although the Sola LT is more affordable than other models, it still provides excellent lumbar support for anyone working at home. The model has three colors.

Essentially, you can choose exactly the chair you want and do it for you with various widths of optional headrests, seats, casters and other bells. The chair comes in four different colors, its armrests can be moved in all directions, and you can adjust their height, width, depth and angle. Otherwise, the headrest and backrest will allow you to find the most comfortable posture, which is also the most beneficial to your posture.

This unique ergonomic chair has a variety of color combinations to add a touch of color to your work space. Plastic mesh backrest-design inspired by suspension bridge-cushion keeps you cool and comfortable all day long.


, And has many of the same advantages, including strong lumbar support and a 12-year warranty.

It may seem strange, but Ficmax's first ergonomic chair in the game allows you to tilt, swing or swing (but the maximum angle of rotation is 180 degrees) and can support up to 300 pounds. The retractable footrest and adjustable armrests will allow gamers throughout your life to recline to the most suitable position, and the 4.8-inch thick memory foam seat will maintain comfort even during longer games. If you have more money to spend or want to give someone a gift, please check


Do you already have an office chair? A simple addition can easily convert any standard chair into an ergonomic chair. Here are some good reviews.

The disc is located on the top of the office chair and provides stability and balance when training the core. The balance properties of the cushion can help you sit upright throughout the day, improve posture and reduce lower back pain.

The cushion is more comfortable than a mesh back support attachment. It is made of memory foam, compressed to the shape of your back and neck. The cushion comes in many colors, with adjustable straps, and can be washed.

This mesh attachment can be easily attached to your existing office chair, turning it into an ergonomic chair. It helps keep the back straight for a long time and helps prevent sagging. The mesh also provides some ventilation for your back.

Cona Jonathan Pulieo, managing director of Office Solutions, said that ergonomics is the act of making workstations as friendly as possible to reduce stress.

. Working in the correct posture is essential to your long-term physical health. Pulieo said that a poor sitting posture for several hours or longer can put tremendous pressure on the shoulders, back and neck, and may cause carpal tunnel, tendinitis, lower back pain, neck fatigue and more.

Pulieo said: "The concept of sitting dynamically or changing posture throughout the day is essential to promote spinal nutrition and reduce fatigue related to static muscle load."

Furniture can provide simple solutions to prevent some of these problems, including ergonomic office chairs and chair accessories (such as cushions or connectable seat backs). Pulieo said that the ergonomic chair allows you to change your posture throughout the day without having to change the chair completely. It is important to make sure that you feel supported and comfortable throughout the working day, and sit in a way that prevents long-term injuries.

Some companies point out that without scientific support, their chairs are marked as "ergonomic"

, Is an assistant to a physiotherapist and the owner of The Ergonomic Expert, an evaluation consulting company in the Office of Ergonomics. The important thing is to go beyond marketing language, but to look at the actual structure of the chair.

She said: "Nowadays, you rarely find an office chair that does not claim to be ergonomic." Loesing said that the main difference between an ergonomic table and chair and an ordinary chair is adjustability. An ordinary office chair may have a fixed armrest or seat height, while an ergonomic chair can be adjusted according to your needs. This can include adjustable backrest height, seat depth, armrests, lumbar support, etc.

Bautch said: "An ergonomic chair must have a lot of flexibility and can move according to your body contour." "Standard tables and chairs are not suitable for most people.

, Supervisor of workplace ergonomics and well-being

, Outlines three things to pay attention to when buying a chair:

Bautch noted that the price range of ergonomic office chairs is large, although "you usually pay." It may take some time for your body to adjust to using an ergonomic office chair or accessories. Pulieo recommends buying a chair with a long-term warranty-testing the chair for a long time will help determine if the chair is right for you.

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